Ragnarok (NO)

1. Blood Of Saints

Poison in your mind
To preach
Your sermon for the weak
Your lungs
Are crawling ‘round your spine
When you are running past your peak

Clutching tightly ‘round their throats
You better heed the call
The contents of your scrolls
Still strong within us all

Red sky
An omen to respect
To day
A monastery ablaze
Of death
A mission to protect
The heathen Gods
Our pagan heritage

BLOOD OF SAINTS – Crushing Christianity
Dragonships, the scourge of the seven seas
BLOOD OF SAINTS – Crushing Christianity
Norsemen, the scourge of your belief

[Spoken words of the middle part:]
When the pagans desecrated the sanctuaries of God, and poured out the blood of saints around the altar, laid waste the house of our hope, trampled on the bodies of saints in the temple of God, like dung in the street. What can we say except lament in our soul with you before Christ's altar, and say: “Spare, O Lord, spare thy people, and give not thine inheritance to the Gentiles, lest the pagan say, ‘Where is the God of the Christians?”
(Alcuin, the deacon of Lindisfarne Monastery in a letter to Higbald, bishop of Lindisfarne Monastery 793)

['These words are about the Viking attack on Lindisfarne Monastery 793. This marked the start of the Viking age and was a great opportunity to lay Christianity to rest as well as killing and plundering in the name of the heathen gods.']

2. Demon In My View

There’s a demon in my view
For those who are not of the worthy few
There’s demon in my view
Your blood would freeze if you only knew

My demon, my friend, my lair
My demon, no burden, to bear

I will stay inside
I cannot be exorcised
You need me
As much as I need you

I’m the one who whispers
Wisdom in your ear
I’m the one who keeps your back
Straight and erect

I am your only friend
No one else will take the blame
When you show your face
And stand up for yourself

This is the ugly truth
The ego, your own pursuit
A man is a man
Is a man’s best friend

There’s a demon in my view
If you’re the kind who won’t follow through
There’s a demon in my view
He’ll slaughter those who are crossing me

My demon, my ally, my peer
My demon, my keeper, from fear

I will stay inside
I cannot be exorcised
You need me
As much as I need you

I’m the one who whispers
Wisdom in your ear
I’m the one who keeps your back
Straight and erect

I am your only friend
No one else will take the blame
When you show your face
And stand up for yourself

This is the ugly truth
The ego, your own pursuit
A man is a man
Is a man’s best friend

[“A Demon in My View” is about our inner demons. We all have an inner demon who chooses to show himself when we need him the most. He can show his face when we’re not up to being enough honest, mean, strong or tough. He comes to us when we are in need of survival or keeping up appearances. We need him and he needs us.]

3. Necromantic Summoning Ritual

Nocturnal hour
Around the pit of fire
Magic circle
Surrounds the demon’s pyre
Occult symbols
Traced in the barren soil
Arterial drainage
Flesh for the sacrifice

Manipulate your will
Show you the illusion
Knowledge from the kill
Demon of solution

Chalice of blood
Held high towards the sky
Consumption of the corpse
Words are spoken
For me to summon thee
Core of the ceremony

Manipulate your will
Show you the illusion
Knowledge from the kill
Demon of solution

Necromantic Summoning Ritual

['Necromancy is the art of summoning a spirit or a demon. Medieval practitioners believed they could accomplish three things with necromancy; will manipulation, illusions and knowledge. This could be pretty useful as demons were summoned to cause various afflictions on others. It could be to drive them mad, to inflame them to love or hatred, to gain their favor or to constrain them to do or not do some deed. This could be very useful, indeed.']

4. Divide Et Impera

My words will pierce through you.
My plotting will demolished you.
Control is an illusion.

All order will fall.
You will beckon my call.
It’s I who stand tall.

Divide et impera.

The world will be taken in.
You’ll kneel for the king.
You can never win.

My omniscient rule.
Divine intervention?
I laugh in your face.

['This lyric is about talking shit behind people’s backs, making them insecure and creating conflicts. If you manage to tear the feeling of unity apart, it’s easier for you to take control and reign. It’s better to rule in hell than to serve in heaven.']

