Stone Wings / Mournful Congregation

1. Mournful Congregation - Descent of the Flames

Written by C. Keller (november 1996)

like the joining of two mighty seas
The star stream of darkness meets
The paleness of dawn
shattering the backbone of night
From the horizon and across the skies.

brilliant Flames first red
climb slowing to white heat
lucent slendor ares westward
The shadow's cast betrays
as if borne by four winds.

Overtaking, overpowering, inexorable

The descent of the flames
The rise of calm twilight
as night now smothers the day...

2. Stone Wings - Ascent of the Flames

Written by C. Keller (january 2004/2005)

Glittering darkling night - waiting for the dawn
black infinite - envision eternity
creatures of this dark vault
beasts in the flowing starstream
heroes, gods and charlatans.
Flee and fade before the gathering night.

The skyline cuts its way across the darkness
dividing heaven and earth, stirring the cauldron of night
soft light surrounds a somber horned moon
luna fades - yet is never conquered.
The glow slowing rises across the vault -
Ever warned and brighter the aether grows

Green flash at the horizon signals the ascent
(a) limb of sol appears as a shining apparition.
The tops of silent trees seem to flash into flame
shadows at first cast long across the earth
begin to shrink as soon as they are born
ascent of the flames commenced again.

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