Perils of the Deep Blue

1. Ducere Me In Lucem

Ducere me in lucem
Liberare me a tenebris, salva me

2. Seven Widows Weep

Seven sailors from the North
Set their sails for the isle of Rott
Then their heading turns southwest
For adventure and conquest

Seven sailors head southwest as the wind
Fills their sails
On a journey across the North Sea
For adventure and conquest

And the sirens sing from every shear
As the Northern seamen are drawing near
How they sing, how they bring the North men closer in
They approach the ship,
Clinging on its rim

The sirens cling on to their ship
The sailors seem to lose their grip
Enchanted by the sirens' song
Mesmerized they go along

Seven sirens of the North Sea put the
Seamen to their rest
Ended their journey across the North Sea
For adventure and conquest

And the sirens sang from every shear
As the Northern seamen were drawing near
How they sang, how they clang on
To the drowning men
The seven sailors will never return again

Their ship went down
East of the United Kingdom
Now their seven widows weep
The seamen veiled in endless sleep

Come sleep with me,
I'll set you free
Come dream with me
At the bottom of the North Sea

3. My Destiny Coming To Pass

This is my destiny coming to pass
This is my one and only life torn and
Splintered, fallen apart
This is the night that I've been drawn
Towards so many times
This night consumed my light

All I ever wanted was to break free from the night
All I ever wanted was a day of light

This is my legacy, shattered to dust
This was the one and only hope for my
Persistence, wrecked so unjust
This endless strife that I've been broken by
So many times
This strife destroyed my life

The chains are strong
My hands feel weak and numb
Night lingers on
These chains can't be undone
Within these walls of devastation
I'm passing through degeneration
Confined in utter desolation
In vile perpetuation I scream in desperation

4. Ditt Endelikt

Regnet faller ned
Som tårer av et sorgfylt år
Uhelbredelige sår
Som i en tidløs klagesang
Dveler endeløse savn
Og du som drev så langt av sted
I søken etter sjelefred

For kun mørket kan bestå
Hvor alt det vakte må forgå
Du som bærer verdens byrder
På dine sorgtunge skuldrer
På ferden mot ditt endelikt
Har du lidd for mange svik
Og i ditt innelåste sinn
Slipper andre aldri inn

Snøen laver ned
All livets varme dro av sted
Fortapt i evighet
Som i en livløs skygge dans
Har livet tapt sin glans
Og ved tapet av din tro
Så brant din siste bro

Lamentas lo que una vez fue
Ahora que todo las perdido
Arropado por un frío y oscuro abrazo
Alimentado por la soledad, vives lamentando la perdida

Y cuando la oscuridad cubre tus horas
Puedes sentir como se desvanece la última esperanza
En un anhelo por descansar en un lugar diferente
De donde viste el último puente arder

5. Cold Caress

I've been losing all sense of control
Lunacy is on a roll
I've been screaming your name
But I can't find you nowhere
Not here nor there, not anywhere

The books are closed on you and I
That cannot be denied
The memories fade as the years pass by
This is the last goodbye
A cold kiss,
Then we'll fade into the night

I've been dreaming of an open door
A lucid gateway to what was before
My emotions been shattered
I'm better off forsaken
On the distant horizon, a placid shore

I turned my back on thee
You turned your back on me
For the years we shared in life
Are now lost somewhere in time
Fading on inside

Deepening darkness, waning light
Falling into the embrace of the night
Cunning chaos, gathering storms
Here comes devastation in all its forms

Starless night skies, frozen lands
The time has come for the plague to descend
It's all written in tears and blood
Here's the breakdown, impending flood

6. Darkling

This must be the funeral of my soul
I've never before felt so cold
It feels like thorns through my heart
Like claws tearing me apart

You got to chase your demons on the run
Put out their fire, their dark desires
The exorcism has begun
Slaying all, leaving none

This must be the burial of my heart
This must be the day my life falls apart
I've never before felt so distressed
I beg you to put my pain to rest

7. Decadence

In decadence
I'm speaking to myself again
Falter through these ruined years
My windows are red with tears
I'm passing through gaping doors
Through the aeons of my inner wars

This is the silence that never ends
It brought my sanity to decadence
These years of vanity's
Been breaking me down
My hands are shaking, my mind is aching

Lost in a trance
All downfalls they come in advance
Life is a deadly romance
But you might get fooled at first glance
I'm passing through aging halls
While I'm waiting for the curtain call

This vile anxiety
Brought here by you for me
This war, this war
This grave sobriety
Seems like it's killing me
This war, what for?

