Solitude Aeturnus
In Times of Solitude

1. It Came Upon One Night

It came upon one night
When Nemesis besieged
Lightning streaked across the sky
And thunderclouds did scream

It came upon one night
On land the seas had turned
Typhoons swept with certain death
Air began to burn

Apocalypse is born
Nightmares will begin

It came upon one night so bittersweet the end
The world was cloaked in darkness
And winter brought the rain
A poisoned soul was pondering
This mortal fool's to blame

Defense became the joke of the day
Rivalry the nations now regret
Politicians threw our lives away
The day that dust and ice the Earth beset

Into battle cried the poor
As famine took its toll
The world had turned so desolate
That nothing much would grow

Apocalypse was born
Nightmares had begun
Nature claimed a victory
As neither side had won
The world was all asunder
When sorrow took a leave
Hatred fled when Christ returned to Earth as King...

2. Transcending Sentinels



We've been here through the all the circles
And lived with the godless tyranny
One day all of you shall be perfect
And understand this is to be
He has determined the future
All that was shall come to pass
Revel in the unseen forces
That bring his wisdom to the vast

Listen to the voice of the teacher
The peace and comfort that he brings
Love can save the world from its destruction
Pray that this shall come to be

Days will come of tribulation many men will die
Now that the Lord of Hosts is on the horizon
And with it brings the promises of plight
The Earth will soon be shaken
As the day becomes the night

Foretold we've come together as one
To prepare our children once again
Those who have chosen not to follow
Are damned to live it to the end

3. Into Battle

4. Sojourner

5. Where Angels Dare To Tread

Out of the sun appeared three men
Or so it seemed to be
Abram saw and rushed to greet
These godlike entities
Prepare a feast my chosen wife
That we may honor these
A festive mood soon turned to grief
When told their destiny
The leader spoke of degradation
That was close at hand
Came to verify a grievious outcry from the land
Be the people righteous souls
Then this I want to know
But if the accusation's true
To then my wrath I'll show

Where angels dare to tread
Where angels dare to tread
No one is forgiven unless they know the word
How can you speak what you haven't heard

Up to the gates of Sodom went Emissaries of the Lord
Lot was there and bowed to them
As Abram did before
Leave this city with wife and daughters
Unto the mountains thee
Death will come to sinners glory I tell you flee

Where angels dare to tread
Where angels dare to tread
No one shall be saved unless they see the signs
How can you see when you are blind

A chill is running through me
Remembering that day
Thoughts of pity and sorrow
For those about to die
It would seem as though the world will never change
On again this night
Thread the angels and I...

To be continued...

6. Rememberance Of A Life (Rehearsal Session 1987)

7. And Justice For All (Live At Joes Garage 1988)

8. Sojourner (Rehearsal Session 1988)

9. Mirror Of Sorrow (Demo Tape 1988)

In a blackened blur of crowding clouds
I dropped my sorrow among the leaves
I took my place as wise men do
As the storm prepared its release

Through raging winds and weeping skies
I sat in the loneliness of solitude
I washed my eyes in growing streams
Earth's resistance
True magnitude

As black sky faded to blue
And again the Earth felt the sunrise
A silver mirror stood before me
Bequeath of the silent rainbow
A beautiful mirror of radiant splendor
As ominous as the autumn moon
It brought upon me endless wonder
Yet spoke of some unknown doom

As I reflect back on this day
No words could ever tell...
I saw my world
But could not see myself

In strange visions
And through the windows of dreams
We solemnly gaze beyond
What is revealed to our eyes
Exists already in our minds

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