The River
Different Ways to be Haunted (demo)

1. A Close Study

The mourners bow their heads
But I am not a part
Of their flow in the evening rain
Despite how hard I try
I'm left just to be
Lonely and afraid

My sober thoughts are there
I have kept them away,
A silence through the glass
It's colder when you're here
Your vanity makes me bleed
Delusions never pass

Your silence helps me pull away
I push you further from my thoughts
You may be pleased with how I feel
But a friend is all I sought
The days just blend into a whole,
The pale skies just seem to grow
I have so much to give,
More than you'll ever know

My useless pulse is through
My hope is given away,
My trust has been misplaced
I struggle through the haze
If you simply saw my face
I'd find a way to stay

We didn't speak at all
Of how we felt,
It doesn't matter now
And so you're gone
No one seems to want
Me to be around

Losing myself
In nowhere,
Away from your eyes
But what do you care
If I'm not here
Just tell me why

2. White Library

With you, with me, it's hard to see
I'll try anyway
I claw the sky, I wonder why
Why me, today?

Your affinity fooled me twice
I'm flattered you feel me
But my knowledge as absence fell
My importance just can't be

You re-open my angry wounds
Stolen to my haven,
This rush of blood was far too soon
You said you were mistaken

And it'll be long, so early too
Broke the aura we share
My gilded face won't look at you
But for once, I cared

In your eyes, in your arms
I'll drown, but be safe from harm
I used to love, I used to care
But now, I'm drifting nowhere

It's been so clear, it feels a while
Reflected in your smile,
So come with me and help me write
The pages of my white library

Not felt this way before
You said, but I'm not sure
If you even felt at all
I found you so divine,
You said that you were mine
But then you let me fall

I'm wrong this time...

3. Broken Window

Alone I awoke to the sound of the rain
Can't you leave me?
The constant tapping at my window pane
So eager to see
I watch the sky behind broken glass
The colours so rusted and hued
Am I transparent, alone in my haze?
My thoughts are of you

I turned away from your gaze
And disappeared in the crowd,
Your eyes sought, but couldn't find
I don't want to be found

Is it so hard to believe in myself?
I'm just a blur,
My face is blank to the outside world
To avoid being hurt
I only speak when I'm spoken about
So empty I feel,
If I'm to drown I will drown all alone
It's not a big deal

I turned away from your gaze
And disappeared in the crowd,
Your eyes sought, but couldn't find
I don't want to be found

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