1. Embers

Come - Fire.Burn my past away.Come - Fire.Burn their breath away.I hide my scars and cigarette burns, the things they did to me.The abuse felt, the ignorance shown, converted to inner strength.Thus ethics fail, regret dies, fury grows inside.From smoke arises the beast in me, shattering the last frontier.Come - Fire.Burn their breath away.My soul is scorched.The torment is done.The flame still burns.Nothing you do can break me anymore.I conjure thee, hailstorm of embers, over charred bodies justice will be done.

2. Lights Of Highways

I drift in the lights of the highways.My journey is speed, speed of light.Red-eyed targets in front of me.Neverending bloodstream of civilisations.No time for memories, no regrets.Blurred faces by the wayside.Were they waving their hands?In motion they disappear without recognition.They mean nothing to me!No recognition, no realization.And you mean nothing to me.No time for memories.They mean nothing for me.In motion they disappear.They mean nothing for me.I drift in the lights of the highways.I won't look back, won't hesitate.This is the rythm of survival, hertbeat of societies.Adrenaline corroding my veins.Nothing but the flow.Boiling blood, finally alive, forever caught in the circuit.No one can stop me now.Until my lungs collapse, until the end of my days.Out of my way!Until the last alveolus, until my lungs collapse, until the end of my days, until my lungs collapse.Don't call my name.The noise of the engine aborbs your voice.So save your breath.I had to leave you behind.I'm miles away.I had to leave you behind.I am miles away, miles away.One small hit an i veer off course.Fever convulsions, my body is shaking.I'm stumbling and fainting, writhing and falling.My eyes are searching again, again for the lights of the highwas.

3. Beyond Silence

All you see is black and all you'll be is sick.And choose to live and all we do is fear.Never came to notice this is life.Still we ever try to define the way and let the others strive for our first, not best solution.Take this life, choose your first breathe wisely.From time to time take a deep breath in...and let your colors burst to lifeFind another way to die.Define the way of ventilation new.In and out to start it all again.In and out to let the reign beginOut of ashes and to the storm, another human poenix born.Out of ashes time takes a turn, first you rise but then you burn.You burn.You choose to live and all we do is fear.

4. Kollision

5. Tiefer Fall

Hello, are you like me?Can you feel what I still fear?I am breathing, yet inhaling, silent screams one cannot hear...Don't look back, you won't see me.I am here and still not there.Look at me, I am fading.Feels much better not to care.Hello, you're not like me.The more you try, the less you care...Breathless in awe we try tofight the life passing by.Hearbet pulse of life.Breathless full of pride.Heartbeat won't you let me go now won't you let me show now lose control and lose your mind and soul still know you're still alive and grow your hate inside will flow now full of pride...Will flow now full of pride...You weep nowloss of pride, you creep to the inner side to hide the scars behind the tears...The scars behind the tears...The scars of all your fears...Grow now your hate will grow now your hate will flow now your hate will flow now...Hello, are you like me?Do fear what I can feel?Hello...

6. Expectations

If I want the birds to drop ead from the sky, the heavens will be void of life.If i want the vermin to rot in the earth, the maggots will be fed on bloos.Feed on blood.I am the power of the soil.In consume the heat of the sun and I'm the deep of the earth.I provide the source of life.If I want your buildings to collapse, the ground will tremble through my voise.If I want your cars to stop, I will ignite your gasoline.I can take your life.I can take your energy.I can take your soul.I can take your breath.I'm the root of all your trees, the very net below your feet.And I'm the deep of the earth.I provide the source of life.

7. Soil

It's just a moment in time passing by.Not worth a notion.Full of life you missed the chance once again.Useless to pretend.This is the end.Your life on display, years pass in seconds.Face it with dismay.Everything is reckoned.When you grow old weary you find the time to rest.But doesn't i seem scary, you didn't pass the test.So hold your breath from time to time and leave this world far behind, to know that life doesn't lack for sense...Everything is measured.Everything is rated.Time the crucial treasure, underestimated.Hold your breath from time to time and leave this world.Hold your breath.This time.Leave this world.

8. Torn

Hush, little one.You have no voice.We have to rest until it all begins.You shall come and take over your empire of the damned.Was it selfish of me to bring you here?Hush, little one.We have to rest.Your name isn't written yet.Still I have known you long.You're the evidence of my existence.You fulfil me since before the beginning and leave nothing, nothing but emptiness when you're gone.Hush, little one.We have to rest.I close my eyes and dream.Soon we'll meet on the other side.On the other side I will take your hand.I wish I was beyond death to stay a little bit longer.What it is all about, is the essence of being, the essence of life.

9. Until It All Begins

Nun hol tief Luft und flieh mit den Gedanken in die See.In Dunkelheit gebärt es oft Idden, Verstand, Genie.Tiefer Fall ins Dunkelblau.Die Seele schweift.Ich atme nicht.Heraus, hinab, ganz ohne Tageslicht.Ich bin allein und doch durchdringt ein Funke mich von allem was um mich herum das Licht durchbricht.Nun hol tief Luft und sieh in der Tiefe deinen Weg.In Dunkelheit verlierst du alles, alles, was dich hielt.Kein Sauerstoff.Kein Ton, kein Laut.Mein Geist verkklärt im Tiefenrausch.Gleich meiner alten Existenz rauscht ihr vorbei, nehmt es nicht wahr.Nur als zuletzt der Schleier fehlt ist es zu spät, geht's nicht zurück.Eine ganze Galaxie zerbirst vor deinen Augen als du stirbst.Und alles, alles, wird dir klar, so klar, was war, was ist und sein wird.

10. Odem

Will you still be there when I fade away?Does it feel that strage when we die?Would I give my last breathe for new life?Is this how it's supposed to be?Sometimes I feel it tearing me apart.Bloodless claws ripping my chest.Sometimes I miss the piano tunes in the dark, dark room.A lifeless mind cannot comprehend, prison following wherever it goes.But every now and then I stop, listening to you from far away.The stars still turn.The air still flows.And I give in , give everything for a new beginning.

Tobias ‒ Vocals
Christoph Wonerow ‒ Bass
Frederic ‒ Guitars, Vocals
Tentakel Parkinson ‒ Drums, Keyboards
Marta ‒ Organ, Vocals
Claudio ‒ Guitars

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