Sun Of Sadness
A Forest in My Dreams (demo)

1. Oceans Of Emptiness

Filled with human tears
And the essence of human fears
Forever lost

You gaze across the open sea
Ships will come but soon to leave
Like a kind of paradise
The sun will aways arise

In emptiness - this world I leave
In emptiness - I still believe

You die and you see
These oceans are reality
There the human souls are lost
It is the kingdom of eternal frost

2. Land Of The Night

Witherward with these days
Witherward with my tears
I cried for you when you left me
Through the walls of aspiration
Into the land of the night

Was it insanity that beat me
Was it destiny to loose you
I follow you as a star to protect you
But where are you
In the land of the night

Now is the time that I found you
I hold you in my arms
And the sun of sadness shines
Into the land of the night

3. My Dying Bride

A fog on a day without night
A day more like the dawn
Without real darkness without real light

Dead lies a girl more beautiful than a swan
In her casket - her skin so pale
In her heart is a deadly and bloody tear
Her broken eyes tell us a dreadful tale

In my arms lies the prettiest girl of the world
She is my dying bride
Oh lord why, why must she die?

Down my checks running tears full of pain, since my love is dead
Sometimes I remember her dead body on the plane
I am quite and still I am sad
What can I do dreadful life
Tell it to me my friend, I am still loving her, cause she is dead

4. Thanatos

- ich vermute sehr stark, da? dieser Text wohl nicht mehr kommen wird -

5. Dreaming

Within a human mind
Is the chaos of black and white
A labyrinth of pain deep inside
Within a human heart
Feelings a so far one only face
Branded by fire of hate

Crawling words of anger foreign in their fate
And search for the end of this endless tale
To bright to go through
To loud to hear the sound
Of the light of this everlasting peace

Dream oh brother dream my hope is fallen
Dream oh brother dream a new nightmare is born

6. In The Forest

So many times I am alone
In bitterness I try to live
So much time but no time to love

Lost in life failing situation

Shadows of my mind
My demons are made of love
An all consuming fire like a kind
Of a devil's circle

I went forth and my eyes are crying
I went forth and my smile is dying
I went forth but blame it all on you

Hidden by a mask of ice
But I have so much to give
Can you see beyond my eyes
Can you help me to live

I can't see beyond your mask
I can't see what is your mask
I can't see but blame it all on you

Feel the pain which you are bringing
Feel the pain and demons singing

Feel the forest is whispering
Feel the moonlight and the shadows
Only friend but still your enemy
The forest

7. Forever Caught By Feelings

Something is broken
Deep down inside me
It was buried a long time
But now it is set free

It follows my soul
Like the shadow of a plague
History or present
My future is black

Fading to death
I wish you were here
I remember yur face
I'm reminded of my fear

You have destroyed my life
But I can't forget
The good times of love
And the bad times we had

When angels fall down
We will meet again
I love you forever
Am I insane

You're right in my mind
Since we met first
Cause I love you
Until I burst

8. Questions

What if there is noone to love?
What if there is noone to adore?
What can I do if I hate myself?
What if there is nothing to living for?

Can I live in a lie?
Can I do what is done?

Existence hurts

What if there is nothing to living for?
What if there is noone to adore?
What can I do if I hate myself?
What if there is noone to love?

Can I begin at the end?
Can I wake up people who are gone?

Existence hurts

9. Silence


10. Sonne Der Traurigkeit

Eine Brucke durch die Zeit
Das Leid verschwindet langsam
Auf dem Weg in die Vergangenheit
Um sie zu finden...
Die Sonne der Traurigkeit

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