October Tide
Tunnel of No Light

1. Of Wounds To Come

Cast aside my will
Decomposing soul, abandoned and cold
Every step is a foot in the grave
Admitting the pain is too profound for the brave
I release you from my arms again
No, this is not my burden
Lifeless, always
Your words will remain
But your image, a crooked frame

With a mind like seasons, there's no chance for reason
The withering brings promise of dichotomy
Reflections of what I've done, our requiem
The horizon is a reminder, of wounds to come
The smoke will lead you home
If I could only burn
The words i've yet to learn

I saw the light in the sky
We weren't always so blind to the lies, devouring life
When the last star falls, who's to blame
For the eternal night, of wishes reclaimed?
The dawn of the new day, same faces, new pain
To carry on would be insane

I release you from my arms again
No, this is not my burden
Close your eyes and breath
Time to leave, this will be the end
Where do I begin?

This was a mistake, I have nothing to say
Your pain is well deserved
I've lived and loved, and all I've learned
(We can) We can can only promise to burn
Marvel at the bridges flame, wonder why they never came

End of all
They consider the body a temple
Tear down the walls
The horizon is a reminder, of wounds to come

2. Our Constellation

It was misery that aligned our stars
A glimpse of sorrow soon unbound our scars
Unraveling skies, so carry on
The answer it hides, is not what you seek
Kissing the mouth of crues words
A language of truth, no one will speak

The rain fell, so shall i
The past speaks your name
I sever the silver line, for the last time

Make no mistake, your desperation, it still lingers
All that you take, love's expiration
It's drawing nearer
Make no mistake, your desperation, found it's way to your finger
All that you take, love's expiration

Follow me
To the edge of the earth
I hope you find all that you search

I'll just wait for our stars to align
We've always strayed towards tunnels that hold no light

Wretched day, lies are horrid
Beauty of truth, I am slain

3. Emptiness Fulfilled

I watched you pass, most darkened cloud
The calm before you was I
Like a curse, I will lift you
Off your feet, swept by every verse escaping lips of deceit
There is no other way to clear these skies of grey
Oh I don't know, which way I should go
I've filled a sea of tears, careless wonder, a farewell to fears
There is no other way to clear these skies of grey
In the night
These shadows know me well
No answer to these calls of distress
When only time can tell
I'm no stranger to emptiness

And all that ever mattered, shattered
Out of hand, out of time
Out of reach, out of mind
All that shined in the night, once gathered
In the depths of sleepness dark, enlighten my path

4. Caught In Silence

Take away thie suffering
From the daemons trapped inside
Can't see these creatures
Born out of obscenity

How to see the finders
How to hide from the signal lights
Look for warnings, look for signs
Wath out for the hollow minds

Emotions are burned away
Step into this lake of fire
Try to reach a higher ground
Before being swallowed alive

Take shelter in the storm
Soon it will reach the eye
On a journey further
To find who survives

5. The Day I Dissolved

Eternally incomplete
Perpetual fracture, a fraction
We dwell until we are too deep
We wander still, too far too reach
Our reality shatters before our eyes, drown us in broken glass
Truth is the only lie
Life's affliction, time will not rewind
You turned away, you let me breath
Until you hang me from your heartstrings
We dwell until we are too deep
You were the promise, but not mine to keep
Time does not exist, we are slaves to distance
There is no purpose for any of this
Our reality shatters before our eyes
There is no purpose to any for us to exist
Hang me from your heartstrings
Nothing, all I've become
With zero, I am one
There is no resolve
Take me back to the day I dissolved
Time will not rewind, truth the only lie
As sleep carries you away from me, all fears sincerity, condemned to dreams
Our reality shatters before our eyes, drown us in broken glass
Time does not exist, we are slaves to distance
There is no purpose for any of this

6. Watching The Drowners

Waves come crushing
Ten feet tall and roaring
The will is ancient
Beyond knowledge and sworn to disaster
Ten feet tall and rising

No resistance left
The grip of old has come
Hereby we are the watchers
They are drowners for their faith is futile

The tide is raging
Against all of man's work
Being all at once
Trespassers in the sacred waters
Sickening slow death

Silver dawn upon us
Ashen sky
A drowners heart in each of our hands

7. In Hopeless Pursuit

All eternal laments, my stigma
I have failed you
What can summon forgiveness now?
When songs of endless grief go unheard
Deafen the ears, muting the mouth
No words will ever bring you back now
I, yet possessed I strive, I'm haunted by dreams
This void has embodied me

Losing the faith
That should never have been placed
In hopeless pursuit
Of the crippled artist's winter heart
Most wretched mind painted me a picture
Now what I am to do, with the visions you've left behind?

I don't feel alive
From the dark that I've held inside
Will you wait? Can you see?
Shadows bleeding out from me

Even when all else is whole
You'll still be alone
Well I'm leaving, with your heart still beating
It grows cold

8. Adoring Ashes

I brought fire to the gates of heaven
Enraptured by the coldes of hearts
Tales of it's worship

The words that echoed in vain
"I am the empty"
I whispered Goodbye

My voice carried by the wind
Finds it's way to you, will you listen?
My words burn with the sun
Will they be heard, or will it be shunned?

All life and dreams, lost over night
The moons rose a flood too high this time
Losing hope in the tragic tide

The words that echoed in vain
"I am empty"
I whispered Goodbye

To remain non-existent
Revel in irrelevance

Your bitter reflection, your mind is straying
The soul misdirected, your departure, betraying
Your world is falling down, I've come to reclaim my crown
Your eyes, open today
I will be there, I cannot stay

Voice of reason, heed the call
Ash like snow, prayers fall

Fredrik "North" Norrman ‒ Guitars
Alexander Högbom ‒ Vocals
Mattias "Kryptan" Norrman ‒ Bass
Emil Alstermark ‒ Guitars
Robin Bergh ‒ Drums

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