Shallow Rivers
Water Awakes (demo)

1. Water Awakes

Water Awakes

Come closer to my soul
Come whisper a melody
Of silent inner worlds
Till water awakes

Breathless streams are torn from the river
No lullaby to cry… Weeping eyes
Will remember
How she slept

River thaws snow
Breeds a new season
For the starving lands
Silent water awakes

Unseal your shell
Once frozen over
Break the chains of ice
And flood the Earth

2. For My Beloved

For My Beloved

Breathe no more,
Just a sigh of woe.
Confined to misery,
I roam forever

Depressed by the time
Streaming still,
My heart drowned deep
In its sombre waters

Bare gardens
Seem blooming for me,
Grass grows tall
Where she walks, so graceful

Bare gardens
Seemed blooming for me,
Grass grew tall
Where she walked, so graceful

Betrayal is raising
Dark seeds of my hatred,
Sincere emotions depraved

Enchanting temptation
Devoured her, deceived her,
Tormented primordial love

Days of joy and light -
My endless nights.
Warm summer rains -
Cold waters in vain

She left me forsaken,
Abandoned heartbroken,
Bedeviled, compelled me to cry

I curse her, despise her,
I scorn her, condemn her,
Forgive though if ever I

3. Echoes of the Fall

Echoes Of the Fall

These Days
Drowse In Silence
But When Wind Grows
Strong Rains Will Drop

‘’Sometimes I hear what can’t be heard in a summer evening threshold when fresh air luring with its crispness makes you stay outdoors for a while. For those who retain their sanity even when asleep and fear never waking up again the sounds are hidden. Thus the chain of events is foreseen and night replaces fading day. But the insane whose minds are possessed by enigmatic nymphs look through the silent evening regardless the clock tower dial and shiver and smell the scent of autumn soil moisture”

What Has Been Seen
Cannot Be Forgotten
Even In a Dream
At the edge Of Morning Dawn

I Dive In Echoes of the Fall
Facing Freezing Storms
At the Gates of Winter

Morning Brainstorm
Melts in Vanity
Of Another Day
To Dwell

As the Slumber
Overtakes Me
All Those Visions

Haunting Memories
Enforce My Agony
Entail Spiritual

Colors Blinding
Sounds Deafening
No Return
To Life

Can’t ease my pain
Seek for relief
My dying hope
Begs from the Nymphs

Nymphs of Wailing Wind
Here I Fall Asleep
All I Have Is Yours
Just Sing To Me
Sing To Me
Never Fade Away

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