Thou Art Lord
Orgia Daemonicum

1. He, The Great Worm

The stars shall mark his coming
The serpent of the outer hells
His minions dwell amongst us
They come in servile stealth

The great darkness will prevail
The night without cease
When the stars have faded
And the moon won't shine again

Skin your souls of kindness
And pave the way for him
The beast shall rise in glory
The enemy from within

The worm shall be transformed
Into a tongue of fire
A drop of poisoned blood
The secret of desire

Lament thy fate o man
For the earth shall be void
For the dark suns will rise
And set the world aflame

2. Orgia Daemonicum

A heathen sexual vibe
Twists and moves inside them
Spawned by demon seed
The smell of angel's cunt

A fornicating madness
A vulgar incantation
Of lust and gods unknown
Primiordial daemonium

Orgia daemonicum
The twisted sexual instict
Orgia daemonicum
Unpure dionysian fire

Bodies swirl and turn
Melting into one
Violent fornications
Of sweat and blood and cum

The kundalini power
Exploding, decompressed
A red and sinful goddess
Of pleasure and dark pain

3. Satanic Aphorisms

Visions of dark red skies
Painted by menstrual blood
Filled with desperation
Of the loneliness of Satan

Pentagrams carved in stone
Inspired in the unsound soul
Of a nameless wizard
Conceived in oblivion

I curse you, I despise you
I hate you, I corrupt you
I hurt and violate you
I spit and I deceive you

Exquisite velvet sins
Draped in deep perversion
No mercy, no forgiveness
The sacres world of magic

Shattered dreams of cruelty
Disappearing into nothingness
Created by the demiurge
Of a dead universe

4. Possesed / The Legion

I can hear him in my head
I can feel him near my bed
I can see his face
In the blood on my hands

He has devoured my soul
He can see through my world
He can speak from my mouth
He can kiss with my tongue

He, who is legion
Has taken over me
He, who is legion
Has sent my soul to sleep

I can see him in my dreams
I can hear the screams
And I can feel their anguish
And the taste of their tears

He is using my body as his
He is mating, he is killing
He is living through me
And I am not here anymore

5. Hecate Unveiled

Come infernal goddess
Black Lady of the broad roadways
And of deserted crossroads
Enemy of the day
Friend and lover of darkness
Thou who dost rejoice
When the bitches are howling
And warm blood is spilled
Thou who art walking amid the Phantoms
And in the place of tombs
Thou whose thirst is blood
And vice is death
Thou who dost strike
Chill fear into mortal hearts
Mistress of a thousand forms
Great mother of the moon
Who brings the storms
Hecate, queen of the night
We salute your light

6. An Appartion Of Vengeance

A spiritform of malevolence
An anime of fury
A vehicle of vengeance
A servant of my magic

The spirit of my rageunleashed
Roaming the freezing nightsky
A pure from of destruction
A mindless slave of darkness

Go forth my hand of vilolence
Avenge and please your master
I bind your will with sorcery
I move your claws with anger

Bring me their heads, bring me their eyes
Bring me their hearts in bloodshed
Impalf them onto wooden spears
Destroy their homes and shelters

Indulge them into suffering
Excruciating torments
And leave my trace on their skin
As mark of my revenge

7. Necromantic

In the forgotten times of old
Beneath the ancient sands of Egypt
The dead ere never meant to find
The peace and calmness of the grave

From corruption they rose
And brought forth a race of ghouls
Between the bridge of life and death
The shadow world of phantasms

No spell can hold their bodies down
No chant can hold them down
For through the necromantic hex
Strange forms come from the earth

An evil necromancer's coprse
Buried with face downwards
Yield not to death, nor grave, nor tomb
And walked among the living

The serpent like lamia
Rise from the grave at nightfall.
To hunt and feed upon mankind
Longing for life and pleasure

8. The Royal Invocation Of Apophis

Great dragon, I call you forth
Downbreaker of thought and form
Come to me in power and clothe me up
With the darkness of eternity lift my up
Let the shroud of tiamat descend upon me
That I shall walk amongst the stars
And men will fear my presence
Cast this mantle of flesh
Into the mould of the serpent race
Trace the angle web and enter the gulf
By the formula of immortality
The Eagle's eye dims! Let yours be opened
Brother and companion of night
Unlock your secrets
I have spoken the mighty words of your lore
The beast of night foretells your coming
I call you forth


9. The Gnostic Code

Carried among the occult sects
Guarded and treasured like the grail
Hidden in books and paintings
The code remained in silence

The templar knights have kept their word
And sealed the secrets of the code
The church tormented them to death
But none of them betrayed it

Hidden in the scrolls
An the forbidden gospels
Encoded into works of art
The invisible empire

The holy blood the holy grail
The essence of the christian god
The sacred marriage of his son
Are well concealed in darkness

But now the time has come for truth
A time of reveleations
The church will crumble ito dust
Their lies will be revealed at last

10. Onslaught (Power From Hell)

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