1. Blood Libel

“He entered one of their houses
And hasn’t been seen since!
We must not rest until we know
what happened to young William!
Grab your torches
and follow me!”

“We’ve found him sir” (in a nameless grave)
“He has been slaughtered”

A martyr by force
Victim of a violent death
A sacrifice
To Adonai

Who killed my son ?
Another God sir
Where has he gone ?
Must be to heaven
Then his followers shall bleed

If the place which the LORD thy
GOD hath chosen to take a life
once every lifetime is near thee
then thou shalt kill those who
worship false gods which the LORD
hath given thee as I have commanded thee
and thou shalt take in thy Gates
whatsoever thy soul lusteth after

I despise their kin
‘t was so throughout history
Can we make their blood flow?
We have our ways
The Norwich blood libel

Blood Libel

An eye for an eye
as written in their scriptures
My wounds won’t heal
but neither will theirs


Blood Libel

2. Subcutaneous Terror

I cannot sleep, I cannot rest … my mind withers
Horrible faces, they haunt me, they won’t let me be…
With knowing eyes … Eyes, that bore witness
to horrible vistas … of brimstone …
… and fire

Die Rotznase ist besessen; das ist unser Werk
Sie ist seit Anfang an verflucht worden
Die Rotznase gehört uns
Wir sind ja noch mehr in ihr drinnen
Wir sind fünf: Luzifer, Judas, Nero, Kain, und …

I have become
the slave to an infernal force
Unable to control my actions
Only one last hope
Father, help me save my soul

Depart, then, impious one, depart, accursed one
depart with all your deceits
… for God has willed
… that man should be His temple

Ich war im Himmel, und zwar über dem Rang dessen
der auf dem Tische steht. Ich bin der Oberste von da
unten; der Michael hat mich gestürzt
Jetzt kann ich ihm nichts mehr anhaben
Mir gehört die ganze Hölle
Ich will mir die Erde erobern
Zuerst mache ich noch reiche Beute
Ich fülle mein Reich. Ich hole, wen ich holen
kann, da dürft ihr euch darauf verlassen

I cast thee Lucifer
You will not reclaim this child of eve
I revoke thee Satan
You cannot stop us
We are forever
We are legion
For we are many
We do not forgive
We do not forget

Depart, then, impious one
You cannot stop us
depart, accursed one
We are forever
depart with all your deceits
We are legion
For we are many
We are many
We do not forgive
We do not forget
We do not forgive
We do not forget

3. Fhtagn

Ph’nglui mglw’nafh
Cthulhu R’lyeh


Night as black as shoggoth-mass
The stars are right, we realize
The stars are right for hellish mass
Cthulhu from your sleep arise
Lord of depths and maddening fright
We worship thee, we worship thee
R’lyeh, rise back to the light
Escape thy slumber from the sea

Hail Hastur, hail Azathoth
Shub-Niggurath and Yog Sothoth
Hail Great Old Ones that stand for nought
But chaos that their presence brought
For now we summon on this night
For mankind’s fall, for once and all
The lord of depths and maddening fright
For we have heard Cthulhu’s call

Ia! Ia!
Cthulhu fhtagn
Ia! Ia!
Death and despair awaits mankind
Ia! Ia!
Cthulhu fhtagn
Ia! Ia!
When at last the stars are aligned

Ia sakkath
Iak sakkakh
Ia sha xul
Ia sha xul

And we scream blasphemous chants
From cold planes to seas of sand
For thy coming is now at hand
And we scream blasphemous chants

4. Upon The Idol Of Crona

Ride on backs of goats
lured by glory
towards the home of Nol
to pledge our allegiance

We are nighthaunts, they say
for we thieve at night
we murder and pillage
and we conspire
against the state and clergy

I abjure god
and the holy mother
And I make vow
an unbreakable oath
to Satan


a strange old brew
a method for bonding
that makes us so
that makes of us

In blackest of nights
we flock together
in houses and caves
that spawn fear in the bravest
Our rites are unholy
our future looks poorly
but our loyalty has rarely been seen

Christum Jesum ich Absage
und dem teufel falle zu
Christi mutter von mir jage
jetz frey morden stehen thu

I abjure christbastard
and the holy whore
and I pledge
to Satan

Over huis, over tuin, over staak…
En dat tot Keulen in de wijnkelder…


An oath is sworn
upon the idol
of Crona
and of saint-michael
the trampler

5. Sati

I have lost
what’s closest
to my heart

In this woeful hour
I’ve chosen
to lay myself upon her pyre
For nothing
but sadness remains
not unlike Dakshayani’s act
for brighter future
and reunification


I wish to be consumed
by these merciless flames
With you
For all is meaningless without

Creeping on your burial pyre
Sleeping beside what will again be mine
My love

6. A Titan's Sacrifice


7. Haunter Of The Dark



In shadows I once dwelled
driven wild by curiosity
It was then that I uncovered
the Shining Trapezohedron

I summoned the Haunter of the Dark
from across the black gulfs of chaos
Haunter of the dark

“I have seen the dark universe yawning
Where the black planets roll without aim
Where they roll in their horror unheeded
Without knowledge or lustre or name”



Only light keeps it at bay
so I fear the dark of night
for it knows where I reside
and it will consume me

I see it – coming here
hell-wind – titan blue – black wing
Yog Sothoth save me
the three-lobed burning eye…

8. Runaljod

Brethren, lend thy ear
listen to my tale
How I discovered
the secrets of runes
I hung for nine full nights
on the windswept tree
Sacrificed to Odin
Myself to myself

Depraved of water
and bread for strength
Pierced by a spear
hangs the one-eyed

This son of Bestla and Borr
threefold the highest is he
Tyr of the hanged man
Ruler of Asgard

Father to the slayer of giants
Once gave his eye, a sacrifice
so he might drink from Mimir’s well
to master poetry and wisdom

There I hung from Yggdrasil’s branch
Reached for the runes and screamed with all my might
Suffered for wisdom, fell from the tree
Magic of runes, strong and stout staves
Fell from the tree
Fell from the tree
The highest of Aegir
that in Asgard dwell

But with this wisdom
come frightful visions
of the sailing of Naglfar
And Loki’s son
unchained at last
marching in Surtr’s wake

For the gods are doomed
once the branches burn

9. Ritual Descent


Ages of drought
call forth a necessity
of death by water
Sacrifice to pleasure the raingod


For thee, Cha-Chaac
I pledge my life

I accept my path
that runs down these slopes
down the Holy Snake
to the sacrificial pit

Bolon Dzacab
As Hunac Ceel will jump from this spot one day
so will I
in attempt to please the gods

But unlike him
my life is forfeit
and for my people
my flame too will fade

Where others have fallen before their time
this cenote
my resting place

Bolon Dzacab

As I watch the water come closer
a smile on my face begins to form

And should I return
from woeful pond
I have received
blessings scarcely given

For thee
I pledge my life

Didier Vancampo — Bass
Dennie Grondelaers — Vocals
Jonathan Vanderwal — Guitars
Dries Gaerdelen — Keyboards
Reinier Schenk — Guitars
Gert Monden — Drums

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