Shallow Rivers
Nihil Euphoria

1. Nihil Euphoria

Not questioning
“What is the meaning of my life?”
It’s nothing at all.

To disguise the boredom
Or be swallowed in a swamp of lies.
Let my fury rise
In passion flowers.

Their bitter seeds are of the same cold soil,
And stones lamented.

Hollow dismal joy.
A sullen light.
A kind of ecstasy.

We are all dead now.
Do we fail to feel?
We are all dead now.
Or don’t you see it?
Or don’t you dare

To stop poisoning our souls with foul breath,
Licking its wounds with a tongue of thorns?
Are we brave enough to take the goddamned fate,
And make a first step towards death?

We dream of a new day to come.
In a fit of remorse regret it at night.
Wallow in prayers to ease stubborn pain.

Clouding of consciousness.
Indifferent mind obscured by relief.
In deadened serenity.

Importunate psychotic lust
For parody of life.

2. Echoes of the Fall

These days
Drowse in silence.
But when wind grows,
Strong rains will drop.

‘’Sometimes I hear what can’t be heard in a summer evening threshold when fresh air luring with its crispness makes you stay outdoors for a while. For those who retain their sanity even when asleep and fear never waking up again the sounds are hidden. Thus the chain of events is foreseen and night replaces fading day. But the insane whose minds are possessed by enigmatic nymphs look through the silent evening regardless the clock tower dial and shiver and smell the scent of autumn soil moisture”

What has been seen
Cannot be forgotten.
Even in a dream,
At the edge of the morning dawn.

I dive in echoes of the fall.
Drift through freezing storms
To the gates of winter.

Morning brainstorm melts in vanity
Of another day to dwell.
As the slumber overtakes me
All those visions rise.

Haunting memories enforce my agony.
Entail spiritual decay.
Colors blinding, sounds deafening.
No return to life.

Nymphs of wailing wind.
Here I fall asleep.
And all I have is yours,
Just sing to me.
Sing to me.
Never fade away.

3. Leda and the Swan

So fragile and naive is her purity.
When a night is too serene and still,
Maturity opens the gates
To the garden of carnal desires,
İn substantial divine of flesh and blood.

Odourous smell of pleasure.
Bleeding wounds of hunger and lust.

A sudden blow of malicious wind.
İ rush on her with my beating wings.
Her thighs caressed and tightened.
She’s staggering.
She can not resist.
Her nape caught in my bill.
I hold her helpless breast upon my breast.
I lust for you.

Shuddering body.
My feathers slicing your skin.
Enourmous pleasure orgasmic throws
İn my furious terror and poer.

All your lust is my fire.
Mortal flower.
You are so marvelous.

Lay its heat upon your skin.
Burning divine. It’s Godlike.
With your arms torturing and tearing my love.

Leda, watch the feverish birth.
As the seed is getting colder.
An ugly creature of disgraced will never born again.
Aborted by your pleasure.

4. The Weeping Lotus Dance

Their dead bodies were found
Many miles away.
From the place they fell in love with each other,
And the girl ran away from her mother.
So usual story.
They loved each other to death.

White tiny flowers will keep the secret of the moor.
A place where two lovers used to hide.

Smothered in suffering.
Was it a part of their tragedy
A wild ritual of murdering?

Their skin of purplish color.
Disgusting traces of sin.
Scary eyes full of horror.

He picked up a flower of pure white
And gifted to her.
Would your smell my dear
A weeping lotus?

There are many stories I heard,
But still cannot believe,
These innocent flowers
Could weep.

Lave me with your tears.
Enchanting circles of your weeps.
All your moans are sad and sweet.

Green hooded eyes have stolen my mind.
I’ll never wake untill I die.

Devoured by the black mouth.
Forever buried in mire.

Dance to me.
Give me more of your passion.
Dance to me.
Smother me gently.

5. To the Fairest

Goddess of beauty and love,
Reveal your rival to me.
Loose your greed for blasphemous enviousness.
Dear Lady of Cythera.
Give me the prize that I lust.
The gift that all should me mine.
By your hand guide me
To war.

Did I break your fragile heart?
Did I shade your precious glory with sheer misery?
Are those fiery wicked eyes blinding you,
Your deadened mind stupefying?

A desire for rest.
You’re torn apart from her.
At the wedding feast
İn unbearable sadness.

She’ll dry your tears
With wine lips.
Milk white skin
Will strip your mourning away.

Be mine.

In white capes of snow silk
One by one they entered the palace.
Come to decide upon the apple of strife.
Would you give it to the fairest?

Agony of defeat.
Demоlished lands.
Shattered chaos of the battlefield and your soul.
Vanity ravaged by war.

Helena, I’ll bring all their treasure to your knees.
I murder them all.
I conquer them all.
I slay and make them suffering.
Be mine.

Clouds obscure ethereal victory.
The defeat will be my revenge forever.
Here I die alone with no sympathy.
Still I stand alone for my prize.

6. If Ever I

So deep my heartache.
Lost my mind in falling rain.
Tears and sighs I don’t need.
So goodbye.
Forgive me.
If ever I die.

7. Down the Rivers to Vortex

This story begins where it ended
Would you listen to it?

Unseen, restless wind
Fills the air with grief.
Evoken waves upon the water
Omens the time
When all will be drowned.

All hope will be vanished.

Ripples on the water smooth
Distorted the features of a sinless child.
Through the eyes of an old man,
Shuddered with horror,
The abyss of misery
Revealed itself.

The land lies in ruin.
Mottled with gulfs.
Beats in throes of death

Now listen.

Caught by furious waters.
Lost in the mist.
There was a boatman
Defying his destiny.
By a sudden blast of wind,
Growing anger of storm,
His will was of pure despair,
And his boat was flipped over.

Pulled into the vortex.
Sucked down into depths.
In maelstrom of time and space
All his bones were broken.

When waves of rambling waters are still and quiet,
You’ll see reflections of one’s past life.

Staring eyes of madness.
Cold sores of his pale skin.
What you see is just his body.
Swollen and wicked.

So come on, my child.
Wet you feet in the river.
Come on, get on the boat
Of your father.

Cold sun summons the earth
To awake and reign.
Nature echoed in a child’s cry.
In silence.

8. Before the Light Fades

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