Hail Horror Hail (1997)

1. Hail Horror Hail
2. 42 49
3. 12 Souls
4. Burial
5. The Dead Sing
6. Invitation To Die
7. Pathetic
8. Curse Of Izanagi
9. Seed Of Eternity

1. Hail Horror Hail

in my head... the laughter comes again
and the voices that compel me to hunt think the unthinkable...
...commit the unspeakable...

I wait for the dark, weapons at my side
talons of demons from which you can't hide
I look for prey as the night is falling
I smell their scent, their blood is calling

beyond all morality into insanity
I plunge my knife in you again and again
torture your corpse before it's cold
I seek to devour your life and soul

scream if you want no-one will hear you
all your tears will not save your life
your dying body will be mine to use
I cut out your weakness with my knife

through my blood shifts a hate I can't resist
take my vengeance on your naked corpse
I celebrate your death, (your) life extinguished
hail horror hail!

'kill for me, just kill for me'
every dark corner seems to know my name
the voices grow louder in their infamy
your fear is my pleasure, death is just a game

beyond all morality...

shall I hold your funeral?
cast petals upon your soft white breasts?
to settle amongst the dying blood
like all the rest, like all the rest...

the silence of the night shall be your requiem
there'll be only one mourner at your funeral
...I celebrate your death... I lay you to rest...

the blood on my hands is a sign of divinity
I am not a beast, I am a god!
I'll rape your soul like your virginity
judgement will be done...

death is what I give, I need to live
to laugh at despair, to smile at grief
rejoice, I leave you no other choice
I have death's face, the devils voice

2. 42 49

I want the sun, I want the moon
I curse the devil, I curse god
I deny hell, I deny heaven
my curse will not be broken, ever!

I will torture god in heaven if he won't bend to his knees
I will slay the devil in hell if he doesn't grant my needs

I'll achieve it all, you're to fall and die this night
this is the seventh night, it may even cost my life
beyond all good, beyond all evil, beyond all love and all the hate
beyond your fate, beyond my hate, your tragic end I now await

god in your heaven, hear what I say
devil in hell, grant all for which I pray

on the first night: bosatsu towards the south
on the second: kannon towards the west
on the third night: seishi towards the east
on the fourth: amida in the north

on the night of the seventh rite
I want the sun, I want the moon
I want the day turned into night
I spit at heaven and I spit at hell

I stalk the night, 42 49
I stalk the night, fear my hate, fear my bite

icons of the almighty shall be crushed, the nails I thrust, then you bleed
I'll weed out the unfit, I'll curse every follower of that creed
after midnight fall I'll dig their graves, a pit for week and feeble slaves
all the words of power are said, dressed in white my lips are red

god in your heaven...

on the fifth night: gundali gouzanze
on the sixth night: kongoyasha
on the seventh come chuzonfudo
the seventh night completes the rite

on the night of the seventh rite...

I stalk the night...

no time to beg
goko crushes the legs
stab the chest with sanko
smash the head with dokko
blood on the sword of fudo
skinned and bled
your blood will be shed

bleed! caught by slow death
bleed! taught by my infernal spell
bleed! take your last breath

the five evil lords shiver
gouzanze joins with dokko
kongoyasha throws his pike
daiitoku on the bulls howls

may the curse be achieved this night

I will set your soul free from the mundane world your were born into
I will set your soul free from the mundane world through painful death

42 49 violent storm
this is my holy revenge you shall not want
42 49 a now world is born
through the blood that is shed by my hand

3. 12 Souls

bloodstains covered everything in the house
nobody knows what happened here, nobody knows...
the truth may be buried, but cannot be forgotten
for the truth is a curse, to the one who knows it...

only the mirror reflected the very beginning
but it can never show the truth or anything

but the scene it witnessed that windy night
happened in the summer's warm dying light
a cruel blade shone in the red moonlight
nobody heard the grevious cries
nobody did!

the smell of blood is the smell of death

nobody knows what happened here, nobody knows...
for now only the silence remains
after all the terror and pain
even the wind stopped blowing
the scream of 12 souls
I will never forget them
how they crowded before me
I suffer no weakness, I showed them no mercy!

