Mythological Cold Towers
Sphere of Nebaddon (The Dawn of a Dying Tyffereth)

1. In The Forgotten Melancholic Waves Of The Eternal Sea

As the leaves of a autumn end
The winter has envolved then
In it's cold sensibleness
The dreams were envolved
By the last breath of the contempt

In awaked darkness of a forest
The paleness of the illusions
Then absorved my essence
In the sepulchral forms of the forms
We fall a sleep
Envolved by the death

A dark day left on my life
My tears to it
In the solitary caves, in the silent camps
In the forgotten melancholic waves of the eternal sea
In a dark day of the existency...

2. Celestial Dimensions Into Silence

Celestial dimensions to be reached
I see abandoned, waiting...
On your Quietness, rest the harmony
A dead harmony, but who one day "Feels Life"

When more distant I am
More I can judge the celestial despair
You are art of dreams that materialize
By pale faces, make me feel myself
Your words like a passion...That's over
And ever will be making
To me
The Ethereal Emptiness
Above a live harmony, Who feels...
Finally I see
And meet them...

Finally I see
And meet them...
Celestial Dimensions into silence

3. The Vastness Of A Desolated Glory

Deeply the sadness invades
Standing out with himself the isolated
His benevolence expresses the darkness
The darkness of the forgotten souls
His tunic suggests the depressive friendship
The black, the black depressive friendship

The invalidity of the decaying pleasure
The beauty exhales the last contrast
Brutal despairs hallucinates the extreme animation
The furor of death is challenged by the existent

And aloneside this desolated glory
The ascension of the silence suddenly stands
The inquietude dominates the impulse of the shadows
"the shadows of the sad depressive tears"

The ascention of the silence suddenly stands
And aloneside this desolated glory...
The shadows of the sad depressive tears...
And aloneside this desolated glory...
The ascention of the silence...
The shadows of the sad depressive tears...
The silence suddenly stands...

4. Slaves In The Imaginary Abyssal Line

So with indescribable impulsivity
The sun has turned black
And like a terrible dream
Shakes all the firmament

And on the earth makes heard the cry
Bitterness and endless laments
The glory is forgotten
In front of so much disgrace and sores

Monarchs of iniquity
Master of usefulness
Wounds of mankind
Why these mysterious creatures hide?

Alive to find you, alive to persecute you
Full of a morbid hope, the disciples were condemned
In front of thy black enchantment, I sit to cry
Invisible magic

In front the thy mortal look
The tyrannical edge of second death
The eternal fear of decaying soul
We're tongue disciples
Tongues to manifest

For the cold, for the night, we have me evoke
The sacred names of old mysterious words
My prayer, my song, is a hymn to intone
Guardians of the spiritual plane
Slaves in the imaginary abyssal line

5. Exotic Voluptuousness Of A Lost Feeling Of Life

Oppressed sadness in the eyes prison
A agonizing manifestation
Repressed feelings, emerged
Rough happenings covers an atmosphere
"That mix to depressive wishes"

The discontentment open their wings
Sheafs drags a grand voluptuousness
The morbid voluptuousness of death
Characterizes the lost feeling of life

There are bridges leading to nothing
There is the nothing waiting for the bruises

Commotions forms layers of emotions
Desolated emotions
Like an only candle in the darkness
The brutal darkness absorbs the hope
Of a sentimental universe

6. Golden Bells From The Eternal Frost


Golden...Balls...Turns...Into hymns...

Monarch from the highest mountain
Play the bells
Between the eternal glaciers

In the hierarch of the night's solitudes
In the mansion that levitate in the gray sky
In the millennium nocturnal approximation

Golden bells from the eternal cold

"blow the wings that comes from faraway
...Let the souls more close
To the arrival of the great portal"

"The moon claims the nights will be eternal

Resisting by the lunar wings
The nocturnay for wounded my eyes"

"Levitation with the bells...Golden Bells from the Eternal Cold"

7. Mythological Cold Towers

From Abyssinia to Egypt, nocturnal revenance
Circle of copts around the fire star

"Eumenides at the front on the way of the initiates
The empire comes back to the light, immortality of the soul"

Between the far towers,
Vultures searching the deep graves of the desert
Illuminated from wise, he has the knowledge key
See the light shine on the cult of Isis

Land that cries to it's profanity
I sung a hymn to the sunset
In his court Osiris, just my shadow dares to appears
Cold aspect pillars, splits the solar rays in the sky

I see scalding horrors dancing in front of me
And the nilo waters reflecting the stars
On the hills of sand I split the nights and days

Son of Horus takes the hovering star Anubis
That hovers now over the towers
If blessed celestial invaders of the crepuscule
Atlanto-Ethiophs "of red skin"

"Sam-Taouf personified in Hator, Solar god
Mummified entities, I invades the lost tower and found my treasure
By the modern man his tranquility was usurped
I fight with the old Pharaos"

8. ...Of Inexistency

To suffer in real dreams
Setting up an insensatible ocular sensibility
The bruises disperses on an obscure mantle
Morbid figures close my frustration

I exalt the suffering
I carfy myself to the obscene fantasy
Formed by the reticule immersed in blood

Absorbs the lethargy which exceeds inside
The transcedency of life turns complex

Turned to the worshipness in the scrapping
The dawn turns black in front of the history
Perfect characters, afflicted convulse
Indenominated creations sacrifice themselves
Prophetised solemnity of the analogies
Divine themselves by stagnant apathetic forms

9. A Portal To My Darkest Soul

Here encloses all passions
Here are contained all the doubts
In each corner corroded by the time
Spirits suffers their pain
Singing always the same
Retrain of supplication and despair

The suffering still not sultryed
With the disruption of the fine deaths veil
From a extreme to the other
One by one sealthing

Sweet to their blinded eyes
Their dry throats and their mutilated
Consciences by the pain
Each parable sung in their horrible...

Music, wants to unite to the
Mold and filth of the secular walls
Their tears aren't consoled anymore
And their pungent vests rots together
Joined because they are solitarians
And alone will remain

10. Sphere Of Nebaddon


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