Raven Woods
...And Emotions are Spilled

1. Inward Massacre

Collected to burn
Souls will be purified
This heaven is for hypocrites
Torture eternal
Till they are purified
Screams will feed this holy fire
No mercy for nothing will be shown
This heaven is for hypocrites
Lock them to their own Screams are internal
Sin is infernal
Feed the fire
Suffer eternal - Inward massacre
In minds (it) breeds not fades
Dominate instincts unveiled
The grown hate suffocates
Inward massacre flows in veins
No exit from this hell
Even selves they sell
They will be forever there
I swallow the pain behind their life insane
Never walk through the way of wince and disgrace
I am the one, I am alone
To punish them all
For the life they live
Leave them all in prison of wrath and fear
Leave them all in heaven where pain is rapture
In penta corners are sharper
Let sufferings be eternal.

2. Bone House Corporation

Hide your words in you, masks are lost
Unshaped thoughts, secrets and hopes
Always bleeding, the endless lie
Gentle words of cliche, so easy to trust
An abandoned face severed with lies
Patched with masks, truths denied
Strikes of pluck are fakes of an illusive heart
Sham visions, delude to deify

Strained morality convincing,souls of purity has torned
Is deceit the only way of seducing
Not to crawl all alone?
Owing what you've gained to a swarm of lies
Unfaithful respect, a darkened price

Rise up, never stop
It's just a drama on the shores of crest
Embrace the truths trauma
Strikes of thoughts are fakes of an illusive mind
Bone house corporation, temple of lies

Just push the door and come inside
Let yourself for a crime, be inspired
Bone house corporation
Industry of suicide

3. Ravenwoods

In silence with fear
They hear the whispers
Calling through deepness
With regret they walk
On way of witness forgotten beneath
Leaves embraced by ancient screams
No shadows would follow
If they step inside the horror
On this spiritual way
We seek the innocence
With our shadows in darkness
We bleed and die
Gathered to be one
United for the undone
We are rising
Black hearts welcome
And souls awake
The crow shows the way
With hatred in roots
The darkest will rise from ravenwoods
Souls of ancients here they are
With no mercy hunger to flesh and blood
In darkness they show the presence of
Black hearts

Embrace regret with time
Don't try to hide
When they're behind
Whispers of woods become thundering growls
This is horror assembled in roots
No way to escape your soul will fade
This is the constant fate
The final step is taken
Pain will be faced
On dimensions arrival
They could see the crest

To the grace
Of dread
Forbidden to

4. Soulside Execution

On sale the soul of man
To kill the one who can't
Erasers will be sent
Now run away if you can
Taken by master's hands
All virtue of men
The name of revolution is
Soulside execution
Don't be lost, these times will be gone
Just stand on your knees
Time for revenge will come
They built this selfish course
To show no one remorse
Constructing a new forge
To make them work till disgorge

Figured by destruction
A new mankind construction
The name of revolution is
Soulside execution

Forced to be the one who you are not
A disease of self disgust
What you have is stolen
Forced and beaten, a generation of abortion
Stand still on their corruption

5. Betray

How those seconds fall
And the stigma of past has erased
An undying feeling of love and trust
Buried under the ashes of lust
Now I realize how permanent it is
The bitter shade of your mask
You've left all expected words behind
Have you ever drowned
In these restless moments
And tasted the bitterness of time
I know you had never...

6. Collapse

A dead-end existence for mankind
For brains of all living, a new build-up
A gentle elusive truth
An elegant genocide
A system just to breathe
No question appear in minds
Injected into the veins
Infection in disguise

Get rid of all embody me in emptiness
Make me discovered so I can stand to stillness
For shelters of non-sense
Bounds broken with crimes
Left after the disease is
Only flesh and blood
No salvation of thoughts existence
Brains darkened by conquerors
Impaled with words
Conscious incitement
Starvation to chaos
A massive statement

Feelings divide
Empirical violence
A lethal divine
Impending silence
Weakening implementation to existence
Lies descend

Collapse of thoughts
In a second's clash
Grief remains

Times of bliss have passed away
A brief memory is all that fades...

7. ...And Emotions Are Spilled

A morning epilogue with all colors grey
Lapses on the street with discouraged pray
A never ending grief ever dishazed
Laughters forgotten inside the past
How fast they have drowned
Years from this empty way
That when the wind blows
Whispers your name
The autumn prologue
With all it's grievance
Dishaze the memories of crestfallens
Every day, every second
Behind other's way of lives
Bleach the hopes, wash them from greed
Take time to clear your mind
Figure your thoughts under the sun
Concealed in black and white
Never get old
Never get young
Lives are kept in the street behind the time
There are times emotions are spilled
From bottles of defeat
To the scars of past
There are times that I walk alone
After traces I will never find...

8. Stolen & Erased

Lost in seconds and never turns back
Easy to be told as hard to be stabbed

Disturbing brightness, a needless face
Step forward to
Empty crowd, just move to brace
They don't care
Voices floating in a broken tune
Pieces of lives seem impure

Where did I fail to escape, to find a way
What is that sound always at back
Once I had a friend, something to say
Visions are stolen, smiles erased
I just stand to be inside of them
But lost in crowd when I find am
Nothing is permanent to believe with faith
With fear I embrace the faint

Where did I chase a glimpse of fate
In this confusing day
From voices flying away
Once I had a plan, something to change
Visions are stolen, smiles erased
Imaginations that sneak into the mind
Causing need to penance, must be stopped
Losing a precious time once felt, a fright
Running out, feel again, stand to fight!

Matter of conceiving life...

Disturbing brightness, a needless face
Step forward to
Empty crowd, just move to brace
Life won't care...

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