Mythological Cold Towers

1. Lost Path To Ma-Noa

I roam to the lost city
And proceed towards the recesses of Antichthon
Beyond the gorges of Kish
Beyond the mist of Tanum

Over and above the gates of Salazere
A poisonous fog blinds my eyes
An enigma of desolation
I'm in front of the forgotten portal

On it, inscriptions of an indecipherable alphabet
Walls of illusions, a Faustian dwelling
I roam to the lost city

A golden mirror, quintessence of the Sun
I advance under the veil of the Amazon
Just ahead.,.a skull, an evil omen

Through the jungle towards the legendary Paititi
Stricken by the arrows of Kalapalos
At the meeting with the Mavutsinim

2. Akakor

Veiled secrets, engraved in these echoing stones
Arising from long forgotten times

In the lost distant city, where the promontories hide
Obscure colossal statues

Where the radiance permeates
The bloody cenote is buried
Guarded by Gorgonians
Now and forevermore
Where the Trilithon reflects
Where the seal is open
Where a secret murmur
Breaks the dawn

The perennial fire can be seen burning in Akahim
The path of fire
Ruins of my lost kingdom
The winds rhyme through the ruins
Mystical monarchies, necrocratic punishers
In the akai mountains,
An eternal twilight
In the impenetrable forests
The deaf rumbling of drums

Coming from the ugha Mongulalas
Porphyrian columns, golden arches
Beyond the great Moxo
I found the heralds of immorality,

3. Enter The Halls...

From the arid soil of my soul
In the name of the ancient Korafas

The crawling forgotten glory
From kings of the wood of Gondwanas
But the trumpets shall sound
And spearls shall reach them

Between ice and eternal fire

Many nations, the breed of Mut
Were facing the twilight
They've heard a lugubrious rumble

The roaring wind
At no man's land
Outshines the naked stone

Heavy untouched remains
Have dominated the dusk for ages
Offering silences drowned in swamps
Trapped immense lament

Unspeakable distance from its rising
Home of the austral ghost
Eve of the fall

Thou shall enter the halls of power
Thou shall enter the halls of of time

They were cyclopic living walls
That enclosed them

A voice from the pleiades have guided them
Thy home is not here
But beyond the seas

There thou shall find Tecum Uman again

I invite thou to enter the halls of power
I invite thou to enter the halls of time

4. The Shrines Of Ibez

Sunset in El Dorado
Behind the lost veil

I am the basalt enlightened by the full moon
Mirroring the stone gateway
Létha, Cyclopean end

I run deep into the forest
An inexpugnable maze of luxury
I am an intruder here
I witness the unseen rites
I have discovered the secret
I am acallas' temple
Enlightened lost gate

Thus i can adore the ancient nights

5. Like An Ode Forged In Immemorial Eras

In the beginning of ages
Auspices of the eagles i saw...
Mortuary urns and adorned coffins
A chthonian theodicy

Lost trails in a misty morning
Heirs of Crom roam upon the Earth
Punished by darkness, bleak from the Sun
As the abandoned palaces

The heralds carry their victory
Now the eagle flies to the sun
Restoring a new empire
Bravery of the now defunct gods

Veiled with mantles of light
These great icons that ruled the Land
Yet, grey shaped tomblike forms arise
And then the pediment of hypogeum is accomplished

The Mesomphalo burns with dense arrows
It's the return of wrath and tragedy
Never seen nor touched
Ages... like they've never happened at all

6. Fallen Race

Listen to the call of the drums and the march
Of the Hulak army
Behold the promontories of Uros
And its banners, swelling
Like waves from immemorial oceans
They carried weapons that brought disgrace

Listen to the call of the drums and the march
Of the Hulak army
There is a rebirth in the grasslands
Gloomy shades of Bronze frame us
Awakening a frightening destiny
One thousand Suns
Vanish before my eyes

Gods in exile, golden horns
Ice Ages, the resplendency on their faces
Blind revenge, peregrine suns
Buried kingdoms
The impiety of Waika warriors

The erased memory, disappears lifelessly
Where the pride has lived before, now is home
For the nothingness
The vile reigns, fear arises
Black twilight of the ages
Bloody massacre still breathe
Auspicious echoes of archaic skies
Symbols of wisdom in ancient stones

In decrepit graveyards
Banners extend over the glacial wind
The conquering chariots advance
To confront the regalia
The fallen race
Solar flares recreated
Make the flags raise to the sky
Tribal slumber
We shall fall into the deepness of the nigh
To be reborn even stronger
We head for the twilight
Memory and torment
Lost centuries

I hear the last thunder
I wave till my final last breath
Glorious picture
Where the misery takes form

In the heights there is an ocean of tears
A far far call
A pact that is not echoed in the confines

7. Immemorial

Move away from the blowing winds
Between the columns from the Chthonian Temple
Fall upon thee the glaring light of the great Sun
That exile in the islands beyond the sea murmurs
The deadly burden, unbearable, invisible dim in the tank of the night


Thou shalt come, without the glaring light
With oblations to the Demigods from the Bóthros
Thou shalt come, between animals and gods, extinct giants
Thou shalt come, blazing swords protected by deal! stars
Now on your lapis lazuli scepter will brandish never seen before dimensions.


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