Oath Of Cirion

1. Dragonmagick

2. Through the Aeons

From the gray shadows of past
An age long forgotten by mortals
Sung by the nightbards
Hidden by the darkest depths of the woods
An ancient legend
Book written in blood

I dare you, mortal, I dare you!
Take a peek at the hiddden knowledge
That lies in these words
I dare you, mortals!
Blow off the dust of aeons,
Open your mind and step inside

"...For years I studied al chemy,
Wisdom sworn to secrecy
In my candle lit laboratory
I witness miracles
No human eye had ever seen!"

"What great power lies in this jar?
Stained black with dragonblood!
Astral secrets revealed from beyond the stars,
What wisdom lies behind those fiery red eyes?"

Travel through the aeons
To an era of dragons and swords
Travel through the aeons
Explore the hidden path of wisdom

A passage in time through these words
Forbidden knowledge of a secret past
Age of magick and great dragonwars
Denied by mortal minds in these words the truth lies!

"...And when you drift to sleep
Exhausted from the knowledge deep
Who knows if it'll be only a dream
Or have you entered a parallel realm?"

3. Fullmoon Empire

In another time and place
In different dimension and space
There is a realm, one of the night
Where unseen is dawn and daylight

A place where lost souls wander eternally
A place where the damned forever feast
A place where the cursed ones are free
A place where no good will ever exist

In another time and place
In different dimension and space
There is an empire of the night
Where eternal is the fullmoon's light

Where the towers arise dark
Where fullmoon forever shines
Moonchild domain
Domain of dark
Welcome my child
Into the evernight

The pale light reflects on the castle wall
Can you here the shadows hollow call?
Once you have entered my realm
You will never leave!

4. Quest for the Dragonfire

In the woods, I heard a melodie bright
In the forest of elven might
On my way to the mountain citadel
That's where the mighty dragons dwell

The gifted ones with the fire
Forever burns in their veins
Flames in fiery eyes shall
Doom their foes bitter end

I've come to the dragons to ask for help
For our troops we outnumbered
In the battle down the dell
Despite the brave spint of our fighting men
We need some support to get even

So gifted I was with the dragonfire
To forever burn in my veins and now
The flames in my fiery eyes shall
Doom our foes bitter end
So gifted I was with the dragonfire
The flames in my fiery eyes shall
Doom our foes bitter end

5. King of the Dragonthrone- Part I

Out of the cosmic chaos spawn
An universe of life divine
In the heat of sun's first fires
A sword was forged
Sword of infined might

Bringer of life
Bringer of light
Mighty sword of Taknig'Zur
King of the dragonthrone

From the three moons
Three species of life
Crowded the three regions of the world
Magicians in the north
Dwarves in the east
Humans in the west

And for himself he reared a throne
In the middle
From where he shall eternally rule
Whith his three sons
Midar, Feila and Thul

The sword he embedded
Beneath the throne
In eternal ice
The mighty sword of creations lies

6. King of the Dragonthrone- Part II

With the morning mist he came
Clad in white robe
White beard reaching all the way down
Down towards his toes
A blindefold coverded his eyes
But surely the old man was not blind
For he could see more in seconds
Than you or me during whole liveness

He walked to the great palaces' doors
For month he had wandered on
Now to see the dragonking be insisted
Shivering with terror done white from horror
A messenger of doom he was

"Hearken, mighty king!
For a sees from the north I am
A terrifying massege I bring
I've had a vision of great evil being born!"

Still weak, but growing stronger
Not many a time before he has the power
To summon all the beasts
From the nether realms where he lives

(The time of destruction is foreseen
Darkness will fall on the universe
Swallow the three moons and poison the stars
Turning their glow into blood red
From the twilight portal shall the Dark One come
Riding on a black beast mount with flaming birstles
And behind him the imperial hordes from the dark side will march)

The first sign of the judgement day are to be seen
A new aeon has begun, a time of war
This is the judgement time
Will we die or live free?

"The armies started to gather near mount ...
Magicians led by Thul, Dwarves by Midar
And the human warriors by Feila
And the king of the dragonthrone
Shall lead them to victory or doom"

As the propheted time draws near
The great shadow appears
Announcing the Dark Ones arrival

Thousand lightnings strike
Thousand thunders roar
Thousand storms rage

As the twilight portal opens

7. King of the Dragonthrone- Part III

"With a loud crash the skies broke
And the hordes from the darkside arrive
This is it, the feared time
The prophecy will be fulfilled!"

With his monstruous mount the Dark One rides
Laughing maniacly as he decipates enemies with his scyte
And in the moon's pale light
The hordes of darkness feast on the corpses of those who died

The war rages on for 2000 years, until the end draws near
The Dark One has killed Taknig Zur's all three sons
And impaled their corpses with spears
Dragonblood paints black the meadows once green

Blinded by hate, filled with anger
Taknig Zur pulls the Sword of Creation from the spellbound ice
From it's blade the venomous rays fly
Sweeping out thousands at a time
Through the Dark Ones chest he rams the blade
Cutting his body in half, piercing his pitch-black heart

But the power of the sword is to great
Too great for even the king himself
All energy is sucked out of him
Leaving him dead as the foe who fought him

The sword once again floats in space, in the cosmic chaos

Another world to create
Another world to destroy

8. Stormcircle

Following the voice
A destinated choise
Where the ancients left
Their flaming marks
Under the wings of the everdark

Invisible all seeing
We'll greet the storm
To the circle of dragenthrone
We'll go at one

Oath that lies in blood wisdom passes forth
When winter plays it's cruel game
Hail the storm in Cirions name

We call forth the ancient spirits
Gods of forgotten times
Elder kings, unhuman kind
Dragongods, hear their roar in the storm!

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