Fading away into the Grave of Nothingness

Wandering Soul

I converse with the melancholy deep within myself
Of where these sorrows have arisen from...
I know nothing and I cannot even find the means to overcome them

I feel the wound of loneliness inside everyone
Their sorrows flow into my sorrow, my tears bleed endlessly
I now feel there is even meaning to the passing caress of the wind that grazes my skin

One by one, everything is taken away from me
One by one, sometimes I throw it all away
If I have nothing, there will no longer be sadness
If I have nothing, there will no longer be loneliness

Walking the path gray and silent with nothingness
It is far too painful
Those that are in sorrow because of me and those that will be
I am now feeling their excruciating pain

Wandering on the path with no destination
Like a lonely roving soul
My world may become one of the wandering without end

Your shadow and endless nightmare of sorrow
That struggles caught within the lonely cage of my heart
The sorrow of the world is always my sorrow
And the pain of the world is becoming my pain as well

Within this world, my shadow is beginning to lose its meaning

From the Depths of Despair

I am unable to tolerate the memory that grips me
That world of theirs that penetrated me, suffocated me...
I deny these memories, a calm self-deception

Long since forsaken by the world, I have faded into nothingness
Long since severed, the seperation of my spirit and flesh
I deny these memories, a calm self-deception

When dreaming of the suffering of the past wrapped in its cold embrace
I walk the agonizing path of darkness spiraling away from heaven
From the depths of despair a faint glimmer of hope...
But for the anguish that waits to claim me once again

Reaching out towards a new hope, this arduous life
continues its ruinous course
This relentless time of bleeding my spirit over and over

For the people I love, I spread my legs to them...
They who consume my body, they who consume even my spirit

I am aching, yearning. To be free.
I am aching, yearning. Wanting this time of pain to end.
I am aching, yearning. I am aching, yearning.

I want to be free. I am aching, yearning.

The Origin

The struggle to free myself from this unbearable pain within
I, who supress myself agian and again, collapse drained of all strength
In incessant strife and inescable time, victory and defeat are divided
Once again that sad fate is foresaken upon the line between victory and defeat

A faint remnant of my figure fading into indifference is smeared and
thrown away
The strife within surges up again, the line between anger
and patience is destroyed

There is not even a hope of freeing myself from bearing the yoke of
human fate in the weak minded figure.
Through the inevitable discovery, I am frustrated again
My existence has already become one of resignation

Even though I look back with a desire for escape, in the end
everything I see before me returns to the origin
I can struggle my feet again only using the force that crushed me
And this is the reality of my birth
Towards the beginning of hypocrisy, the embers of rage flare up again
from my collapsed figure

I can not throw my tired body away into another situation
arising from that anger
This cycle of discarding I abandon and forsake, agan the origin

A Life of Suffering Craving the Darkness

In this tranquil place I have cast aside my perverse craving wrapped in darkness
Glorious dreams seeking hope and ambition are scattered like
ashes to the whims of the vast, open sky
And now deep inside this peaceful earth, my will goes unheeded
I flow like grains of sand
caught in the relentless river current of the course of nature.

Casting aside these dark desires. Towards the sighing of the wind.
Casting aside these dark desires. I set forth from this place to search for my soul.

The dark spirit that possesses me leads me down the path towards a world of never-ending darkness
Leaving nothing but a trail of anguish, despair and destruction, blood flows on
In the end, this familiar suffering washes over me again
My destiny, like an unrelenting nightmare is buried in the grave of my soul
It flows along with the undeviating course of nature

In this weak world that I cannot be a part of
Someone had to be sacrificed to the never ending darkness

Now I have come to realize...
It is a life of pleasure and darkness
Let me be free
It is a spirit of pleasure and darkness
Let me be free

In my failure of a life long ago in which I sold my soul
I want to find myself in more than just a pale shadow.

Voice of My Soul

My soul is fading away
The voice heard in the silence
That yearning is eternally laid to rest
Endlessly fading into the darkness

Though my soul is strong
From the depths of that much suffering
I receive many wounds
I have seen much pain

My tears have turned to blood
Flowers bloom from my sorrow
That sorrow spreads to infect others

My tears become a tree
The branches reach out to others
That sorrow is scattered
Those pains are swallowed one by one

Oh black heart, anoint his death with lamentation
Welcome the dark souls under the coffin lid
Shed light on their dark souls infinitely

In these desires towards a life striving tranquility
From the bound solitude deprived of freedom
Becoming free, becoming a sorrowful soul

I am weeping, Out of this anguish I am weeping
The memory that remains and the past that cannot escape the pain
I remember the life in which everything was forgotten
I remember the worthless lives of everyone
The lives so worthless, I will no longer remain a burden to anyone.

Beyond the Memories I Lost

From life from a place of magnificence
I am drifting further away
On the solitary path of passing remembrances
Fateful images from the past deride me
I forsake such a world...throwing all of you away one by one

The means of forgetting the despair of possessing nothing
From the first I had to quit the hope of having anything
Through today again I cannot release the enduring string of fate
Another fate like instinct grips me again in kind

Those who know naught of me
In place of laughter meet me with dark silence
The fading memory leaves me in pain
The remembrance reopens deep old wounds

I am cast aside beyond the fading memory
You are cast aside beyond the fading memory
In despair the life that could not be relived

In despair the lonely one walking the final path
In the desolate shade my solitude always struggles to face another me
Guiding myself towards loneliness
Casting myself aside from the world

Solitude, forsake me
Solitude, leave me

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