Mystic Circle 1999
"Infernal Satanic Verses"

Track List:
1. Intro-the deamons call
2. Undestructable power of darkness
3. Hordes of the underworld
4. The devilstone
5. Thorns of lies
6. One with the antichrist
7. Fallen christian empire
8. Black legions

1. The Daemons Call

2. Understructable Power Of Darkness
Father of the uncleanless
We are one with your mind
Angels of the devil
In the countenence of your God

Seperated as Satan was
We will live with him
The fallen one he stands by us
Father of lies and misery

Father of lies and unholyness
We will be with you
Together we will fight against god
seduce the mankind to sin

"eat from the fruit to have immortal life
the snake said to the whore
and as she took the forbidden fruit
victory - the snake had won"

When the ghost of the dead claimb from darkness to earth
And the last time for mankind has come
When dark spirits arise and the deamons awake
Then the unholy wedding is done
When the angels of light spread the blackness inside
And the end of the world will begin
Then all tears are gone and all wailling is done
And the christians put themselves in graves

"Oceans climb over the mountains
And they then dry up
Creatures on the see go on the land
And all seas are bruning
The birds assemble and all tries
And buildings are falling to get them
Stones are pushing tigether
And an earthquake bring mankind on their knees"

The earth is paved and the nation helpless
The dead one leave their graves
The stars are falling from the sky
And all mankind will die

The sky and earth is burning
And the devils come to earth
He looks what we had done
And built the reich of darkness

Fallen angels come to the earth and create a new race
Deamons of the hell exist for a new kingdom

God had built the evil one and now ist reich is damned
Satan has won in 6000 years and all is bounded with blood
The hordes of the unholy one will bring the end of the world
Signs of deamons will be built and the words of God will fall

Seperated as Satan was
We will live with him
The fallen one he stands by us
Father of lies and misery

Damage is done christi will be
Plasphemic words we hear
Incarnation of hell spirits
Into normal flesh

Will be

Father of lies and unholyness
We will be with you
Together we will fight against god
seduce the mankind to sin

3. Hordes Of The Underworld
Spread the wings of darkness over bloody feasts of death
All the hellish maniacs arise to kill the world
They had made a promise that the satans regime is built

The deamons are godless but on the same step like him
They are serpants of Satan and they built a new regime
In the hell their home should be as they fall from heaven
And they raped all angels of the good society

No one could save the christians from the
they are dead meet in satans veins
they are the black hordes at the hunt for Jesus Christ
and they built all legions with the sadistic ghosts

They are the kings of the their hour
You can see their countenance
In the shadows of the master
Proud to fight unholyness

Creatures of the evil power
Thet should save the king of death
At the battle of the worlds end
A great armee of destruction built

We are forgotten angels
In heaven not resoect
God wants to fuck with us
But we destroy him

The serpants of death
Will arise in one night
And their legions come
To penetrade the world

See their eyes are from the darkside
Preachers of unholiness
The one's whod sworn to God the same pain
He had gave them formerly

Bylet a crylety king
Rides a darkened horse
Bringer of the pest and lies
And the bells of death

Bitru looks a leopard
He has wings of evil
All the wemon are in him
Chandelier and lust in pain

I guide the way of the unholy light
My dark desire is spread from the dead into night

Gomory will send you seven witches of the dark
Zaleos a mightfull count will soak your soul to death

4. The Devilsstone
One night the sisters of blackening witchcraft
Ceremonied another fast
The legions of satan were on their shoulders and a
Bloody sabbath begun

A darkened night of the devilstone it's calling they are hears
Witches from the area came that night for unholy sins

The prince of hell sit on his throne two deamons on his side
In his made was sweet toung lust for the whores of hell

And they flew on their besoms
In extasy they went wild
And their magic spread the forest
A magic place the devilstone

Bloody rituals they had done
Curses for the unbelievers
Sperm were drunk and lesbian sex
Their tongues were hungry and they spoke

"We denie the words of god
And his impotent son
The father of unholiness
Will serve till death"

An they spit on holy crosses
And they danced in extasy
In the moonlight you hear screams
>From the other dimension

We denie the holy cross
Burn our souls in hell
Prince of darkness stands by us
Holy kingdom should decay

Black wedding we spoken in that night
Fucked with all around with devilwhores
Witches were turning all around
And they sucked all the sperm of them

Hundrets of curses against God
Praises for Satan you could hear
Honour for thousand deamons came
And they would save them in the night

In the name of Satan
We give him all our souls
And we spead the evil words
For his mighty kingdom
All don at the devilstone
A ritual in that night
Father Satan save that place
For eternity

Black wedding we spoken in that night
Fucked with all around with devilwhores
Witches were turning all around
And they sucked all the sperm of them

5. Thorns Of Lies
"God tonght your holy temple will be destroyed"

Died on the cross for all human sins
Called himself a hero arrogant nazarene

Controlled by the darkness lost by the power of god
A puppet in Satans hand lead us in false promised land

Blinded mankind by wonders cheap tricks were his game
Sucked out the innocent victims used poor peoples pain

