Tenebrae In Perpetuum
Tenebrae In Perpetuum (EP)

1. Condannato Agli Inferi

I've abandoned my mutilated body
Now I'm an entity of light only
But the light is black as death
Without moon and without stars

The horrible truth has been revealed to me
My conviction is to wander into bleakness
Without light and without life
Demons rend my soul witch is fallen into their infamous abyss

Visions of tormented agonies and desperations
Now I can see only seas of tears and blood

2. Tenebrae In Perpetuum

Submit to the strength of evil
Because the future is black as death
Dive and reach the deepest abyss
Give yourself up to the strength of darkness
So you'll have the black soul too
We've already chosen

Tenebrae in Perpetuum
Tenebrae in Perpetuum

We want to reign into blackness
And to erase all the lights
Enlist into the cursed hordes
Tenebrae in Perpetuum

3. La Morte Ha Trionfato Su Piubago

A deadly atmosphere only
Has breathed in this places
Under the thorns and under the stones
Ancient ruins rest

Piubago was punished and exterminated
It shed its blood for its sins
The death wanders still triumphant here
Under the graves and under the sepulchres
Mutilated bodies rest

When it's black and cold, in these places
A spectral fog wraps everything
The stench of death is stronger then ever
Tormented visions of moanful souls
Is only what I can see

Only the cold breath of death
Accompany the litany of the souls of Piubago

4. La Fine Della Vita

I'm breathing my last pain
My eyes sink into the most spectral blackness
My life is sliding away forever
Place my trust in you, my cold, sepulchral darkness

Atratus – Vocals, Drums, Guitars
The Darkest Abyss – Bass

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