Mournful Congregation
The Incubus of Karma

1. The Indwelling Ascent


2. Whispering Spiritscapes

Black horses ride waveless skies
Traversed as shapeless voids
Blackless night and voidless light

Words and symbols yet unseen
Unhallowed deeds left unredeemed
We dream within a greater dream

The masque of despondency
Tethered to the rippling gaze
From behind which peers
A black luminescence

Beckoning to thee
Alluring, yet repelling
Unnering, perpetually recurring
Obscure presence in the outer abyss

Wisdom's muse or man's conception
The voice of dreaming dissolves in creation

Cloaked in tattered gravecloth
I navigate the whispering spiritscapes

"My child, you are receiving the primal matter,
Understand the blindness and the
dejection of your first condition"

I long not for life
I long not for death

3. The Rubaiyat

"Earth could not answer
nor the seas that mourn
and the thoughtful soul
to solitude return"

"Up from earth's centre through the seventh gate
I rose, and on the throne of Saturn sate
and many knots unravel'd by the road
but not the knot of human death and fate"

"With Earth's first clay They did the Last Man's knead
And then of the Last Harvest sow'd the Seed:
Yea, the first Morning of Creation wrote
What the Last Dawn of Reckoning shall read"

With a new dawn, comes a new birth
From the first utterance to the final murmur
A day is slain, and a new dawn birthed
In night's black majesty, is the new-born lain

The joy of one day, is the sorrow of the next
Arriving at the pain of the future past
Bringing to dust all mortal pride
Pitying the very lot of kings

We recall all despair borne of the last
A reflection of man's pain so vast

4. The Incubus of Karma


5. Scripture of Exaltation and Punishment

Slow crawl amidst boughs of oak
Where light of sun is banished

The incubus of karma is upon us

How tall these trees, scent dampened by earth
Where darkness and cold shade reign

I seek the wooded secrets
The knowledge that conceals more than it reveals

I am the voice of all sorrows
I am the source of all pain
I speak the voice of sorrow
I speak the voice of pain

So harmoniously beautiful
So reverently melodious
The deceptive magic of temptation
Respite only in deep dreamless sleep
These temptations
The seeing of their loathsomeness eludes me

Evil incarnations
Broken vows
Of the old kings
Dark span looming

Onerous chants
Linger in the peripheral
Evil, evil
Fates weave through winding fates

Darkness lay siege to light
Exaltations turn to punishments
All earthly pleasures cease
The incubus of karma is upon us.....

6. A Picture of the Devouring Gloom Devouring the Spheres of Being

A time when skies fell
And all expanse
Constricted to nought

The golden serpent sat impregnable
in the womb of darkness

Coiled in wait
Breathless in hibernation
All inner voices sang (the song of) silence

Wise but blind
Seeing but unknowing

The first, devoured by the second
Shadows of the shadow

We are they
Shadow of the shadows

The imperishable may now perish
The devoured now devour

Draw deep this breath, for it is thy last
The great prayer has now been sung.....

The laws of nature have been buried in ruin
The affrighted sun has been deprived of its light
All futures have cast their shadows before
All pasts have left their impress behind

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