The River
In Situ

1. To Bring Closure

Don't wanna hear about your day
I'm sure I've had one just the same
Do you really think that you're alone
I don't know quite what you achieve
You're not so young, but still naive
These are things that I just can't condone

Avaricious voice of you,
Self oblivious, just not true
No one will feel it in your eyes
Do you know what you'll become?
Give your sorry world a hope
Left alone you just might realize

Down is darker than it should be
All the lights are dim so low
And the traffic that's in sight
No one stops to speak to you
Cause you have no time for others
They just keep themselves inside

Don't wanna hear about your day
Sure it really hasn't changed
Would you listen if I told you?
When there's nothing I could say
To help you try to change your ways
Is your isolation coming through?

I don't want to be a friend
That's not the way to bring closure
I try, but I can't pretend
That I ever felt anything for you

Rumours flow and people whisper
But they don't know much at all
I don't want to be a friend
That's not the way to bring closure

2. Broken Spirit Theory

I see the light coming in,
I feel your fingers on my skin
I don't want this feeling to end
I feel your darkness pull me down
So deep that I might drown,
I don't want this feeling to end

There's something here that's just not right
Grips my chest, so hold on tight
Never thought that this would end
I walked away, no reasons why,
No chance to talk or say goodbye
Never thought that this could end

You didn't notice that I turned and walked away some time ago,
You're more obsessed of how I look with you than how we really feel
I'm not so weak that I can't leave this fight, but others may have said
You didn't notice that I turned and walked away

It makes no sense to you when you see me smile now that I'm alone
I made my decision and I'm glad my emptiness confuses you
I'm happy, so content I have the time to be myself again
You finally noticed that I turned and walked away

And so I'm back again inside my empty, hollow, squalid place
Though this means the end is so close when it tingles with deceit
Surrounded by things still, that I have the time to try and feel awake
Although it's worthless, I can take some pride in knowing that it's right

I gaze through the window's pane and the hazy sun is here after the rain
It seems so fresh outside, I feel my mood lift as I realize
I may have nothing, but I'm in a better place than where I left you
I won't reciprocate, my spirit is not broken!

3. In Situ

4. Like Clockwork, Little Happiness

Like clockwork, little happiness,
Like clockwork, little happiness

You'll have to excuse me if I'm quiet today
Made something out of nothing but I don't want to say
You smiled when you saw me, stood aside and let me in
So much to talk over, but where to begin?

I don't want to tell you if you don't know what's wrong
Your heart's not been in this, I've known all along
For the sake of our friendship, I hope it will last,
We need to see this through

I doubt that you'll listen when I tell you the truth
You're too self-possessed, but that's up to you
I tried to accept this, allow you the space,
You're too quiet to notice to allow me such grace

I put in all the effort just to keep you appeased
We need to start over, to spread and release
Realizing ambition on our own separate paths
I think we've seen this through

5. Opaque

Today it rained again,
A scent lay heavy in the air
A punctured sky let in the half-light

The bruised horizon fell away
Beyond the broken window pane,
An empty bottle fills my numb sight

The smell of razors with the rain
Break the skin to find the vein
A blooded stream of broken lives

I sing with deathless sense
Open me and all shall end
It's all too easy watching you cry

I watch a bloodlit sky
I feel opaque, but why?
Smear me with your blood,
Sing your grave songs from below
Teach me how it feels to be alive

6. Lifer

Don't know quite what you mean to me
I try to voice my concerns
I carried you so many times
One day I hope you'll learn

Accept this is not who you are
You need to try and provide
Your arrogance stops you hearing me
How was I to keep this in?

So go back to your funerals
The pleasures have no meaning
You have your pride to feel at all
So crawl away the ambiance
Of something that needs soothing
Such courtesies will still befall

The dungeons that we're into
I follow with ambition
At no expense of who I am
It's colder where you're seated
A God just stands holed up with you
And you admit it if it helped

I try to make you see reason
I try to make you see sense
My world turns, for around you
Your vanity is too immense

You like getting attention
No ideal, nothing's good
Yet you'll come to me to protect you
I don't want to anymore

I can't deny it's getting to me
I can't deny I doubt you'll change
At least my values are strong enough
I'll be here when you're gone, I'm a lifer

7. Interlude

8. Frailties

It seems so strange, I've known you so long
But I've never found the strength to say
Just how I feel when you are near me
But I've never even spoken to you
I've seen you smile, I've seen you frown
And I'd like to get to know you
Fear of rejection keeps holding me down
And I doubt that I will overcome

It's funny how I keep this inside
When I have nothing to lose by speaking out
I won't get hurt by keeping my silence
Even though I owe it to myself
I believe there could be something between us
If only I'd explain my thoughts
How I can be, sometimes it's not me,
But it's better if I just hide away

Sometimes I feel okay,
And sometimes I'm just not me
And sometimes when I'm around you
I simply don't know how to be
Sometimes I'm scared, I'm scared
And sometimes I think you know
I couldn't ever tell you my secrets
Just my frailties, it's just my frailties

Life, it seems, never ready
Lost in my own Paradise
The innocent purity
Every time is forever
My past behind me,
The uncertain future stands before me
Striving for peace and harmony
And feelings lost are forgotten
Now I see the light,
This restful gaze brings us down from the skies
Any night it praised,
Like a spirit finally returned
Corridor thoughts,
This reflected romance redefines my mind
Feel safe to come out of the shadow
Bring my frailties to an end

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