Mythological Cold Towers
Monvmenta Antiqva

1. Beyond The Frontispiece

Beyond the gods of destiny vestiges of ornaments
which we will touch with mortan hands what only gods
have touched
what the ancients have seen what the ages ave hidden

Enormous eyes glare the emptiness long gone sacred feasts
beyond the lost dreams around
the great empire unreachale top

Oh, glory for the fallen hand in hand with their fate
I see servants of Apollo above the triumph shines
sad ornate kings omnipresent effigies

Untoched order of columns apologies of beauty
innocence and magic born from the gods
of Aureus white gleaming

The keys of the gates in the hands
of the dying seraphim - architectural purity

Transcendental vault a hero enlightens
all the corridors an aura emerges

Oh, end of beauty beginning of the end
sound the trumpets, sound the trumpets

Beyond the frontispiece the black angel
annihilates with lightning the mortal

2. Vetustus

Oh, behold the encrusted laurels
In glorious fronts intangible holy Aristocracies
Mythography exposed to the mortals to delight my eyes
Dark hidden reasons, a wandering labyrinthine journey

When in the heights of the pediments, bleed the memories of
A cold fea descends the pillars, an endless fareweel by the
When rocks and fire are forged in blocks
stone voluptuousness, ancient maryrdom

A repose with death, an unleashed light
Twilight of the myths, thou art so
glaring memories, sound the trumpets
they cease, the end

The scent of the halls
of the secrets
Nostalgia and distance
Immortal remembrances

Primeval altar
Where are you ancient skies?
Falling stars
All the lost glory

3. Votive Stele

The fog of longing bleeds
on the friezes and white stairs
Silent steps behind and Atlantean shadow

Fragments of light and honor a mirror reflecting
Infinite beauty give me the absolute silence
of broken and fallen statues

Votive landscapes of crowns and laurels
White and golden shadows
Beautifully sculpted columns
Erected for the solar triumph

The erect stone, alive lithophane
On the unreal trails of the myth
In the center of the intaglio
The last days of the empire are told

Indecipherable stele
Tells the fall of the suns
Immaculate kings
Divine dynasties

The odd stele reveals orders and oaths
Fateful dates infinite strives

Show me your ruin god-king Anunnaki
Show what what was written
Votive stele

4. Of Ruins And Tragedies

Dreams will collide with the tragic sunrise
Thrones above cloudy skies horizons gleam

Wandering under the sun ancient kings beyond the seas
Visitors from the realms above

Legends perishing on the sands they say lions guard their
sleep doomed slaves... Souls soaked in tears

Suffering is present a restless mourning
The garden of afflictions an enlightened weeping

So sad is the way down in the lands of silence
Ancient immortal verses long forgottenworshipped in

Mourning of legends buried by the sand
Moruning of legends buried by the sand

Suffering is present a restless mourning
Suffering is present a restless mourning

A storm of dark memories a supplication for forgiveness
and curses
A loud cry of pain sons of...

Chant of despair
Chant of pain
Chant of cold
Chant of rain

5. Sand Relics

These beings, solar breed
Demetrius and the iranian kings
Priests of blood and spirit
Abolishers of new laws
Quencheps of knlowledge

With tragic splendour
Solar motive buried for centuries
Inscrutability of visions
Sand relics
Masks of dead faces

Golden tears incursted in chalices
Fabulous secrets pale beyond the twilight
Searching for sinister jewels, cursed rings
from forgotten kings
Cursed pillage sand relics

The sands hide
The shine of golden ages
Lost knowledge
A sleeping past

Opaque relics
Now a lost treasure
Curse for the violators

6. Baalbeck

Cyclopic ruins consecrated for the thunder
Dark holy stones under the sign of Venus
The temple of Jupiter Helios interrupted negligence

In the temple of Bacchus Debris
Magnanimous trilithon timeless colossus
Reflection of the sun forgotten illydium
A forgotten temple gathers our spirits without faces
carved in stones

A tomorrow lost among stones now fallen, dead
arcane labyrinth that is the legendary city
Wilderness of a dream Baalbeck
Frightening living blocks vestiges of grandiosity

Royal path still unwalked
Vast solitude unfathomable mystery
Like the stars that wandered here
A forgotten temple gathers our spirits without faces
carved in stones
A tomorrow lost among stones now fallen, dead
kings like Nimrod under Baal-Astarte lar
Erected their eternal deity

Shining guardian pride of ancient times
With horns on the moon a symbol of power

Cosmic region on earth
Outshined, death hidden

Altar of blood of primitive deaths
Nobody has seen the silent fall

7. Strange Artifacts

Taking off the sand
I find strange ancient artifacts
Hands that shaped the frescos
Obsolete machine of Antikythera

Posthumous builders
Invisibly manufactured
Shaped in a mysterious matter
Sacred death relic(s)

Destruction of wisdom
Devastation of the unspeakable
On this mysterious land
Worshipping the dust

Find the code to decipher
The unreal and strange instrument
Amulet of the hateful
Disturbing creation

Through strange artifacts
I can see the past emerge
Like a dark dream
In shades of copper
Of strange artifacts

In this endless desert
These arid plains
Where death enchants us

8. Vestiges

Footsteps erased by the twilight
A desolate warm silence
I still can see signs
Fading before me

Fragments of golden ages
Carved in fallen lintels
Distant, buried, forgotten
Unknown land of dreams

Ruins, solitude of paths
Nostalgia of a golden decadence
A vague fog fades away
Decaying soul, infinite memories

There is a sound coming
Echoing in my soul
A cold prophecy being recited
Fallen dreams

Adorned legends are born in this fog
Fading bridges, silent witnesses
Swept by the wind, roaring in the ruins
The skies witness ascension and fall

Samej — Vocals
Shammash — Guitars
Nechron — Guitars
Hamon — Drums

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