1. The Death Of Baldr And The Coming Of War

in the darkest cracks of our psyche
lies a place where nothing grows.
descendent of the intrinsic fires
who's embers cease to glow
enveloped in despair
of political disrepair
while we feast on the scraps from the table of the haves and have mores
(there's nothing there!)
they dine in celebration, raising their glasses to the coming war

the iron fist of the sentinel
smashing our hopes as it comes down
we abandon lofty hopes
with our feet planted further in the ground.

who will muster the strength to rise?
who will muster the strength to rise?

as the infantry line the streets
scattered with the malnourished bodies of our young
the weeping word: revolution: aching on our tongues

take up arms brothers and sisters.
now is the time to make the streets ours
as we've tried for years to find freedom
we call it the struggle, they call it crime:

our time to die for freedom.
to be inspired by the ghosts of our past
the pounding drums of the bombs blast!

we will gnash our teeth
and bathe in our own blood
we will die laughing
while we swim in the flood

victory may only exist in our minds
and in nature's oaken pantheon
when the lights finally go out,
the songs of our revolution will play on

the song of our revolution will play on.

2. Aptrgangr

the subtle voice whispering
the satin temptation of the wind
while our civilization lies in ruin
we answer the call of the wilderness

the ominous skies resembling
blood soaked battle fields
in the shelter of the forest
a reprieve from our ordeal

the laughter of the wind
the weeping of the rain
as we return to the wild again

...the interegnum has ended...

where will we go in this strange land we should have called home?
the elusive ghosts of the native ancestral spirit no longer vacant from its
we must learn to live with out comfort, to be fed we must learn to grow.

3. Merkstave

its cold on the outskirts of the fire
and we shiver in confusion
greedilly huddling for warmth,next to the dancing flames back to back,
wallowing in shame.

isa......whose been cast and carved into the oak,our fear causes stillness
we are like the glass waters of an undisturbed pond.
petrified in our selfishness,only moving to satiate our own desires
and quench our own thirsts

into the void we all fall.
abandon humanity as we abandon law

away from bullets and fire
and bombs over head.
its easy to escape state oppression, but not to escape ourselves

to learn to live as one body, away from this capitalist hell

poison runes.....merkstave
the ink that smears your flesh
branded with this human curse
to only care for ones self
it takes more than one tree to create the forests canopy...

how do we learn to live as one body and yet mantain our individual autonomy?
this war has just begun and the most deadly weapon is our own hands

when one of us falls in the field
(i will become your shield)
when one of us harvests the grain
(all of us will eat again)
when ever a child is born
(a warrior she will become)
when one of us ever is slain
(all of us will feel his pain)

4. Idavoll

after the blood has dried on vigrid
and the hordes are laid to rest
sertr has flung the fire of muspel
but its embers no longer glow

arise! earth again.fair and green, modi and magni, take up your fathers hammer.
meet me in idavollr where its always warm

come baldr and hodr, drink together, as lif and lifthrasir have emerged from
the great ash tree. odin live on in his wisdom and thor in his strength,we
raise our horns to the slain and remember the (old) gods again

arise! gods again! fair and true,turn your backs to the door that faces north.
meet me in okolnir where its always warm.

men will quarel, rivers will run, flowers will bloom and nidhogg will feed on
the blood of the dead........

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