Mystic Circle

1. Chapter I - The Revelation

"When the jews return to Zion
And a comet rips the sky
And the Holy Roman empire rises
Then you and I must die"

"From the eternal sea he rises
Creating armies on either shore
Turning man against his brother
'Til man exists no more"

2. 666 (Mark Of The Devil)

Even now he's in the world
And his power shall be mighty
And he shall prosper and be strong
And shall destroy the mighty and the holy

Burn under the protection of Satan
He was put into the world of the Christians
In the belly of a jackal that is his mother
Through his veins there flows powerful blood
He is the bringer of death
Who was prophesized by the old myths

His power will grow stronger
And he will bring about the end of the world
Through his eyes you can see the fires of hell
Beneath his hair lies the mark of the devil

On the 6th day
Of the 6th month
On the 6th hour he was born

He carries the mark of the devil
To bring about the end
The last revelation 666

Born with the mask of perdition
He represents everything that's bad in the world
In the garment of innocence
He waits for his coronation
To everyone who poses a threat horrible things happen
He gives the faithless a final proof of his existence

Only few know his true identity
The more he grows up, the more powerful he gets
But he's not alone in this world
His fellowship grows year by year

"With his black wings he will rise above the earth to reign
The dark power will spread around his Kingdom of Terror"

3. God Is Dead - Satan Arise

The sky turns red
The flames get right
The dead will walk
The storms arise

This will be the end
The signs of the last days
This will be the time
When day turns into night
Everlasting shadows
Spread their wings above
Crawling creatures
Send from hell will kill
God is dead
Satan arise
God is dead
Satan arise

The serpent's awake
And twilight will follow
The rise of the dead
Will bring christ the end

This will be the day
When day turns into night
This will be the time the godless will rise
No one can stop them
From ending their work
A dimension of pain
Opens a new law

"God you have failed"

4. Servants Of Twilight

The prince of the darkness sent out his servants
To protect the son of darkness
They resemble man and beast and will risk their lives for him
Within their souls dwells the demonic
They are meant for their master
See the blackness in their eyes
The light on earth will shine no more
Armies of ravens are on his side
No one can escape their spell
Beastly rottweiler in the shadow of the night
In their muzzles greed for holy blood
They are the servants of the twilight
Ready for the fight
They are the servants of the twilight
No one can hide
They are the servants of the twilight
They keep the Christians away
They are the servants of the twilight
To protect the unholy one

With the power of the dark evil
They will rear his kingdom
Many had to die as well as his family
From the mists of perdition
They play their games
The only purpose in their lives
Is to die for him

And in the shadow of the wolf he will come
The winds to become his weapons
He will tolerate no one beside him
So he will also murder his brother

The false prophets prepare the country for his rule
His energy is reflected in their bodies
The shouting of the raven lets the world stop in it's tracks
The barking of the gods lets everything shiver with fear

5. Chapter II - The Omen

"And I stood upon the sand of the sea
And saw a beast rise up out of the sea
Having seven heads and ten horns
And upon his heads the name of blasphemy"

"And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against god
To blaspheme his name and his tabernacle and them that dwell in heaven"

6. Kingdom Of Blasphemy

Dark clouds rise as the blessed one had killed his parents
Under the care of his uncle he now learns the system of the war
He suspects what powers are within him
And that he will be the bringer of a new age

Slowly grows the kingdom of blasphemy
The new order has begun
Slowly spreads the kingdom of blasphemy
The large storm is brewing

In his heart he holds the will of destruction
It is set free more and more
Ready to extinguish everything that's holy
He will bury of that stands in his way to build his throne

Fire will burn into their limbs
And death will prevail
The creatures of hell
The demons of earth
The servants of the night
Performing bloody deeds
To carry him to the top

"I am the chosen one born to reign the empire of the Christians will
disintegrate and the world will fall to darkness those who follow me will
experience pleasures my adversaries will die they will suffer eternal
burning in my fathers flames"

The antichrist is among us driven by
His greed holy ground

And God's child is his fear
The only thing that can him kill are the seven daggers
But the seven chosen ones fail to destroy him

