On Thorns I Lay

The shadowless street
smelled dry as sand you see the
sunshine behind my life
Let me listen to this do you mind ?
You'll cry again lonely in the dark
And you will rise throught all the sick screams
I thought the last times forgotten in my word
A break of life everytime stay alone
What I see is real ?
I don't really know
A lie so true and fake
A vision is dying today in my brain


How can you forget
your suffering future ?
You'll never forget
what I said to you

Time is the best friend of you
Summer is dawning as always I'll dress
the light in paradise
You'll never dream a better
place what do you see in your
Secret world, your innocence


I'll stay forever with you to the gates of paradise
Never leave me alone
Before the end of years muddy pictures like a light
I cry for you my soul
Forever stay in silence how can I fly with broken wings
I'll never turn to you
Find I new desire hope will never die again
trying to move my thoughts
Black cold nights we heal our sorrows
Insane insensate for everything we see
An inglorious end of sorrow my pride to adversity
and we are crying for inauspicious moments lost in the abyss
of time tonight
I'm sinking into your fears to velvet skies of your eyes

I search falling in dreamlands fragile dreams you'll never see


Why should I suffer for thing that I never saw ? And if you
know which way to follow my soul emotions I'll give you
back indisposed me pale destiny travelers to realities that
sweeten my pain, travelling for new sensation every season we
fight like hell

A touch of sorrow convict my faith to eternal end as I drift
away I find silence, last failure of myself your absence my
hope,the end of the world again forever stay in silence again

Closed in the words of me mind I'm falling in broken visions
and if you thing that everything is lost find a reason to
live, find the treasure of your soul through tragic journeys
My fear salutary lies to your melancholy, lost in silence

Every moment of my life I'll die for you
and everytinhg you say to me is turning to you
I disprove your innocence and to stamp every cloud in your eyes
A lone dies inside you when you are walking in painless ways
Like a message of eclipse, touch me like an angel, like the echo
from east like the beauty of your love


Can you feel my pain ?
I leave me hands to you
I'm coming to an end and
everything will be so real

What you mean to me you see
moments that sign in time again
because everything pains me deep
False hopes pain and death
Never been able to read me
for everything that suffered me
because everything pains me deep
Ashes forever will be


I speak to you like a frieland, a beck fray full of fame
Flames of hesitation today we'll see
Yearning after groans of pain I exult for me win a fad of
sorrow is coming from future to you
Blue horizons touch the limit of beauty like forgotten angels
into a paradise of your oceans
Like I prayer that breaks the time I leave everything back
The key of life I search falling forever
Deep thoughts of limitless dimensions blow my mind
Pride for (centuries)
we meditate our dreams forever
Celestial season
we find our peace to heaven
A touch for miracle like immortal kiss of hope


I don't search for nothing in my life
as I close my soul in cold rain words of fears
Said me that you'll travel away from light
having no desire in this crazy fucking world
Don't betray your fate find your secret self
is coming up to you
It is getting strange every single day
and might be so true
Finally at the end is so hard to feel
my emotions and these screams in me sleep
Hidden secrets send me warning of damnation
No more drugs to find a new way

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