The holy ghost burnd in hell holy father too
Under the regime of Satan devote slaves for you

Fuck the christians stupid spirits
Thorns of lies in the blooded head
Drive the nails deeper in the flesh
Turn the gross into a crooked

"As he hung there on the cross
an erge to lick the cock of christ
to drink the sperm for Satan
whore Maria si my name"

The mother of all innocence
A ridicolous bitch she was
Blinded by the holy god
Fucked in the name of Satan

As I bore the Satans child
No god has saved ist soul
His christian preach all was a lie
To iritade humanity

In the second of the dead
Jesus spit on god
Swor to fight the heaven
With sadistic war

"Oh my father whitch you live in hell
hallowed be thy name
come to take my soul tonight
spread your massive kingdom"

Deamons awake in the heart of Jesus soul
Lust in his eyes as he saw Maria
With obsessed eyes he tried to catch her body
And then a roman pailed him in his heart

In the hall of the dead ones
Satan craped his soul
And then fallen angel
Take his body down

6. One With The Antichrist
We are one with the Antichrist
We are one with our master Satan
Have your ever seen the darkened eyes
And the flames of immortal power

In the deeps of hell we arise
And we came to destroy christianity
By our side unholy armies will ride
And Satans kingdom is built soon

In the desert where all deamons came out
Five of Satans lightkillers were born to destroy
In the name of Satan they were pointet as snakes
And they saw all the christians
As their enemies
For a dream of a new dawn where no light exist and a
New regime of the unholy is built
In the sign of Satan they were ready to fight with their weapons
Who where the sword and the flame

You'll die

Five crooked grosses they bounded their way with the hell
Unholy curses they bounded their way with the dead

And in the silence of desertly lounliness
Prayings to Luzifer and to his ghost
And in the lounliness of desert storms and winds
Rituals to the godfather's is done

Oh belial save out trip and mission
Fron his tormenting christians
We know that the last battle is near and we must
Built our reich again

>From the stars a helldog came lead all their souls into the lies
It were the master of their dreams manipulated in their brain
>From hell arise the whole deamons eating dead bodys on the graves
Fortune and dead is in their veins suffer and pain in their souls

We are the serpants of unholy time
The true deadbelievers of eternity

"Seven sins the devils will
the serpants shell arise"

In the night all sadistic souls came to bring their
Pleasures to unholy spirits
And they will fight
Put their lives for a Satans work and they built
Invasions of the Armageddon
And they will fight

Races will die and the blood all will flow
Feeling the evil inside
Lords of destructions will guide us the way
All for our brothers of lust will be sinned

The fallen one had won the battle religions are destroyed
A new race for the evil god will stand for it's own victory

7. Fallen Christian Empire
"I'm the fallen angel"

Brought a piece of evil sins
Almighty I will be
In the son of Satan
Carrier of all evil

You also call me Antichrist
I come these days on earth
Ready for the last battle
With your impotent god

At the end of all time a new imperator came
It's the dawn of a new age ist the time for Satans call

For it's call

I'm the great beast and my eyes are full of flames
A mirror full of hate against christianity
My mother is a jakal she had borned me a dark night
Thousand deamons came to save my darkened soul

"I stoped the opening of the holy grave and fucked Jesus soul"

After the beasts awakening the islam will be destroyed
After a sleep of hundred years the beast will rule the world
We adore the undefeadeble one
He rules the fucking world for Satan

The armie of the crooked gross has reached the walls Jerusalem
The shadow of the deamonsraise above their heads and guide their way

The day of the apokalypse will come
The seal of the darkened power
The reign of the Antichrist is near
And the one who gave us the power

Look the day is coming followers went to him
Spread your wings we believe follwers went to him
Antichrist is coming followers went to him
We are one the last days fallen christian empire

Fly on demonic wings th find the christian brood
Legions of dark warriors find their way from hell
We are on the last battle all of the has lost
A new regime will be built under the sign of evil

8. Black Legions
One day in the deeps of hell deamons will break out
Master Satan said to them they should built on armee
Sender from the underworld to the mankind of earth
They should use all human souls for the legions of death

A dark heaven built their way
As the crow from hell
Thousands of pure evil ghosts
Take the innocent souls

A dark image built their way
As the crow from hell
Thousands of sadistic ghosts
Against christianity

Seek and destroy the evil is in
My body is ready to fight

Black legions raise to built a kingdom of pure evil
Sadistik ghosts take us all to fight against god
Black legions rise a nightof darkness and obsession
The gods of death are ready to create a new begin

In the shadows of the night we'll tear their souls apart
And we spent the christian blood use it four our rituals

This night full of victory
Satan will come to earth
Black legions guide it's way
Christians are slaves on earth

Dreams of whole destructions
Fullfill my eyes with death
Delievering of Satans orders
The armee will follow him blind

And one the second day
The legions has won the war
Broken the walls of the holy church
Built a new one of dark

Satan came and saw
With proud that he had won

Proud fullfills my bodys
All my warriors had won
Without that fucking god
We have the hell on earth

And on the second day
The legions has won the war
Broken the walls of the unholy church
Built a new one of dark

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