Summoned By Night (demo)

1. Silver Sea (Intro)

2. Upon The Broken Wing

The chains embraced the cold blade
On a saddle far from this fake world
Never seen in the light as a gloomy cloud
Decorated with hidden gray birds of hatred
Through the eyes of time we traveled high
To the endless shadow to the mourning cry
The stars seem like touching the lake
But sink underwater and start to fade
Crystals with splendid flare warm eclipse
Eradicate the odious edge of my dim fate
The astral call was the missing link to unite my soul
The drop of pure rain was falling down to end it all
Upon the broken wing the recall of dead wind

3. Collected Echoes

A spark of light in a strange
Shape like the waves that surround the sight range
A wounded collected echoes
Among the Sharp mountains
The wild star is the face
That reveals the mask buried in the chosen place
Weeping over our failure
With deep silent scream
A passage to the woods
Through the freezing night
Is waiting for you
To come and bring the light
Your mirror of the future
Will reflect the past behind
And the caves of both of them
Will devote the secret demise
My extreme restlessness
Will suffocate my innocent mind

4. Lost In Dark Times

Lost in dark far beyond the night
Lost in path hardly we can find the light
Obedient to our lies
Deceiving with fidelity falter on our stones
Crawling scarcely to pave the mystic floor
And finding the way to pass
Look to the dark and embrace your soul
Steps of fear will always be here
Cause your passion will never be near
From this world that will disappear
Your hot blood will paint my pictures
Hunting a dream of blowing flesh
Separation of mind to a big tragic end
Bleeding humans for unknown sin
In a circle of burning fire
Frost wick on this cold convex
The white flame aspiring high
To dusk mysterious shadows of my dreams
Lost in dark times suffering in every night
The gates are open but no one is there
My heart is beating to break my fear

5. The Deepest Part Of Whatever

Like illusions or prophecies
Snatch a part of my mind
Gathered till eternity
For a moment or centuries
shimmering motions on the being
Said to be the slavery sea

Is it a pleasure to foresee?
Or the poison of ecstasy?
In essential harmony should it be
To gain the treasure of entity

Once again unfading dream
Creation of the good and bad
Crawling through a deep abyss
Mask of lies or babies cries
Carve confusion in the soul
Captured right before my eyes

The blackest moment of ancient era
Vanishing through sand of time
Adventure ends to a mystic path
Seems to be the touched prophecy

6. Dilemma (Outro)

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