Ocean Of Grief
Fortress of My Dark Self

1. Spiritual Fortress

Black field
Emitting hatred
Heinous walls
Rejecting goodness
A fortress made of darkness
Is a keep for my other self
Guards of my emptiness
Keep away the joyful feels
Filled with vivacity
The walls of fortress
Its spiky gates
Will unleash the army of hate
It guts the invaders
And my state will be the same

Feel my hate

Being through a vast of pain
My soul is now embalmed
I smile with your distress
Cause i enjoy the way you hurt
My leaving is to console
And leave you alone to die
My home is calling me
The fortress of my dark self

2. House of Misery

Returning to my home
Where walls choke me
I open the main door
Rooms blur my mind

The living room
Hosts now a nothing
And it feeds my sickness
Albums with pictures
Stand there dusty
Reminding me the beautiful past

My siblings move about
Soulless by mental lobotomy
Parents reject the prosperity
They suffer for eternity

In the dining room
We eat our hopes
With endless pain as a side dish
We expend in our rooms
With hopeless thoughts
Waiting for the time of our death

Home is killing me
There is no escape

3. Futile Regrets

From your willing eyes
Flames are glowing
It is time , to arise
With your inner strength
Parasites are trembling
With your flaming imposing stare
Their despise and hatred
Make you feel deep regrets

Cry , you cry
Feel the bitter taste of your feels
Cry , you cry
Be frustrated for what you did
Cry , you cry
Piercing words stab your heart
Cry , you cry
Tears flow with your screams

In the wrecks of your soul
A fire smolders
It starts to blaze
And whispers in your ear

Wipe your tears now
Never regret for
What you did before
Open your eyes and
Stand on your feet
Move on with your life
Words are nothing
They dazzle your mind

The storm is over
You can see on your way

Look up ahead
There is vivid sky
Open up your wings and
Fly away like a crow
Never feel afraid for
The upcoming storms
They're many on your way but
Keep moving on

4. Drowned in Nostalgia

I remember
The moments we spent through
We used to talk and laugh
In the bright light
The present is empty
You're a pile of bones
I can't stand living
What's the purpose for ?

That is the land of lost content,
I see it shining plain the happy highways
Where I went
And cannot come

Oh why are you not there ? i collapse

In the heart of midnight
I think about you

Tears fall from my eyes
Past burns my soul

Days pass by they are not the same without you

In the heart of midnight
I keep thinking about you

Tears fall from my eyes
Past burns my soul

5. The Birth of Chaos

Withdrawing paradise
I was left alone
With the slander of people
I feel doomed

A place called heaven
Is the home of the praised lord
And angels serve his endless awe
But one stands alone
Independence is what he seeks
And god expells him from his world

His fall will break the gates of hell

I gained redemption
Through Cerberus and demons
By the majesty of lucifer

His patience fades away
The seed of evil has grown
A heart black like a crow
He allies with banished souls
To fulfil his sickened thoughts
Unleashing hate all over the world

A fog of darkness
Will hide sun's light
Heaven is falling
Chaos is coming

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