On Thorns I Lay
Eternal Silence

1. Believe


2. Breathing

Two days remained before you fall down
Your sorrow makes you breathing down

Before the darkest day of your soul
An element of soul's deepest (side)
I know the sourchday of our fall
I'm trying...knowing it's coming...

You're crude, you are good times wil show
Your weakness I know yes I know
It's time for your show but the stage feels so cold
Your weakness I know but it's time to go...

Time for your show, time for you to go...

3. Eternal Silence

I guess I didn't want to know, didn't want to face what was happening
Waiting your embrace, longing for your hand
To touch me deep, but the knife was sharp
It tore my heart in two...

I'd never thought I'd fear to give my heart to you
You broke it once and now I have to see the truth
We never change, you'll never change

Makes me wanna rage, love always has to hurt?

4. Cursed


5. Life Without You

Feels like it's broken I know that pain
What truth was spoken, who bares the blame?
Did I fake up stories for you?

Got no change to be there beside you
Talking about life without you, brakes me
We're many miles apart too
Can't reach you, can't find you

Feels like it's over I know that pain
You're trying to forget
Was it all in vein?
Did I fake up stories for you?

6. People We Hurt

Trying to escape in miracles of fantasy that I manage to create in me…
Now I’m falling in deep sleep…
Standing all alone waiting for me to give you the air to breathe
But I just kept it all for me
How cruel I’ve been with you, I just hope one day you’ll forgive me
This can’t be real, wake me up… What are those voices, who are you?
“Don’t be afraid, girl, we are here to help you
Listen to our advice never compromise, we won’t hurt you”
Just face the truth, for your own good
Don’t hurt those who care about you
War of thoughts in my head makes me wish I was dead
You are so pure and kind… Take him away from me
Just face the truth, for your own good
Don’t hurt those who care about you
Don’t care, don’t know, don’t hurt those who care about you…
Falling… Just hope one day you’ll forgive me

7. Escape from Loneliness


8. One Day to Live

Imagine how it would be if we had only one day to live...
Imagine hours passing like years over our skin
The sun comes up and by the night it's our last time on this earth
Would then life be less complicated?
What if we had one day to live?
Humanity would not have any essence of existence
Loving...Hating would be just words unknown for us
The pain would hurt only our flesh for this I would stand for
Panic froze it all my inside only by imagining

9. Touching the Unknown


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