5. (Dolce Et Decorum Est) Pro Patria Mori

How can it be?
That I am sacrificed for you
The irony
I’ve no use for the greater good

Mind, body, soul
Your will remains your own

Nowhere to be found
You better start thinking for yourself
Be a leader instead
Don’t let anyone administrate your life

Dolce et decorum est pro patria mori

But only for you
I’m the one who’s fighting for your rights
Larger than life
While I’m the sacrificial lamb

Mind, body, soul
Your will remains your own

By the heads of state
The warmonger is never in the fight
Your own delight
It’s high time you fight your own fight

Dolce et decorum est pro patria mori

['Why is always individuals sacrificed for the greater good? Why is it that great men are sacrificed so that lazy fat bastards can survive and live a life in luxury? Wouldn’t the other way around make more sense?']

6. Dystocratic

Let madness hunt my mind
Let violence guide my hand
Embrace this insanity of mine
Release the demons trapped inside
Arson, murder, suffering
Raping, pillaging, butchering
Cravings are haunting me
My soul will feast on your despair

A vengeful state of mind
Evil incarnate in the flesh
Infested mindset plagued with scorn
Will make sure you are laid to rest
Oppressing, usurping, torturing
Extorting, infesting, pestering
Never turn the other cheek
Retaliate with tenfold strength


['A democratic society can never be a Satanic society. A dystocratic society is a Satanic society.']

7. Iron Cross – Posthumous

Infernal machinegun fire
Nocturnal winter dire
The Stalinorgan plays
A hellish serenade
Human remains lie scattered
All that’s left of my brothers
A darkened sky decends
The hail of steel prevails

Iron Cross – Posthumous

Hear the sound
Incoming shell
Feel the steel
My fate is sealed

My blood is shed
Christ has fled
Feel the pain
See the stain

God is dead
For whom I bled
Satan’s real
He’ll cut me a deal

I grind my teeth
Get on my feet

A clenched fist of putrid stench
The corpses have ripened nicely
The eerie sound of tanks
Drawing nearer on my flank
Your God isn’t here today
Satan has come to stay
Pick carefully the side
Of which you choose to fight

Iron Cross – Posthumous

I slip and slide
No way to hide
I run towards
The awaiting hordes

My path is stained
With human remains
Path of entrails
I’m already dead

The honour’s mine
I stood my ground
I didn’t give in
To anything

Valhalla is my destiny
I found my soul
In Odin’s hall.

[“Iron Cross – Posthumous” is about the Norwegians who fought on the German side in World War 2. This was mostly young boys who had no idea of what they were getting themselves into. Most of them had no political conviction, but were adventurous or on the run from home. The remains of most of them are still lying in forest beds in the Baltics. Only some of their bodies were recovered and sent home. Their families got their iron crosses posthumous.]

8. The Elevenfold Seal

9. Fade Into Obscurity

Can you hear me I am calling you
I’ll make you my sword of destiny
Sweat, lust, fear erecting you
Prove your veins go straight through me

A faithful soldier under my command
Ask no questions yield no ground
Your order is to do or die
It’s not an option to fall behind

Out from the black – Possess me!

Fade into obscurity
Go beyond the black
Dive into your dark desires

I am the one who has come for you innocence
I am the one who has come for you mortal soul

Fade into obscurity
Succumb to my command
Surrender your will to my beck and call

You are my recruitment tool
To populate hell with fresh souls
Your reward’s to serve me loyally
You’ll never bow down to poverty

[“Fade into Obscurity” is about succumbing to Satan’s will, and liking it.]

10. Sword Of Damocles

As smooth as the gums of a toothless nun
My blade will slide between your ribs

As swift as the thoughts of a headless priest
My guillotine will sever your head

Unstable sexuality of a monk
My crossbow will split your skull
False promises of Christianity
My gun will separate your spine

Pride goes before a fall
The sword of Damocles
Uneasy lies that wears a crown
The sword of Damocles
Above impious hangs a drawn sword
The sword of Damocles
Impending doom is growing strong
The sword of Damocles

As easy as nailing a carpenter to a cross
My nails will pierce you palms

Treacherous sermon for the weak
My words will seal your fate
Lucrative promiscuity of a whore
My greed will be your ruin

As fierce as the anger of a wolverine
My razor rearranges your face

[The legend of the “Sword of Damocles” is that a sword can cut both ways. It’s good to have, enjoy and exercise power, but at some point you may find yourself in a position where the sword swings back at you. Pride goes before a fall.]

11. Retribution

[Vinyl Bonus Track]

Jontho ‒ Drums, Vocals (backing)
DezeptiCunt ‒ Bass, Vocals (backing)
HansFyrste ‒ Vocals
Bolverk ‒ Guitars

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