7. The Seventh Sign

The earth will divide and the beast will rise from it
Thunder and storms announce his war
The antichrist senses that his enemy is close
The birth of the holy child is approaching

Only the seven daggers of Megiddo can kill him
The only wordly thing that can harm him
The seven signs of the apocalypse to have shown themselves
The son of the devil will be powerful
Disasters and misery draw near
The world standing close to the abyss
Armies of darkness prepare
To start the final fight

Unholy the latter days have started
The signs have proves to be true
The hole ones fear for their lives
The prophets praise their verse

The sea runs dry and the lakes become deserts
Everything moral is reserved
New crusaders are joining forces
To drive the seven daggers in his flesh

8. Armageddon War

God of silence
Hear his please
Your son begs you
To support him in the final Battle

God of darkness
Give him the power
To conquer the Good
To reign over it

Driven by visions the Antichrist destroys the christ
His army will be ready for the final battle
The Nazarene walks the earth and he is to be destroyed
Everyone of them is ready to die

They are ready for armageddon war
The kingdom of God against the underworld
They are ready for armageddon war
The holy son will die this very night

They moved out to kill the holy one
So the kingdom of the lawless
The joys of hell they want to bring about
There is no price they wouldn't pay
Driven by their greed and sexual lust

Every newborn child is killed
For they don't know who is the holy child
But his adversary survives even this night
The thorns of lies against the round dance of anger
One will be beaten but evil will live on

Paradise will never be
Lust and anarchy will reign
Paradise will never be
The reign of god will fade away

9. Chapter III - The Deduction

"He will builds his kingdom on earth
and he subject to satan
the earth will be empty and
the people will kill each other"

"And it was given up to him to make with the saints
and to overcome them
and power was given him over all kindreds and tongues and nations"

10. Unholy Alliance

Old writings foretell the demise of the world Satan will rise
And the final fight between good and evil will begin
The disciples of the antichrist gather together
They want to kill the child of god
Born of this night

The believers are seduced
Many newborn children die
Only with a single thought
To destroy the bringer of light
Cold and without grace
They will hunt him
And no God can protect him
He has lost his power

In the strubs of Hebron he is revealed
The master of stillness and insanity
Will fight the last battle for his final victory
And a thousand dragons will follow him

Unholy alliance
Built to destroy
The holy energy
Never will be
Unholy alliance
A new age has begun
Pleasures of hell
Are reality

The power of his father
Lets him become stronger
On the island of angels
His adversary is born
The believers will whimper
And pray to their god
But the holy father
Grants them no more protection

The believers are seduced
Many newborn children die
Only with a single thought
To destroy the bringer of light
Cold and without grace
They will hunt him
And no God can protect him
He has lost his power

"That kingdom of heaven is locked
The horns of the angels are calling to war
Swords will clash
The banished ones are seeking revenge against God"

A priest of the damned
For a world of sin
The eyes of darkness
With the power to kill
I will lead you into
A kingdom of joy
Everyone coming with me
Will receive eternal life

11. Image Of The Antichrist

He is the father of all sin
Of the highest desolation
Nevertheless the people long to embrace him
He will free the world of the second coming of Christ

2000 years of rulership are enough
His servants will experience the joys of hell
He is the God of Melancholy
The divinity of loneliness

The purity of evil he is
The paradise of pain he will bring
Hell does ot revel in the bowels of the earth
It is the sky of satan's ecstasy

Image of the antichrist
Image of the beast
Image of the antichrist
Image of the unholyness

"And it shall come to pass that in the end days
The beast shall reign unhundred score and thirty
Days and nights

And the faithful shall cry unto the lord:
Wherefore art thou in the day of evil?

And the lord shall hear their prayers
And out of the angel isle he shall bring fourth a deliever

A holy lamb of god who shall do battle with the beast
But not destroy him!!"

Born of a jackal his son descends
To suffocate the world of morality
To prevent the resurrection of the Nazarene
To establish lust and agony

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