Devilri (demo)

1. Dark Winds

2. Hagia Sophia

3. Sunless Domain

I'm the son of hanbu
King of evil demons lilu
I'm climbing the powerful tops
They're trembling
I met the winds half-way
They're going westbound

Kingdom hidden before sun
Dreaming about awakening
Kingdom hiddne before reality
Gods awaiting for their time to come

Damned truth is sunless domain
Fallen truth is fallen land
Generation of inhuman race
Fighting for the throne
Blasphemous raised from ...
Waiting for their time to come

Defunct kingdom
Reborn in dreams
Reborn in beliefs
Reborn in minds

Lords of night
Lords of blackness
Reveal the calling
Of sunless domain

4. Unholy Existence

Resurrection from Evil Flames
Born from Damnation Souls
Darkness Him Kingdom
Mistical World

Him Scarlet Inside
Born from Blasphemy
Him Unholy Soul
Never Die

Unholy Existence
Unholy Light
Mistery this Existence
The Suffer in Life

5. Devilri

Gathered at unholy knight
Offering sacrifices
Pay of darkness
In the witchcraft hour
Through spilt blood on the altars
Through sacred rituals
Through blasphemous cry
Through desire and hate

In the name of supreme
In the name of secretive truth
In the name of ancients
In the name of goat god

Dying sun rebirth of night
Dying love rebirth of satan

6. Might of the Godz

Old evil is forgotten time
Dreaming serpent on the fallen sky
Cause of madness and cry
Infernal suffer like disire is great
Breath from south side like wishpering wind
Burning fools
Angel of four wings is a memory of pain
Four spirits of four spaces are the things
Of the winds and fire
Lay of sickness and misery
Flow from mouth of queen

7. Memories

I am lord of my acts
I am lord of my flash
I am slave of my memories
I am slave of my dreams
Primeval laws
Hidden in my mind
Hidden in river sleeping memories
Hidden in the windless twilight
Hidden in the northern lands
Hear my cry
Look into my holy memories

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