4. Burial

5. The Dead Sing

listen to the song which we sing you mortal fools
it is a song of vengeance filled with hate
for the fury and flame of hell is burning
burning your soul, binding your fate

we will take what we need, there is no egress
we will sate our desires on all that is left
since the dawn of time evil has lived and dwelled
walking the shadows between the worlds

searing the flesh
tearing the spirit
scorched beyond existence
burnt to ashes
the skies turned to fire
all perished in flame
boiling the blood
igniting the soul

as dreams are scattered, who's next for the pyre?
whose essence is condemned to the fire?
we need your soul to set us free
the hundreth soul, corrupt and guilty

poisoned souls trapped in the dark with no hope of salvation
await the eve of destruction, to cross to your dimension
all the denizens of hell will journey from that world
to visit pain and darkness upon every man and child

the sentence is death, and pain you'll not escape
struggle for breath in vain your nemesis is shaped

what a miserable way to die!
skin stripped from flesh
your lifeless body cast
into nothingness
spectres are hunting, for mortal life
all your souls will be devoured!

vengeance is completed by the torments of hell
even the dead shall shred tears of fear
hatred is satiated by the lost souls that fell
even the dead cry for help; cry for help!

6. Invitation To Die

we fear the cold blackness that night represents
and at dawn we watch the shadows flee the night
yet our pleasure is muted before life's final event
for we know that we face the eternal night
our fragile lives are pulled by the strings
of every impulse and desire
the cruel unknown may be the thing
that puts a cold blade to the wire

a crowded street with a thousand faces
may hold one with murder in his eyes
for death can hide in many different places
and shadows conceal the sharpest knives
at each corpse claimed by an act of violence
we think it's always "someone else"
but what if no-one else was sacrificed?
what if the victim was yourself?

contemplate your own morality
the curse that marks all of humanity
you can never know your final moment
but worse, you can never avoid it
we all are born just to perish
to loose all that we truly cherish
a life turned to ashes...
a life turned to ashes...

7. Pathetic

8. Curse Of Izanagi

I refuse to follow the path of the righteous
as I believe in the power of izanagi
forbidden knowledge I will unleash
my curse will last for eternity

the word is death, your own death is stalking you
torment of hell, an infernal spell cast upon you
trapped for eternity, it's your destiny
your fate lies in the cruelty of my eyes

kegare sawari, the symbol of obscenity
in tales untold except in dread whispers
eating your flesh and draining vitality
travelling across the inverted river

seven altars, seven stones
seven hells, seven graves
12 dolls, 73 nails
rokudougohei the inverted blade

now I release all of my spite
which lurks in the very depth of my being
secret rite of izanagi held at midnight
calling forth names with ancient meaning

cursed for eternity, where your soul will languish
before izanagi's power you fools are vanguished
daiitoku rages from the three-sided altar
making a straw doll to bring about your fall


vomiting blood you're condemned to hell,
the stake will seal the curse inside
in shoulders, shins and the heart I impale the doll five times
may you and all your kin be annihilated by my curse
the light of life fades as the midnight rites are versed

let the blood-flowers bloom
burn, wither; your blood is red
let the blood-flowers bloom
torn to pieces; your blood is black
my spell will seal your fate

with all my malice and hate


summoning fudo to appear, shikiouji
21,33,49 izanagi


now the fatal seven keys are locked

reincarnation of the infernal serpent

now I release all of my spite...


9. Seed Of Eternity

my hate, my rage; all the anger, all the blame
all the feelings that I have bred fade as I am dead
my thoughts and my will incinerate in searing flame
all the visions come back to me
no more tears to shed

at the very moment of ecstasy
I feel death so expressly
death stems from life and life from death
it cycles endlessly
it was revealed to me

all will vanish into the void as my coffin starts to burn
I have found out the truth
all will vanish into the void as the fire licks my soul
the broken strings of my life

bless my death please!
I travel to what lies beyond the endless sea
it's not what I crave, but after the grave
must be a meaning to all that is to be
we are all blind!

flowers in bloom that I've never seen
meadows a million hues of green
I hear voices calling my name
but where am I?
songs of beauty the birds sing
in the wind leaves are rustling
through the dark I see the light
where am I?

my desire, my lust
they won't just fade away
everything will perish in an endless burning blaze
my love, my hate; with open arms I'll await the day
the days I remember now seem like dreams
an illusion without light
you should know

no matter how I live or how I die, the result will be the same
no matter how I live of how I die, only the seeds remain
the seeds of hope

the seed of an angel
the seed of a devil or the seed of nothingness it may be
no use denying it, here is the proof
nothing else shall remain, only the truth!

may it be heaven, may it be hell
may it be truth, may it be false
may it be death, may it be life
may it be shadow, may it be light
but the truth should be buried!

new dimension, open it's gate!

your curious eyes, where life and death collide

and for the first time I thought the tears shed were beautiful

there must be a cure but a sad cure indeed
my blood runs through the vessels then I bleed

nothing to fear so I enter the fire
my last vestige of life expires
a last breath, so deep
before endless sleep
before my family weeps
even after my flesh decays, I'll live on inside of you...

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