In Spheres Without Time

1. Fragments Of The Hereafter

Rays of light streaming in over me,
(Shadows covering me)
coldness is gripping me and my soul,
(far beyond where no one can be)
tears apart images of life
(That way - far away)
Will I travel beyond the astral light?
(dead pulses in loneliness)
(Silent sleeping)

From the inner sanctum of our souls
Silence tears apart what is to come
Frozen images set in stone
Deceit of the realm which we know
Halls of sorrow, pity and grief
Mourning alone and beyond belief
Cold grasps tightens around our necks
Death rises, fulfills our lust for peace

Through the mist striving to
(My restless mind)
keep the mind clear from scars,
(rumbling like fallen stones)
overwhelmed by nature's true reality,
(From wild to paralysed,)
lays waste my own integrity; disillusioned
(I am touching my buried emotions)
(coldly and mistily)


Sinking into darkness,
(I am in an air of mystery)
hidden illusions of death and what is hereafter..
(Aims of death fulfill entirely)
Our consciousness melts into ourselves

Colossal wind and rain fortifies
(Rays of frozen light)
my own senses, visualize what is within,
(fossilize my curious mind,)
striving to know the incomprehensible
(Evince what is within)
Moulding a true belief
(Dead pulses in loneliness)
(unveiling the secrets)


Fulfills our lust for peace

2. The Day Of Wrath

Like shadows we fall into the great beyond
Lost in the veil of time, souls to become
darkness in light
Floating in a whirl of tears, dark wounds of evil betrayal
Dolo malo

Sinking rapidly into eternity
Callous hostility
Driven to insanity

We see the stars beyond, rising amongst the heavens
Utterings from thunderous voices sounding like a symphony
Entwined with roaring screams from the realms of hades
De profundis


To be like the angels,
we are crying higher in despair, falling down from heavens,
hades raging voices do remind of the darkest evil fire

Flames from the eternal depths mounting high above us
reaching up infinitely high, boundaries devoured
Smoke of sulphur in the sky darkening the gospel
Dies irae

Under the dark skies in the flames
On the darkest day lit up by fire
Gathering of warriors, not the mortal kind
Prepared to fight in the great battle

Hail and fire mixed with blood overwhelm
the shattered earth
Agonizing screams of man longing for the
everlasting death
There is no more time for dying, mortal souls
condemned forever
In acternum


Deepest in the great beyond, hidden by the dust of ashes
Hunting in the gloomiest dawn, to be kissed
by tongues of fire

Feel the brutal kiss of death as they all collide in anger
Hosts of spirits fight against hierarchies of fallen angels
Come with me and you will see
We are all doomed, without sympathy
Listen to the endless screams coming from unfearful minds
In this emptiness they fly, judged to perdition forever
Our lost fate, we are truly forlorn
as we fall into eternity

3. Spheres Without Time

As we are heading forwards, our footsteps
are treading in old paths of glory
to be seen and redeemed
What I am, this dimension of mine
has no time, I am the dreams of the universe

Heavenly, immortally the dreams do flow in circles
carried by the stars beyond
In my elusive dreams I am torn apart
I am forever vanquished
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Cold, dead and pale, eyes dry and veiled
Souls burnt and vanished, feeding the ground
Infusing a bride, giving birth to life

As landscapes change and erupt, we will
flower, glow and wither
repeatedly, cosmic ideas
I am gliding like a sphere over you, pouring
out the cosmic fantasy, which is eternalized


Your life is but an empty shell without understanding
I try to realize what makes the glory of myself
Filled by blood, veins of life soon all turned to dust
Hunting at the shadows from an alien rival

The pulse of life, the time of mine
Melts in the storm of this unchangeable world
My dreams will die in spheres without time

Without time, my dreams are hopeless, what am I
without any paths or landscapes
to explore, I will perish
Heavenly immortality - to dissolve and
travel up to this hidden dimension


4. Seductive Hate

In aeons of time we travel afar
Through shields of misery, undying journey

I will rise above you
From o'er, I see you in the valleys
being wasted, weak and miserable
My spirit forever high
I always will be the invincible
My hate is stronger than yours
Hate rising like wings from a raven
being darkest in the night; I am shimmering,
But still I need you
But you will always be near me

The cosmic storms are everlasting
Explosive chemistry between you and me


The strongest feelings of man makes us slaves of each other
We seek, we find, we love, we HATE

Cold bloody people, seem to be
Face firmly stuck, cannot be torn free
Sorrows too dark for the day to see
Bound by seduction - immortal greed

The pale-faced moon looking coldly at the earth,
her gaze reflected from a superior force
To dreamers of the night she brings magical signs,
she reveals the truth: the fear of mine
Rays from above cover my anger,
like dark shadows from my own betrayal
My deepest wounds of hidden pain,
shreds my thoughts and rapes my brain

In our grandiose flight, thoughts collide and die
We collapse in hate, our dishearted pride

I will rise up to you
I am coming to meet you in the valleys
when you are wasted, weak and miserable
But my spirit is too weak to fight
I always will be the invincible
My hate is bleached by yours
Hate dawning like wings from a raven
being darkest in the night, I am shimmering
I truly need you
And you will always be near me

5. Dreams Of Reality

My impressions, my memories,
like a spirit's biology
Feeling the silent breeze through the branches,
caressing my dreams peacefully in harmony
Sensitive signs entangle my mind

An alien activity
Myriads of atoms converging to cells
creating my memories,
this cosmos of chaos in me

My inner slumber, streams of reflections,
veils of impressions, misty diffusion
Transparent visions, the center of me

The alien activity
Myriads of atoms converging to cells
creating my memories,
this cosmos of chaos in me

The freezing winds in your mind
stir up your sense of time
Like the dark quakes from below
ruin your self-control

Whisperings from me
shimmering, I am like an asp-tree
shaking in the wind
which carry my leaves

Your reality is shaped by your dreams
What is confusing me? I am losing control
Awakened surreality affects your fantasy
I am awake with my fantasies
Entwine in unity, strengthening your belief
Far away from nature's true activities
All-embracing chemistry
I have dreams of reality

River of visions hidden by my body,
opens this flowing, unlimited dimension of mine
Reality of memories

This alien activity
Myriads of atoms converging to cells
creating my memories,
this cosmos of chaos in me

This unknown activity of yours
Consists of atoms converging to cells
They create your memories
They build a chaos of cosmos in you

Mona Undheim Skottene : Piano / Keyboards / Vocals
Alexander Twiss : Guitars / Vocals
J.P : Guitars
Mikael Stokdal : Keyboards / Piano / Vocals
Rudi J√ľnger : Drums / Percussion

Additional Musicians:
Torp : Bass
Knud Kleppe : Bass

1999 Napalm Records

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