Omnium Gatherum
Grey Heavens

1. The Pit

Makes one believe
There is something or nothing
Worth holding on
Keep on going
Mistakes are like illusions
Masters and pawns

Seeing leaving aching
Torn, a-part

How long has it been
Bleeding heart
Torn apart

Ivory tower
Mile up high
The halls are empty
No wind anywhere
No way to reach grey heavens
When drowning and burning
Lost in heaven

Every thing leaving
Every one seeing

2. Skyline

Flare around the head
Or a part of the dead
A living seeing being
Full of variety
Heard the news to day
No more excuses
No path or a way
No futile words to say

Like a vision
Burns the skyline
No smoke no flames
In the skyline

Part of the shadow
Love is with dear light
Then they cease to be
And one is free

3. Frontiers

Ticking with the time
A greater of realities
Of equality
Better to be
A way better to be
No constant state of crisis
True chaos is a belief
Of true order

For once no frontiers
For some just frontiers

To choose is to see
Set the darkness on fire
The greates of realities
Is here!
Better to feel
A way better feeling
In a midst of crisis
True order lives with chaos

4. Majesty And Silence

Guidance of the light
The paths dark enough to make the skin crawl
Parched into eternity
In this moment
Promises to the last you know
For ever never forever
Inclined to be

Kindred spirit
Like a holiest of ghosts
Not of the past
Nor the forthcoming
Here it be hear it be
Siren and the warrior
Both are after the one
So be the… known one

Seems like
Thousands a sun
Not last
Or the first one

See you out there

Speeding inside of a disaster
Where truth holds a place
For a chosen like
Maze as a circle
As a point
As of here
There is no return
There is thick diamondy solitude
A testimony to a time well spent
Out into night
Bright as dayight
Order loves chaos
Laws to be ordered

5. Rejuvenate!

Flames three a flame
"Games" all sinners say
The freedom of choice
Is a freedom of noise
Choosing ain't the issue
And playing the game's not there to be won
Am I the one
Or for the one

No god in sight
Says a man who looks for one
Are we alive or not
A-live or what

Would one believe
The beauty as obscene
How does it feel
How do you feel to-day
How do you feel the way
We are alike
Are we alive

Expressed feelings
To save the day
Reasonably still
Knowing in-side-out

For it matters not
Who is sait to be to known
Or how one is now
For it matters not
Why things are shown

6. Foundation

Where is the freedom
Solemnly fought for
Throughout the vast it will last
It doesn't depend on any thing
It surrounds every thing
Every one
A foundation of none

Some day
Like to day
No more searching

See (the thing is) it is bound
For the time it is a round
The lessons the swing
Forth and back
The responsibility is there
And here
Not a game for the weak
A sanity to seek

7. The Great Liberation

None to one
Two to be come
Its never ending
Is within forever AND NEVER
Bits of us are falling like fecies
Can one be ever with forever

So believe in darkness
The one embrace of the night
Believe in darkness
Like you believe in light

As for the witness being there
All are accounted for
Never needed to be there
In truth
In beauty and understanding
Seeing the reason purest of the heart
Not likely too far

8. Ophidian Sunrise

Like a day newborn
Timeless, still, an echo and a dawn
Our life
Within the yearning skies
It is all worth a being
Saying and believing
It shall never for ever

Dances through grace and wonder
A balance exepted
It is how to love

O it is beautiful tonight
Laughter cradeling falling tears
Though a countless lives away
There is not a day
We did not learn to live

9. These Grey Heavens


10. Storm Front

Silence as an echo
The rhythm of the mist
Laying the seed
Progressed from need like a part from a dream
Deeper into reality higher is the equality

And what is justice?
Nobody knew
Nobody wanted to
And what is love?
They all knew
Some didn’t want to

Reasons to be
Carved into basics
Are we free
Are we in-deed

The eye of the storm
Not even an echo
When buried too deep
It's hard to receive the truly unseed
Silence as far as the eye can see

And what is real?
Nobody knew
Yet some wanted to

11. Son's Thoughts 2015

For the one my window hides in its view...
- to enlighten me if my love's real, or that faith
- what's more bitter than the late spring

I forgot to live, seated in one of their fucking trains
- Yes, I forgot to live seated in one of those

And when the world is left
I don't need an inscription to remind for these things
- if it's washing away, well, you know what
- praying on one's knees
- before - bring salvation for every soul

I forgot to live, seated in one of their fucking trains
Yes, I forgot to live seated in one of those

When in search of clarity, the way is lost in itself
- gone into its own walker
- and every shadow has its bearer of shadow

And the clauses they were they were all without reins
- though didn't want to lose didn't want to lose my heart
- somewhere in the mists of my blurred daily consciousness
- the thought of not standing a disease

Markus Vanhala: Guitars
Jarmo Pikka: Drums
Aapo Koivisto: Keyboards, Growling choir (backing)
Jukka Pelkonen: Vocals (lead)
Joonas Koto: Guitars, Vocals (clean, backing)
Erkki Silvennoinen: Bass, Vocals (backing)

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