Mystic Circle 1996
"Morgenrote - Der Schrei Nach Finsternis"

Track List:
1. Mitternacht
2. Morgana's Curse
3. Graveyard Dreams
4. Bloodlust (When The Wolf Awake)
5. Throne Of The Night
6. Octobermoon
7. Medina (Satan's Whore)
8. Kiss From A Vampire
9. Raven's Dusk
10. Morgenrote
Recorded and Mixed at Soundbunker Studio.
Produced by Graf von Beelzebub, Aaaarrrgon and Guido Holzmann.
Cover artwork by Frank Babel.

Graf von Beelzebub

1. Mitternacht

2. Morgana's Curse
She had the witchcraft in her, wonderful she looked and smelled
Many years she studied magic from the black and white side
Morgana was her name she lived in a time of hate
And she was the victim of the holy inquisition

I'm the pudge and I'm chaching you, you're in bound with Satan
Your body shall burn in three days at the funeral pile

Then she swore damnation to gods creation
An unholy curse she made against all the christians
Morganas curse beware of her force
Morganas curse it will follow you

In the tower she now sit waiting for her execution
Males of pain on her body torchured by the law
Her beloved family and her man screamed for freedom
But her love brought her the news that she'll die soon

"Now you're at the step to death but I will follow you soon
With my death we'll be as one you know that love never die"

With no fear she went to death when the flames came
With no screams she looked at them and spoke the words of the curse
Morganas curse beware of her force
Morgana curse with her love she died

Damned are you for the whole time
My curse it follows you
Plague and torchure for your life
Illnes and despair

Damned your children and their wives
They are spastic victims
The hand of death will get them
They shall not grow old

3. Graveyard Dreams
In the night of the dead as a storm comes out
The satanic sect hold a mess at the graves
As the highest priest speech came a thunder down
That was a sign from hell

Satan takes this satisfices
It's a virgin young and bold
Long long time she waits for you
In her ineer thoughts

Satan takes this satisfices
It's a virgin young and bold
Long long time she waits for you
In her ineer thoughts

Graveyard dreams lies ahead a stormy night of sacrifices
Graveyard dreams gave the dead strong and cold but
Warm inside
We lead you to the other side of heaven
We lead you to the other side of death

Then a five burned and the master came
The horned one stood inside
And the winds stood only heard it's voice
He was there and spoke to the priest

Thank you for your sacrifices
Eternity belong to you
After life I take you with me
Then you heard her speach

Satan takes this satisfices
I'm a virgin young and bold
Long long time she waits for you
In her ineer thoughts

"Follow me to the deepest grounds of hell
read the signs Armageddon is near"
"I'm the one you have choosen to bring the end
Jesus Christ no more
Hell will raise from the deepest grounds
Demons come and give them the dead"

4. Bloodlust (When The Wolf Awake)
Every fullmoon night the forest calls him to go out
His body turns from a human into a bestial monster
The light of stars guides the wolf to his graceful victims
He needs the flesh and blood from a beauty virgin
He is the hunter of the night and smells from far away
A fearless mind runs through the grass her body soon decay
In it's hairy body erotic though leads his instinct
Before it eats her flesh it wants to sleep with her

Bloodlust goes straight, through it's head and through it's body
When the wolf awakes listen to the reign of death

Many hundred years they tried to end my life
But only a silver bullet can bring me down
The hunt now has an end another night is saved
The night of the wolf who gas catched it's victim
The master of the wood has won the hunt is over now
It likes to see the beging human body on it's knees
But the crying helps no more the end of life has come
She is another victim of the wolf

Bloodlust in me I want to hear the screams of pain
The night of the wolf begin, victims lay before me

"When the night comes out
and the moon is full
the wolf howls in the sky
it's the awakening of the animal
an erotic deadly game
for it's hunted victims
at first an erotic dream
but then the lust turnes into pain"

Now my gift lays before me, fear is in her eyes
On the slimy ground I rip her clothes off
When my sharp teeth I bite in her warm flesh
And I suck her warm blood out
The screams of her makes me horny I'm deep in her
Move my wolves body till I come
Then she's dead
And move no more her screams no one could hear
For this night the hunt is over but I'll come again

5. Throne Of The Night
Hear the creatures of the moon
They deny the holy cross
Only in the night they live
In the sunlight they are dust
Howling to the sky above
In the form of wolves
Under the stars they walk
To their next dinner

See the children of the night
The bloodrinking society
The oldest castles are their homes
And they live in coffinf
But one man in their leader
Many hundred years he's old
Once his love had killed herself
And he denied god

Throne of the night - leader of darkness
Only with one bite he drinks the blood
Throne of the night - undead awakes
Lokk in it's eyes - and be dead

"I was bleeding and you licked my blood
I hear your breathing when I bite you neck
The vampire walked through the room to the window
A dead body lay on the body with no blood
He had found his victim for this night
And in the shadows of darkness he walked away"
See the coldness in their eyes
Lost souls in lost bodies
Damned to walk in the darkness
Damned to live forever
Black their dresses white their skin

