The Last Desperate 10 Years As Ever

The Money From Tabbaco Pouch

Please, don`t forget me although when I get old and tired.
Can not give you anything any more.
Please, don`t forget me. Just live is like a hell.
It is sorrowful world to live.

Oh please don`t keep me away from you.
Just because I`m far away.

jinan sigan pilleumcheoreom doraga beoryeotgo
jageun aiui himeoptneun moksori soge
salme mugeoumi damgyeojyeo isseotda
geureohge naui salmgwa ppyeoreur asagadeon neoneun ije nareur tteona
meongoseuro garyeohanda
neoegen deo isang julgeosi eoptgie naneun niga tteonar geosi duryeopda
pogeunhan useumjocha hanbeondo batji mothago

Beyond the Memories I Lost

From life from a place of magnificence
I am drifting further away
On the solitary path of passing remembrances
Fateful images from the past deride me
I forsake such a world...throwing all of you away one by one

The means of forgetting the despair of possessing nothing
From the first I had to quit the hope of having anything
Through today again I cannot release the enduring string of fate
Another fate like instinct grips me again in kind

Those who know naught of me
In place of laughter meet me with dark silence
The fading memory leaves me in pain
The remembrance reopens deep old wounds

I am cast aside beyond the fading memory
You are cast aside beyond the fading memory
In despair the life that could not be relived

In despair the lonely one walking the final path
In the desolate shade my solitude always struggles to face another me
Guiding myself towards loneliness
Casting myself aside from the world

Solitude, forsake me
Solitude, leave me

In Fear With Shiver

The tear that speaks of an earnest desire
Rip and insert into my body
Even if to flash before the eyes
You won't be able to see me
I am able o sense it in the dark intercepted space
Even the trembling of the body form the cold.
Holding the dreading heart
Holding the dreading with trembling
The wonderful life will open up today
Although I am starring in a ditch
You are living a completely different life.
With the experience life gave
Don't demand me
Now please step over and pass my thy dirty body
Don't look down anymore
Look forward to the life you're living
Just step over me and pass my.

Punishment Of Being Alone - It's Cruel Strength Breaks Me Away

Confused dawn
The white smoke that breaks me
To me, it's definitely dawn
But the sun is setting
I smelt the scent of despair once again.
My soul captured by darkness
I'm already depressed
The punishment of being alone
Its cruel strength breaks me away
It makes me be n more pain
Even if I tilt my ears
I hear nothing
What makes me so scared and frightened?
On a day where even the devil himself could appear right now before me
Loneliness is much scarier than horror
Even if I wake you with my laughter
I'll probably become depressed again
Soundless rage touches me
It approaches me, grbas my hair and speaks
I act as thought I didn't hear it
Where is my mind really headed?

The Last Elegy For My Sad Soul

Time's lonely space
A place coexisting with darkness is where your other life begins
Behind your smile is a dark shadow
Now with the two words of death
You became an existence that was no longer in my memory
The world has forgotten your existence now
No, the world may have forgotten that your name ever existed
Your sadness was too great to start a new life.
People who bash their necks...To a new world they head to.
The gorgeous flower is gruesome to you it as it dies equally divided
People guided to Heaven's gift
Their bodies will slowly vanish in the ground.
The spirit will leave the body to some place
I hear my spirit has not died
Life's all sadness molds me into a strong metal
With that I am able to begin my journey
To the angel that's yelling at me with rage with a sad voice...
Don't remember me anymore.

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