Nocturnal Worshipper
The Lords of Occultism (demo)

1. On High in the Heckti Mountain (Intro)

2. Fury of Demoniac Harvest

The mortal eyes of men will open with fright
The blindness of impunity turns the vision of the truth

The one that has horns on forehead
Command the devastation
The Master with your hosts
Only Evil can prevail

The glorious Black Horsemen
Ride fast over dark clouds
The infernal lightning strikes
The multitude that no believe in their eyes

The one that has the horns on forehead
Command the devastation
The Master with your hosts
Only Evil can prevail

The hurricane of fire cross the holy lands
The false kings see their thrones burning
The millenarian hereditability is broken by new law
Fidelity and mysticism is passed by father to son

Those who try flee, fools they should to join
Will be enclosed by final circle
Will be suffocated by their own precepts
Will suffer the inversion until happens
the union of the triangles

The swords cut off
The heads of mediocre
The sky is bloody
In earth: Death, Fire and Terror

Invincible in Battle
the Servants of the Horned Master
The world to be resigned
Before the Supreme Renovation

3. Cerimonial Circle

In the night the forces will be
In our side at celebration

In this morbid hour
The tyrannical desire guides our intention

Besides gravestones above of
Skeletons free of dead flesh

The moon is the only light, like an
Incestuous sister caressing our faces

In that night, in the dark
Hide the initiates
Those who dresses
In black, obstinates
They will form the circle
To invocation...

How many girls deliver body, life and soul
To the requesting tombs.

The lasciviousness of girls bathing in
Virginity wells reduced to mud

In a ritual of funeral purpose
Around the symbol in consecrated soul

The close of circle turns perceptible
The vibration that envolve everyone


The four guardians
Protect with swords and life
Nothing can go in or out
Of closed ritual
The mystical whispers
Spread in the undefatigable nocturnal wind
The burning candles shaping
A macabre mosaic in darkness

When you cry
When you fight
If you try to recoup your lucidity in the night

Only a master's touch
Make the fire reborn
Only a master's touch
Make the fire reborn

When you feel
In the blades of steel
The blood and fire as cold as ice


4. Spectre Shadows

Many times, when the night comes
Bringing the white reflex that emerge

Of cruel depths of mortification
Carrying united: hate, fire and cold

Interlaced like a funerary rosary
Forming the triangle of black enchantment

The symbol of mortal knowledge
Present in chosen's secret code

The benediction of dark
Given by malign hands
Whites and skeletals
It's the hands of a dead

He carry me for a walk
In haunted recions
In tumulary nights
Sad, afflicative and cold

During all the crossing
The pale face of deads
Locking me dreadfully
With their empty eyes

Thin trees and without leafs
Going closing forming
A lengthy and black tunnel
That conduct us to darkness

Only a touch and the hailstorm began
With the fury and wrath of black winds

The nocturnal howl of the white reflex
Sounding like a eternal lament song

The three points of sacred triangle
Actuate in trine infernal curse

The seven solitary savage spirits
Express itself with screams of blasphemy

The mistic apparition of night
Appear before my eyes
With hate around of him
Cold and fire vests and words
Hear up high the freezing moon
Their voice mix itself
With the shadow of terrible spectre
To whom the death obeys

5. Ancient Flames of Darkness

I see the blaze crossing the horizon
that inverts in fire burning
Remembering me the agony of the guilty
Slaves of desire and of the lie

When the ray pass the sky tears the eternal blackness
The thunder roar but their spirits to be detained silent
Shine as much for bless as slander
The Ancient Flames of Darkness burn the heart of the spirits

(repeat first verse)

In eyes they saw the inner secrets
In that life whose days have no decay
Visions revealed in a secret place
And their faces recovered in intimate gloom

All alives must cross the triangle
For join this shadowy being disunited
The deep sleep from initial crown
Allows the cursed possibility


Alone in the Dark the seek the lost silent shadow
Feel the expulsion of the putrid recent inclination
Inverted by withdrawal of the walls of illusion
Without the veil, united upon the inner fountain of blood

A penetrate and corrosive cold follow your burial
Sounding the fatidic rumor of winds carressing the wood
The afternoon dies and the sinister coffin to go on the march
That leads the centuries to the famishing grave that awaits

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