Negura Bunget
Inarborat Kosmos

Wordless Knowledge

Sol Ler Sol
Sol Argent
Sol Flu
Sol Faur Alchimia

My eyes were glimmering behind the mirror
As my face still stands in front of myself.
I change the worlds, I switch the lights.
An unspoken rule lies beneath my will
To shield my silence from within

Crossed is the space from within.
Between my mind's concentricity and beyond,
From there the great unknown is purling!
I turned to left my sense of seeing
Where drawling dwells in dull stillness
I felled awake into profundity
In a thoughtless perennial state.

A gentle wind drifting me to the other side
Makes my soul wander through the ancient stones,
Under the hermits of old reigns,
Sought visions enriched my wisdom
Through Sabian symbols I step and gain
The maturation of my aim.

I Crest the Strength,
Into the Depth of Kosmic Tree
And as I Stand, in Front of Me
Universe's Hollow Swallows Me
I Watch Within, the Depth of Me
And as I Stand, so Close with Me
My Eye's Trans-lucid
I am One With Myself.

Uprising Follow

I wring the secret out of my body...

Drowned in the unknown of this Black Sea,
My forever swallowed body,
Whirling grows to my deepest fright
Into the darkest depths of nothingness

I dip my head into the water,
The pressure that drains my shape,
Pushes me away beyond my limits,
Pulls me back in the warmth of the known.

...I strike away...
but my twin is rising...
...and vibrating together
With the diaphanous flow.

Splashes in a thousand drops of awareness
Oceans dragging me together,
Washing away all fates
And all that could ever be.

I look at the great well of the universe,
Where my body lies still hanging.
My visceral seethes are sweating.
Dissolving tissue in this pain
Through living, roughs become alighted.
Liquefying my subtle substance,
From stone to flesh
And flesh through wit.

The steam is tearing out of me.
The vapors are breathed
Into the plasma's newly born cavity,
With enlightened viscosity.

In the womb of Kosmos
A glistening hoard has been woven...
A virgin ethereal globule springing
In a pneumatic living.
Heir of an old heredity,
Heightening until the Octahedron is gliding
The final step into the uprising follows.

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