1. The Thorn And The Relief

2. 08 (On The Horizon Of My Dreams)

3. Soul

4. Fragile

Just like the breeze
That's lurking through the trees
Just like the shining
That's still a step aside

Just like the song that I can't forget
Just like the song that's still in my head

And when I'm here alone
I try to break these walls
Just to be the same
Just once again

5. I Have Been Asleep

I stood up in front of the mirror
For a while I stared at it
It was me, but there was something different
If yet it was still me
Now I can't feel anything, anymore

6. Wishes

And when the sun shines again
It will be without me
I would live, so far away
Waiting for you, only you

7. The Rain Never Comes

I want to run, so far away
I really want to drown
The rain never comes

I fantasise about being a leaf
A leaf upon the ground

8. Just Like Drops In The Sea

All the promises that we make
All the hope that we share
All we know and all we feel
Are like drops in the sea

All the faces that I forgot
All the fear that we left
All the fortune that we lost
All the answers that we don't know

All the places from where I escape
All the sadness that we waste
All we know and all we feel
Are like drops in the sea

9. Blue Seasons

How can I find the way to show you what I feel ?
How can I find the way to stay in this dream ?

10. The Windjourney

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