Order Of The Ebon Hand
The Mystic Path to the Netherworld

1. Unbroken Vow

Day breaks out upon the mountain.
I'm alone- the last one left alive.
I know they're getting close.
No turning back, I've sworn my Vow.
Our sacred grove must not be dishonored.
As long as I live, I will defend it!
They're too many, this battle I cannot survive.
Determined I cast my last prayer.
Cross is their sign, but there's hate in their eyes.
Iron and fire for the heathen?
Come and taste my steel.
Swords singing, souls crying,
blood falling in the mud,
sending them to their god.
But pain rips through my flesh.
I fall down, mortally wounded.
Spitting blood, suddenly all go dark,
My life... is fading.
Oh Ancient Gods,
I've sworn my Vow I kept my Vow. Take me.

2. Under a Pale Moonlight

Wide open eyes staring through the
Black abyss of the dismal sky
Mesmerized by her call - Eternal Orb of Night
The moon above is laughing or crying
No one could ever tell. Freezing cold I don't feel
- Obsessed by the ritual
Released free as the wind,
strong as a storm
breaking the chains of baptism
The night shall sign
Shine down to us all. Blessing her children
I see the night brighter than day
the shine of moon shall never fade
I see darkness clearer than light
Beautiful, hypnotic, in all its might
She appears in the mist
Ebony beauty with a ghastly gaze
I'm embraced (by) nocturnal wings
Sanctified in Unholy Desire
And the breeze whispered:
"Glory to Lilith, daughter of the Moon"

3. While the Gods Laugh

While the Gods laugh,
I am the eye of the Cyclone within the world
Whirlwinds of emotions sunk in the sea
bound by laws that they define
The deep black waters uproar and froth
and the fierce waves lick
the shores of our existence.
The curse... is cast
Shapes and sounds from distant voids
In the warp of chaos the serpent smiles
Once a nameless God blazing
now a cripple near his astral cave
While the Gods laugh

4. Fallen Hierarchy

Orias! Barons of the broken oath
I call upon thee now
Ancient wisdom has revealed
before my mortal eyes
Fallen Hierarchy
Conjuring what is beyond
The dark domain of hell
Glasya / Labolas
Oh, spreader of death
Visions, knowledge,
secrets of the past
Forgotten, Forbidden, Forever I am marked
Fallen Hierarchy. Fallen.
Bael, Amon, spirits in my dreams
Shabnock, grant me the never-healing wound
I am yours! Burning in a bright flame
the contract for my soul
Gremory shall guide me
The path where I belong

5. Tears in Red

Before the far southern seas
lies the islands of the mists
that swirl throughout all time
since ancient aeons of the past
There the dragon spoke to me
its ruby eyes gazing my soul
it was still dreamily in silver,
shiny scales but stood silent, sad.
Its sadness identical to mine
had lost its fury as time passed by
Its life and glory
was the magic fading from this world
And all nature stood still
as the monster of myth
wept before me in red tears,
tears of blood. Divine Blood...
like shed before. I shared its pain.
Oh pain... My own strayed race
destroyed everything worth
So be it!
Drink my flames and swallow their smoke
All is left behind, no need for this world
Then silence - no more
Tears in Red
Summoning the powers
magic runs through my veins once again
But it won't last, I can tell,
together we make the final spell
...and reverse this worthless creation.

6. Orions Astron

7. Behold the Sign of a New Era

A bolt that cracks the sky
awakens the sun for last time
A rain of flowers bathes our eyes in purple
Of Ebon and fire We are born
Axes raised high
reaching forth the horizon's eye
On seashores of flames we ride
A last plea for absolution denied
Crimson landscapes drawn in blood-think mists
Crystal mountains in their shining grace
Cities beneath the seas of everlasting rain
Everlasting our sorrow to be
A bolt that cracks the sky
awakens the sun for the very last time
a rain of flowers. Behold the sign of a new era.
Sign of a new era. Welcome...

8. Awakening

Cloud the eager flame of love
and fog the shining gate
This so-called god that dreads above
will never guide our fate
Nightingales above our heads
with haunting chants reply
and so we kill with blood-soaked hands
as they fly by our side
As the sun went down the earth grew cold
the valley echoed with a shivering sound
of Deathlike Silence
"Death has reared himself a throne"
all coward souls are ours
the moon is gleaming bright as sun
deep red paints the flowers
The ceiling of this frosty night
is casting astral spells
as warriors of the unlight
rose in the sounds of Luciferian Bells
Glorious thy night, father of all Evil.

9. The Skull (The Mystic Path to the Netherworld)

The astral dome I shall crack with an emblazoned fist
I gather the stars in my hands, now a handfull of dreams
Stare at the eerie landscapes of the outer world
As I ascend to where no one's gone before
Hades lies beneath me
The lans opens wide its gaping jaws
Through the abyss and raging Acheron
I'll find the way marked in my soul
There it is- the symbol of Death!
The place where all dead meet.
Now I feel the negative existence
it is the castle of bones.
To the castle of Bones!
Where the elder God of death
lies slain like a lamb, upon his own altar
I summon the strength within
and climb all the way to the Throne of Saturn
Now I am the one,
the guardian and the keeper and my laughter is Eternal
Not a smile, it's the laughter of a Skull
as it rests on the battlefield forever, staring the clouded sky.

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