Order Of The Ebon Hand
XV: The Devil

1. For Marchosias

Shall you Return?
to the 7th Throne of the Kings
after twelve hundreds long
Fiery tormented years

The fall
So long
Way down

To the Archetype order
of Unoriginal Sins
Their blissful Pride never bows
But is deceiving therein

Blood and semen

For Marchosias [x3]

Angry Spirit Cursed in the Chains
Hear my words as I wish for Woe
Grant me the will of the arrogant
Bound to Thee, to an earned fall


For Marchosias [x3]

(Invocation of Inferior Spirits)

Ever - flowing stream
Red, no longer clean
Now account to me
Breedless misery
Song of Everlast
Slip, and drowning fast
The Throne Returns to Me
A debt that Time has Seed

The prideful feel no Pain!

2. To Allores

By the grim gray
The steel of Astron silver
The blissful mask
The untimely Entropy (of All)

The fall of contradiction
Under the striding Hooves
Scars of the Unexpected
Beauty of ultimate Absolutism

The restrain that ceases
The bounds that now expire
Minimizing non - existence
Expansion of the infinite

A Gift of Grandeur
Relic of the Blade
Vanishing Monumentum,
the Hastened light

A shower of Scorn
The Wind of Aeternity
By the Smokes of Flegethon
We swear to the Waters of Styx

A violent staggering
Splashes true in the Veins
Visage of a grin
The Fortresses built for the Hearts

Still and pure, a one way call
Magnetic whirl that draws
An edge in firm rotation
The purpose that bound
of ecstatic outbreak
The chords of the soul
Shake and echoe
To the worlds beyond

Frenzy - Self reason
Destruction - a reward
Vanishment - the cause

Mono ena aionio telos
dichos arhi
Kai akarpi,
aspondi sigi...

For the Faceless Warrior
The Wings and the Broadsword
The silver flashing end
The coldening to purify

A Blade of Crystal
To Tear Down the Heavens
The Glorious Day
This Clash will Resolve!


3. Gateway to Silence

I can see now
Clearly the end
I know
Which card will be drawn next

[Repeat last verse]

I know my time has come
To take my place
Among the circle of shadows
...of shadows!

The memories of pain
You caused with malice
Are but faint echoes
Now growing distant

Your pins and your flames
Cannot hold me any longer

[Repeat last verse]


My revenge is certain
The cauldron awaits,
for you - as well

My spirit will endure the end
My hate will be the guide
Endlessly roaming the blind Abyss

So, you now see
My friend
Even Hell has its martyrs

"Spirit will endure the end
Hate will be my only guide
Spirit will endure the end
My hate will be the guide"

4. The Visitors

Staring from the blue cold stiffness
The visitors are here
They draw near like the flashing
Of a pallid memory
That cannot be disposed of
The blood that has painted your hands

Guilt, the Erynies
They move closer
And surround
Where are They now?
Where are the visitors now?

The blue and white of death
The blood, now black
Ever - flowing from slit throats
The never - blinking
Frozen eyes

They appear
circle's closing in
to remind,
force the nature
of the Ugly
to float again in the surface

The Essence of Guilt
Comes to life
My victims are aware
I cannot hide

Did you see Them?
What have you seen?

Please understand this,
There is no true option
As I draw the razor
The Visitors are here!

5. Eibon

6. To Gremory

Enter Princess of Lust
The Lady Dressed in Red
A mantle in desire
Of carnal subconsciousness

These arrows
Are merciless
For pleasure and pain
Stunned by Your charms
Men abandon their efforts
Cast off their armor
Lower their weapons
And ready
their chests to take the blows

One Glance, to conceptualize
The Evil Inside...

Captured!(by a)look so strict
Feel my muscles stiff
A naked child before Thee
Sister, Daughter
Lover, Mother
Wife, of all to be
Of all the females
I will only Love Thee

To Gremory

We are dragged by Your Net
Reach out for Your touch
Grasping from Your cloak
And Spin at Your Whim

Countless forms for Countless Names
Each one for, each of our minds
Your gifts are longed, Queen of the Succubi
Trembling Ecstasy, I' m begging on my knees
For one last caress, only one more
To satisfy, my burning blood

Glorious Vanity!
To wed the mirror image
of the opposite sex
You found within me
Wife, of all to be
Of all the females
I will only Love Thee

To Gremory

Wife, of all to be
Of all the females
I will only Love Thee

To Gremory

7. Spellbound

[originally written by Siouxsie & The Banshees]

8. The Swordwraith (Unbroken Vow II)

[Unbroken Vow II]

This is the Black Maze I have Entered
Where the numbness of Souls
Exists in Eternal Dark

Here I lay floating
Blind and Powerless in the Night
Truly, I' m Slain
And Dreaming of Life

My Spiritual Existence caught in a Web
-I lie waiting
but the Flame of my Soul
hasn't faded Yet

Then a Voice summons
The Ship of Time is here
I'm drawn back to the plane of material

Then again I rise, Regenerated
Under the sign of the Baphomet
The darkest hour of Walpurgis Night

My spiritual body,
Stronger than could be
Pure lightning flashing
through my empty sockets
I am the Swordwraith
Oh, thee of the White Christ
Beware for I seek Revenge

Your champions are no match for me
Your priests now tell you lies
Your weak faith makes me laugh,
And smile as you realize
The fate your god arranged for you...

Your hope abandons you,
your courage drifts away
your weapons cannot Harm me anymore
your eyes in Fear
cannot challenge my Gaze

Now, I Kill and destroy
The sword's Howling in Madness
Ripping Flesh,
and Souls Apart

Blood is everywhere
As I devour your Essence
And become Immortal
A true dark Angel ,
by Draining you to the Abyss

I Am the Swordwraith
Mortal worms,
And watch me Burn the cross
Before your dying eyes

9. (You Are) The Gleaming King

You are the Gleaming King
In the starry plains
Of the Twilight Sky

Who stands Among
Spirits of Darkness
Your Throne made of Stone
Your Scepter made of Gold

Take us to Your World Horned One
Take us to a World
That'll Never reach an End


Satan you defeated Jahova the priest
In a world that stands amazed
Before the Miracles of Nature

Satana - Exegersi
Eosfore - Empnefsi

I'll drink to the great day
That we will watch
The eternal church of Jesus Crumbling, Oh!

Take us to Your World Crowned One
A world, that'll Never reach an End

To the Ethereal with You,
You our Lord...

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