Order Of The Ebon Hand
Two Years Standing Proud in Valhalla (ep)

1. Through Blood by Thunder (Bathory cover)

For as long as the grass grows
For as long as the stream flows
And the sun shines down unto those
For how long the wind blows
And the sky is blue above us

O, I am a man and I hold in my hand my fate
Free as the wind as if even
I had wings that carried me
Still in the middle of the night
Even I will need light to guide me
So I turn my face to the sky from
Where he with one eye is watching over me

My fathers' gods - I ride for you
My fathers' gods - I fight for you
My fathers' gods - I die for you
My fathers' gods - I am coming through to you
My fathers' gods - I am yours

Through blood by thunder
Sound of wings in the air and
his ravens fly near to lead me
So I will not fail to ride down the trail
long time destined for me
long before I was born

O, can you not see it is all
carved in the tree of fate
That a son of the north must fulfill
his destined course to
follow the bond of blood

Bond of blood Bond of blood

2. A Fine Day to Die (Bathory cover)

Orgy of silence
Conspiracy of peace
Only the sound
Of the cold northern breeze

Twinsun sink fading
Behind the black lake
Asleep is the mountains
Yet the night is awake

Strange is the night
Now black stars rise
And many moons circle
Through silent the night

Along the black mountainside scattered
By the campfires awaiting the dawn
Two times a hundred men in battles
Tried by the steel in the arrow axe and the sword

By battle worn hunger torn awaiting
For the sun to break through the cold haze
And for the banners of Ebal to appear
On the hill in the suns first warm rays

The elder among the men looked deep into
The fire and spoke loud with pride
Tomorrow is a fine day to die

Now the morning advance from far east
Now the sun breaks through dustclouds and haze
Now a forest of spears appears on the hill
And steel shines bright in the suns first rays


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