Obsidian Gate
The Vehemence

1. The Vehemence

Manifestum Tenebrarum, genesis in lax daemonum.
Sanctus! Sanctus!

The opening of portals thus long sealed holds my sight. So mesmerizing... I step into the fire and witness creation (which) the true eyes have revealed. Abort the laws of evolution's stream, do not think! One book is the answer for fools. Parchments of old lies. But I see... Nothingness became materia by the one who was cast out from Eden - The elder angel. Taste the growing of knowledge and truth. One throne abandoned for the wisdom to come. Darkness is the creator, brings birth from fire. Slay the theory of seven days for perfection with the human race as its coronation. Climb high, fall deep! Ignoramus, controlled on strings in your selfmade prison with walls made from glass. I throw the stone and witness your world collapse. I see the fire - the womb of all!
"An equilibrium of darkness and fire merges the streams of life's energy to creation."

Why is the sun thy holiness?
Travel into and melt at once.
This is hell and thy adoration.
And again, this hell will come to swallow thy earth.
It reclaims what it once had born!

The opening of portals thus long sealed holds my sight. So mesmerizing... I step into the fire and witness creation (which) the true eyes have revealed. One circle complete, yet others were drawn - Do not think! Thy minds are too primitive to comprehend the immortal principle. But I see!

"Sanctus tuus, sanctus daemonum!
Sanctus deus tenebrarum!
Sanctus Sathanas!"

2. Catafalque of Those Aflame

I am the lord of witches, the elder one of the dragon's womb.
My spells are but a scythe to wield at the Holy Church.
Their reign set innumerable pyres aflame.
My sisters burnt one by one, for the eminences feared their knowledge.
(The inquisitor said):
"Fused with the devil's pact, they were sent to spread disease.
They need the punishment by us, God's men!"

Again, the time has come. Again, they raised a burning pyre.
I swear to them: Revenge, if another innocent woman burns!
I have the powers to unleash the wrath of the ancient god upon their feigning, decrepit church, upon the blessed lands.

Extinguish now the flames! Else, the darkness will crush you!
Far beyond, where shadows dwell and the devil devours thy souls!
Hearken, thy eclipse yet is near!

(The inquisitor says):
"Never! You will burn as well!!"

My gesture of magickal power drains the light from all its sources.
I am the beast beyond this veil...
I am one with the deity you will ever fear.
The transformation into a demon reveals its true face towards these foul Christians.
They shalt pay for a thousand burnt witches.
Know that I am the wolf among your herd of sheep.
I bring you death and resurrect my sisters.
You will feel the wrath of my draconian cult!
The beast appears, crushing the weird scenery.
The earth trembles - Where is their god?

"For every dead witch, a thousand of souls to enter my torment!"
And their god is silent, my laughter cracks the sky...
An exquisite pyre that burns, I raise for their saviour.
"For every prayer, a thousand of yours to suffer in my hell!"
I laugh at your weakness - You always feared me.
You tried to exhort me, but I was fire and will always be!

I ascend the pyre towards the stake, and I take the bones of my burnt sister, still glowing like coal, crumbling dust-covered blackness - Her sweet holiness... Death just for knowledge. O how humble you are!
Come, holy bishop, show it to me, your sweet holiness...
By burning instead at this flaming stake!

"Ignis purgatorium ad altare ignis inferi.
Ignis tormentum ad portalis infernus magnum.
Sanguis coagulans in regis maleficarum.
Principus de mysteriis regie Sathani..."
Behold, as I enter the flames...
Ember tears are falling from the sky.
Blood flows from the eyes...
that see truth and wisdom...
in these flames.

Centuries after centuries, my curse remains, every Christian follower will suffer in vain.
I am the beast, the eternal one.
I scourge the breed of (the) Nazarene son.
The pyre is extinguished, the masses stare scared. Sparks cremated their eyes - Fools, deaf and blind! The witchcraft of ages will rise supreme, the crimes thou committed now turn against thee all.

Upon the burning catafalque, upon the burning throne!

3. A Vortex Drawn in Blood

Onwards they sail, on fierce galleons so proud...
Tearing the waves of this ocean that strikes against man...

Mighty waters ever unsiled
Enthralled in restless storms.
Never banished by the laws of time, for the beast beyond rests in furious whirl and leaves any ship wrecked or engulfed.

Befouled creatures struggle on rotting planks...
While the storm chants a death-anthem...
A holy conquest drowns under water...
To fill an unhallowed aqueous massgrave...

A black helix rises up from the whipping sea
A maelstrom forged in purest torment of those they had slain...
In voracious greed for their gold...
And their unchristianized souls.
Now these oceans force revenge!
Heaven just remains an illusion
While eye in eye with the face of wat'ry death.
A liquid garotte in a void of light
Rages around so armed, yet feeble ships of the cross.

Feeding the ground of the planet, an abysmal gap opens wide.
And the galleons are swallowed.
One by one...
Slowly sinking...
Christian lungs filled with the salty ocean, screaming for heaven's grace.

(And the storm calms and wanders invisible...)

"As the first waves clash against the shores, a moaning seems to echo through the wind's howling. And with the explosion of thunder, a vortex storm rises with the face of all known hells in its center, breaking loose an inferno which catapults the ocean against heaven..."
An oceanic reaper of a thousand storms rages.
Cathedrals collapse by hammering winds, clerics sucked into the stormy floods.
No time to set sail and escape
This whirling inferno - This vortex drawn in blood...

And the storm vanished fast as it came, the ocean lies calm...
And mirrors the web of the stars, where the holy palace once was.
Shattered corpses corpses and remnants...
Drift on like floating leaves...
Towards their watery graves...

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