My world's on fire
State of denial
Sleepwalking souls
Wearing blindfolds

8. Stille Kom Døden

I bunnløs sorg
I smerte og i ve
Der dveler du endeløst
Du finner ei fred

En tåres dyd
Så klar og så ren
Dine dager er svunnet
Ditt navn gravert inn i sten

Stille kom døden
Den kom son en venn
Tok deg ved din tapre hand
Og ledet ged hjem

Alle dine dager er nå svunnet hen
Din sjel har fløyet, for aldri å komme igjen
Stille din smerte, du alene bar
Til din siste time, byrden din alene var

Din sjel har nå vendt hjem
Aldri mer kan livet plage den
Dag led mot kveld, din sol gikk ned
Ditt hjerte stilnet og du fant fred

Stille kom døden
Tok deg i sin favn
Ledet deg over stormfylt hav
Til en stille havn

Borte...for all tid
Omsider...livets vei til ende var
Ingen skatt var mer kostbar

Dette er mitt farvel
Jeg har ei mer og gi
Så tynget av livets last
Til slutt mitt hjerte brast
I sjelekval
I tåkeheim og sørgedal

Jeg lukker deg inn
I mitt hjertes indre
Der skal du dvele
Som et kostelig minne

9. The Funeral March

The embrace of a dying day
Stings my heart like a sharpened blade
What's this life but a serenade
A deceitful kiss from a vile mermaid
All this time we were broken
Words passed by, yet unspoken

Life is a tragic masquerade
A bitter serenade, a feeble parade
Life is the funeral of dreams
There is no way to redeem
All we lost in this scene
Life is just a funeral march
Grievance and despair at large

Falling stars and a rising moon
A scarlet tear and a silver spoon
Fading aeons and a dying love
The darkness beneath and the light above
All this time we were broken
There's no sight, there's no token

Here comes the funeral march
Mourners of this life at large
Downcast souls withdrawn
From the world beyond the dawn
Here comes the funeral parade
Grievers of life's masquerade
Wanderers in the utter dark
And their road goes ever on and on

10. Profound Scars

Another day enshrouded in mist
Profound scars on my wrist
I failed to live, I just exist
Days of grievance still persist
Shining dreams of a life divine
Enshrined by the wheels of time
A growing darkness on my mind
Soon the cathedral bell will chime

Alleviation of my pain be done
I cannot stand who I have become
I see my life flash before my eyes
The cathedral bell chimes for me this time

Another night enshrouded in grief
No ascendance, no relief
All hope turned to disbelief
Wither away like autumn leaves
In the eye of the October storm
Every shred of warmth is torn
My heart feels ill, my soul outworn
I wish that I was never born

There's a beauty in all fading light
A vivid gateway to a night divine
Like a velvet caress, so benign
Like a sacred unopened shrine
Becoming mine
There's a waning garden in my dreams
Over flooded by a thousand streams
Streams of tears that makes me drown
Sinking down, further down

11. A Blizzard Is Storming

I keep wandering through the storm
Burdened by the oaths I've sworn
I assure you it's a tragic life form
I'm a wanderer in the dark
Here's no light, not even a spark
And the darkness got a grip on my heart

This is the call
This is the wall
This is the fall

Deep inside
A blizzard is storming
My heart is in mourning
Feel the night
Darken my feelings
My soul's shattered and bleeding

Onwards and onwards I go
But to where I do not know
I keep on making my way
Through the snow
There's no shelter here to find
No shred of hope left on my mind
And my guardian angel left me behind

Here comes the storm
My heart's outworn
My soul is frozen to the core
A burned our life
All dead inside
An endless night of frost and strife

12. Chains

[Bonus Track]These chains that bridles me
That kept me from being free
These chains held me down
For far too many years
All of this time has been in vain
Now is the time to break these chains

You cannot change me
You cannot break me
'Cause there's strength in me
That's bound to be
You can't control me
You can't exploit me anymore you see
'Cause I broke free

Emotions dividing me
Profound as the deep blue sea
But I won't give in
I'll never let the demons win
Though all my past drives me insane
I will refuse to let my life be all in vain

13. Blue Colleen

[Bonus Track]A lonely girl with a broken heart
Down shut eyes, all torn apart
She offered her heart to you
Though it was pale and frozen through
But you turned it down

She's lost in denial
Her feelings are gone
Her mind's turned numb
Lost in denial
Can't anyone take her back home

A weeping girl with a broken life
Darkened eyes and a faded smile
She offered her life to you
With all its loss and all its doom
But you turned it all down

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