Ocean Of Grief
Nightfall's Lament

1. In Bleakness

Away from people
And everything alive
Laying in his bed, desperate
He lost his faith in people, even in his friends
Sees them as a puddle , full of shit
Painful scenes are spinning, through his mind
Where trust was battered which cut his breath

A quiet walk outside, will empty his mind
Walking through the nature, under the sun
A black cold mass , will hit the sky
A smile upon his face, starts to shine

The clouds
The frozen
Who spread
Snow and death

Confronting the blizzard
He grits his teeth and makes his way inside
The savage frost, deadens the loner's
Feet, arms, skin and face
Fallen in the snow , numb but relieved
Cause the reaper's there
He takes a breath and shouts out loud
To say his last words
Save me from this world , that tortured my soul

2. Eyes of Oblivion

Through the darkest hours in vain
Seeking for aspirations
A frenzy search for a sunbeam, of joy

Hysterical thoughts for salvation
And loud desperate cries
Won't clear the grey skies

Sunken into deep slumber
Dreams shatter like glass
Oblivion seeks nearby
To swallow your woeful existence

Memories erased by darkness
And love is torn apart
Promises left not to be trusted
Laid in unfeelingness
And bereft of tears
You can't see the lament of broken hearts

Live with the eyes of oblivion

3. Mourning Over Memories

Back in time
To the bright days
Our lives were
Empty of demons

Trees of blissfulness
Were blossoming everywhere
And the light of hope
Lightened our destiny

Sadly, it was just a trip
To the memory lane
The happy fields, where
I cannot go back
Nostalgia breeds my fiends

Staring in the glare
Of my mourning
And left with all the blackness
Which rusts my heart
I, the keeper of the past
Will always weep for the old days

4. Fiend of the Overlord

Never ending greed
For endless torture

The impaler still remains
His fiend lurks in his bygone throne
Under a sanguine moon
Where he reincarnates the
Empire of infinite torture
Which left incomplete
Nerves like volcano burst

Into the mass
Of nothingness
Eyes full of vengeance
Glow over pointless lives

So, the tormentor
Begins to spread
Discord, bloodshed, chaos, tremble and tears of loss

The fate of this world, reached to the end
Where the lost empire returns
The fiend of the lord gains flesh and bones
To darken the earth

5. Painting My Sorrow

I can't find any reason to exist
Bitterness and sadness only satisfy me
Blackened thoughts, hopeless dreams
And anything that feeds my slumber
I came up with a way, to externalize
The abyss that's within my soul
A plain white canvas in a stand
Will depict the pain that i withstand

Some drawn lines, are linked together
To plant my failures
Negative words, form a face
The sorrow, attached to me ---

A brush shapes me with a smile
Colouring the outer segment
To befool the dumb welfare
Eyes with face are created
Weeping tears over mine
To engrave the last touches

Some drawn lines, are linked together
To plant my failures
Negative words, form a face
The sorrow, attached to me

I pierce my skin to bleed
For paint
My creation full of blood
Expels me from life

6. The Breeding of Death

Soul, full of hate
Fists, made to annihilate
And so, my anger breeds my insanity
Sickened, by everything that surrounds me

Eradicating their existance, I accomplish death and inner peace
No thoughts of mercy, they flee when they dare face me

Corruption, in my vein
I judge and I deliver pain

They cry, when their eyes foresee that they die
And my, thirst needs to be quenched till no one's alive

Denied feeling any emotion since my early years
I yearn for every last one of them to die, suffer

The breeding of death

7. The Release of the Soul

Left with full stress
Everything moves so fast
Relaxation must take effect
In my body and my soul

Closing my eyes
To escape reality
Suddenly a green fog
Grabs my soul

Sends it in falling rivers
With vivid and bright colours
And flies over snowy mountains
Spiritual serenity subdues me

Life seems different now
Overwhelmed by serenity
Which grants me trips
Far away from earth

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