They bite into your veins
And they drink the blood red juice
To live on and on

Loneliness is on their side
Ever on the search for love
An eternal fight they have
And they want to die
Armies of the undead awakes
>From the Transilvanian castle
Dracula is their leader
To destroy the world

Throne of the night
Belongs to him
Leader of wolves
And of darkness
Throne of the night
Adorer of flesh
Bloodsucking corpse
Bring you the dead

"Take my flesh
and take my soul
I'll be your slave
>From life to death"

Eternal love I gave to him
Ever by his side
Be my master from the grave
My demon tonight

6. Octobermoon
Autumn romantic lies ahead
The smell of winter is near
Your promises me eternal love
Princess of the night

I layed all my love for you
But you gave me nothing
A puppet on your side
Blinded by your false eyes
"I will love you forever my dear
hahaha you lie
I love you for all my life
No you fucking lie"

You spinned your arms around me
And you blinded my sad eyes
I run to you with open arms
But you gave me the knife

Octobermoon when we met
A night so clean and gold
Octobermoon was it love from you
Only the white stones knows

Now I know it was a fault
To praise my love to you
The only thing you really love
Is yourself and you

You will never know how much
You heard me in that time
But you'll get what you deserve
A never pieceful mind

"I will carry your child
hahaha you lie
you're the snake that bites me
no you fucking lie"

I'm not the yellow snake that is in your dreams
I'm the man who wants to save you
And your weird thoughts

Octobermoon is over now my life without you
Octobermoon all was a lie because the snakes is you

Now all is lost
You ain't no more
Promises are gone
Hate is what we had
Secrets that you gave me
I will never understand
Under the moon I know
You never stand by my side

7. Medina (Satans Whore)
She adorned to master and she went to be his slave
The sins of hell she wants to feel and the fire of the damned

In the night she gave her blood
And crossed the acheron
Then she stands at the gate
Waiting for the opening

I'm your destiny - I show you things you're never seen
I'm your only dream - the leader of perverted things

She stands there with leatherclothes
Besides the throne of the night
Her hair is black and red lips
A whiplash in the right
Ready to do anything in his mighty kingdom
Fullfill his wishes because she is

Medina - whore of Satan

With her tongue she likes his dick to drink the honey from his phallus
With her fist she goes so deep in his wide opened anus
Her whiplash smashed on unholy flesh
Screams of lust and torture
The smell of death layed in the air, blood streams out of wounds

You are my master whore - I give you all you want
You are my master whore - for all eternity

"The reich of pain is lust for you
the hell your castle now
come be my wife you have go through
the torture by your side
even the shadows are your friens
and darkness looks at you
come go with me until the end as light turnes far from you"

8. Kiss From A Vampire
Alone in the mystic castle wind blows through the night
As I looked I saw a shadow leads me to the secret garden

"Follow me into my realm
I will show you lust and pain
Nothing will be like it was
I drink from you, you live forever"

The kiss from a vampire

Then she stands before my eyes
A vamp in black she look so good
And she took me in that night
Like no other could

"Oh you're so good to me
my blood runs out for you
eat my flesh and drink from me
the serpent is in you"

The kiss from a vampire

After that I was her slave
A human body in her force
She is my princess of the night
And I died for her

"Now you're dead, come follow me
my empire it should be yours
forget the past you're undead now
my leader you're my last"

The kiss from a vampire

9. Ravens Dusk
Spread your wings upon my mind and lead me far away
My undead soul that needs the fleash of thousands who decay
Seperate all feelings from me no love and no pain
Hypnoticed through your black eyes yor fire I will feel

Sailing on the wings of darkness on the raven wings
Everlasting in the shadows of the beast
Voices tell me what he wants and he wants the blood
>From the human beings he must soak out

Went out all night find the victims in the shadows in the darkness
Seeking no light fear of mourning let me drink the juice of life

Ravens dusk here I come on my way to drink the blood
Ranens dusk I'm strong, an undead soul with a long long past
The coffin is my realm by day, the world my playground in the night
Won't you come to join the dead the one who brings eternal life

Leaded by the realm of darkness hell I bring on earth
A bloodsucked monster from the transilvanien front
I like to smell the dead from human bodies
Then I bite my teeth deep in it veins

Raise in the night out of my coffin
Ravens nature is on my side
Testimonies of my dark lust
Lead my body for fresh blood

Black like the raven wings that what we are
Warriors in the name of Satan
Black like the darkest sun we come
On the devils horse we ride

10. Morgenrote
Die Morgenrote labt die Korper des Dunklen seelen zu Staub zerfallen
Betretet eure Sarge fruhzeitig , denn das Light naht unaufhaltsam
Befolgt diesen Rat, dann ist euch ewiges lieben gewis
Misachtet diesen Grundsatz, dann werdet Ihr
Im Augenblick des Zerfalls nach Dunkelheit schreien

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