Regarding All the Sadness of the World

Won Hon


River of Sadness

Dark dead who take the misty road to golden light
Take her by the hand
Through tears gathered in the wound inside
ANd dug deep into her soul
This river made from sadness
Her heart lost in the deep water

Across the dark azure swamp of the dead,
knocking on doors of the land
The sky's wrath pays her debt
The rage in her breast made into the scent of a flower
The river flows from sadness
Tears in pain as it flows

Singing a beautiful song instead
the road gets longer the father you walk

Traces of a sad death worse than suffering
Cross the river and wave
Forget the memories of your life
The last road that ends the sad life
That you can never return to

Death draws close to the mist
During life, all the hardship suffered
And all the happiness enjoyed

THe lies empty of truth that were
Left in a person's life
Cross that river and call for me

Without death, life is nothing
The soul wandering by my side
Now send to the sky
Take the black hadn of the dead
And let us depart


Cruelly slain by the one who took the demon's soul
Fates bound like a chain around the neck
rising up to the heavens

Rather than live the sad fate of a man,
I would choose to be reborn
as a beast who cannot speak

I who have forgotten myself
Rising up to the heavens
Leaving behind sadness for those who loves me
(and they cry)

Crimson tears burn away in the corners of my eyes
The tree sings with its branches of that woman's sadness

From the girl who said let's try to live for once
The demons took death
And rise to the place of false judgement,
condemning her not to speak

To forget the past misfortunes of fate, to be reborn
into a new life of happiness

In days to come, your descendants will be reborn
So that they can inherit your bone-aching life
The cry of the soul in the crimson fire is heard
That is the life of pain that must be lived again

Crying sheets of violent, pouring rain
Spreading dark clouds, the sky cried out in sorrow

The smell of decaying flesh on the wind
the sound of truth cried out
I should have thrown away my sadness and happiness there
As rain, now find peace
As rain, greet reincarnation after a rest of a thousand years

Countless maggots born as the root of sadness and
stench in the grave
Infest the corpse of time
In that peace all is forgotten


At the final destination
Though I've left the world without shame
My eyes, feet and body are thrown to the floor
Resentment and sorrow turn to Han

The river turns to frozen winter, my flesh must be known to the world
So their guilt will not be blown away by the fierce wind

Under the large knife, the severing of their lives must be seen
So that my soul can find freedom from this suffering born from Han

Without words, I am a sad bird in the sky
Fly away to the place that can't be seen

More than sorrow or suffering, this anger and disgrace
Have turned to Han because of that hateful one
Like a block of ice, the cold and decayed flesh in the river
This is Han, searching for them

Please no more of this waking to suffering
Bloody and bruised soul, this bunt black flesh
This is Han, searching for them

Even if my beloved dies, she cannot go in peace
My beautiful one, do not scorn me

Under the large knife, judge them
With the fluttering of wings that once beautiful life rises up to the sky

Wthout words, I am a sad bird in the sky
Fly away to be place that can't be seen
This is Han, though I've left this place
This is Han, in this place seeding for those who remain


Your slender wrists hold the tears of countless scars
The times you marked your body in suffering,
sadness and loneliness
No looking back, you used to
erase all those memories

All I have left is my ruined flesh
And my worn and discarded spirit
Your visage buried in this
demonic world rose in the moon
Savagery unknown, you become an angel
with discarded wings

Left with just a bright smile...
The dark gaze, leaving for the white sky
Crying that someday you will fly beautifully

In that world you bite with your tightly closed lips
Dreaming of a white world, walking that endless road

In the sorrowful red sky
The sun holds its breath
In the sorrowful wound
You dream of your spirit breaking away

Erase it all and erase it again, nothing left

Lose it all and lose it again, again at my side
Again you come to find the hurt

In the sorrowful red sky
The sun holds its breath
In the sorrowful wound
We can now stop the world

Eyes of Dark

The expanse between sky and earth is endless
Even in death they can never meet
The sad ay of birds
Brings endless pain to the dark forest

This woman with dark eyes
The promise with the darkness that swallows the scent of night
The wound of this endless solitary life and pain

Between the darkness of dawn and dusk
This woman leads me
The one who lost light, who lost her soul
She heads for that life of darkness

In that place of the sad winter wind
Flower petals wither and die away
From the cold wound inside you

Woman with dark eyes!
My abandoned dreams, my abandoned life
Take me to the sky! With my soul.

Everything must be left aside
The truth of happiness become a lie
The world of unknowing sadness
Brings me pain once again

The one who remembers my pain
Tears flow in that sad love

The tree blooming with dead flower petals
And the blooming tree with deep roots
They now go to meet death
In the heart of this dark life

This woman with dark eyes
The promise with the darkness that swallows the scent of night
The wound of this endless solitary life and pain

Pain is yet another life
Tears flow in the heart of pain
Eyes that gaze between the trees
Tell me to go and rain falls from the sky

Dusk and Despair

Despair flies up to the sky in another yearning
More than tears, this painful heart...
The raining sky aches in suffering and sorrow
The wound the sky washed digs into the despairing heart

Everytime I stayed in that place
The world full of wounds
Even in the death of this worthless,
small beast, those sad times of tears

Living through countless other pains
and having and to feel all despairs
But the world cannot be endlessly cold-hearted
and full of despair

Sleep in sorrow and breathe in despair
Your death digging deeper in my bones
I thought this would be the last suffering
In reviving, how much more suffering remains

I could not know. The things that were not mine
Full of wounds, my soul did not exist forever

My soul is despair, the sorrow of losing you
My soul is suffering, the sorrow of losing you

In the lamplight, listen to the sound born from Han
And cry in the damp grave at dusk
In the wound, listen to the sound in suffering
Crying in the damp dusk in despair

You always remained in my heart
My soul is suffering, the sorrow of losing you

Despair flies up to the sky in another yearning
More than tears, this painful heart...

Is this the last suffering you will give
Is this the last gift from the sky

Beneath the endless sky, I am in sorrow
And this pained heart goes to you
Beneath the endless sky, I am in pain
And this painful would I give to you

Cruel Sadness

Flower petals of hatred bloom in the grave of sorrow
Full and sad, holding on to her death fading away

My heart is overflowing with sorrow
Darkness leave me, sorrow leave me

Spill all my repressed suffering
And vomit this cruel sadness

Unable to hide in this world
I felt the warmth of your breath
When the moon shone, the dream in you
Came to find me

No one can take the place of your soul
Beneath the sky even the living
truth pains my heart and drains me

I couldn't hide this suffering
The reality of her cruel sadness
Could not choose death
Wounds, tears in the painful world

The one who keeps my heart
When I think of you I cannot escape
This endless pain inside

The reality of her cruel sadness
Wounds and tears in the painful world

Flower Blooming from the Grave... Solitude Like a Tear

Trembling hand at last
Take that hand
And wash away the tears in those eyes

Behind the uneven breath, her
silhouette goes to meet death

Go away towards the sky
Your soul that I hid in my heart
Even breath trembles

Blood drops run down
Splintered wound, veiled by the wind
Flowers start to bloom

In my frozen time
My decomposed body
And their hollow world
Full of craving laughs

Flower petals shake the darkness
Abandon all, forget it all
The moonlight obscures the stars
Fading into the grave

No one looks for me
In my hidden wound, the painful breathing
Savages abandon me, you laugh in the beautiful world
I cannot breathe

Oh sorrow, leave me be

Tears, my spirit becomes darkness
The sky, in the name of love
Infects my body and
Spraying blood kills this painful love

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