Silent Cry

1. Forgotten Dreams


2. Tragic Memory

I remember the moon in the sky throwing it's sorceries
I remember sweet kisses taking me in perdition

I remember sad songs heating up my decadent soul.

Distant roadswithout a destinationI wandered
Torments tried to bury
For distant roads relief, sought
Intense pain, I tried to cure.

I remember dead flowers beautiful as
the sun
I remember screams to the infinite beggining for
I remember tears dropping on the face in silence.

Prostrated to the ground of lamentations
I spilled my suffering,
I cultivated my rancor
Prostrated to the ground of the lamentation
to the life I renounce myself to the death
I surrender.

3. Celestial Tears

In your silent fields I feed sad
I see a rose bud
Bloom as your pass by
Within the singing of dew waters.

Your presence rules over me
Oh, sweet sadness
What did you to me?
How sorrow full I feel
As I see you witness.

I see roses dropping on my soul
Perfect paradise where enchants me
Celestial tears
Winds that blow
Celestial tears over my memories.

I sense the sweet scent
Of flowers that live inside of me
Bitter dream
Ofan endless sorrow...I sense the
sweet scent
Of flowers that live inside of me.

4. Ages

Path one crossed of pains and ilusions
Morning of dark
of dark dawn
In the night of tomorrow.

The wind that blows outside
Blous inside me
Clouds are like a veilIn
sublime magic.

With the air that
inspiresIn flight of eagles
A thunder comes
Announcing the arrival
of a new age
Should last until the fall of dawning

Path one crossed of pains and ilusions
Morning of dark
of dark dawn.
In the night of tomorrow.

In the distance of the vastness
I discovered a new being
A being from tomorrow
The being from tomorrow.

5. My Last Pain

I hear playing bells,
bells that anounced
I hear the echo of laughters,
that no longer they exist.

How many moons and suns,
already rested
So much moons and suns,
and I cannot forget.

I want the death now,
to suffer doesn’t support more
I want now,
her that brought me the pain.

A lot of moons and suns
already rested
And now
I surrender due forever.

6. The Devil Invites To Dance

It arrives the night
Deep as desolation abyss
I look for the pale moon,
Eternal slave of lamentation.

Soft breeze whisper
A dismal song
the death appoaches,
It extends the handIt
invites me to dance,

Sweet voice
Promice that everuthing will end
The death invites to dance.

Through the deep night,
Soft breeze drives me
Through the melody
That seduce me.

Until her arms,
Drives me to dance.

7. Innocence

Days and nights,
fleering for distant of himself
Days and nights,
fearing what can find
The future is uncertain,
only a certainty.

She waits you
Then break the currents
The current of the innocence.

Days and nights,
trying to deceive himself
Days and nights,
fearing the death and scaping from the life
The future is uncertain,
only a certainty.

8. Remembrance

Souls that bloom all of my being
and shines as it pours out
my remembrance.

Supreme silence
Listening to the swans
in a deep sleep Into within I long to dream,
every night.

By the moonlight that reflects, deep inside
of me
all of magestic agony, that moves me.

I lose myself inside its eyes
sweet tears
Oh, sadness spread upon

The sprout of poems
that speak of you.

Suelly Ribeiro — Vocals (female)
Bruno Selmer (R.I.P. 2004) — Keyboards
Cássio Brandi — Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Dilpho Castro — Guitars, Vocals
Ricardo Meirelles — Drums
Jaderson Vitorino — Bass

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