The Ruins of Beverast / Urfaust

1. Urfaust - Vom Geist der Schwere

Original (Dutch) lyrics by Gwydion Sagelinge

The Thorn of Abundance drowns me in the nectar of the ultimate evil,
In which the human dies and the demon awakens.
Between demolished graves and burned crosses at gods field,
As of where the Evil Eye tells the future.
No salvation visible,
The holy water undrinkable to those with a soul,
That has not been woven in a web of hell.
The Dark One approaches me with the Chalice of Oblivion,
Of which I drink and makes me invincible.
If I leave the mercy of mankind to the Devilish Word,
Lee will die at the end of the rainbow.
No treasure for you as promised,
Just a deep wound in the cosmos.
When the magic dies with you,
And those that lick the ass of god,
Hope their enemy does not inherit this power.

2. The Ruins of Beverast - The Moselle Enigma... Is a Tale About All That Frightens Man

When descending to the medieval vilage
He was like the moon
That casts on the alleys a sinister gloom
A floating appearance - the redeemer is limping
Through magnificent aura bad faith is sinking

So' let the fane be raised within one Saturnine night!

The blessed cremation of the heading believer
Lets reek ascend above moonlit roofs and alleys
And so benumbing is the stroke of the village knell
Call forth his wrath!

Perpetual fear
Of the ruined arches
Of the giant knell
Of Him.

Ite, missa, est.

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