Tomb Mold
Aperture Of Body (demo)

1. Final Assembly of Light

"A purposeless exchange of consciousness for the absence of pain. We will call this life"

2. Aperture of Body

The life one desires but is never given
Your dream dances on my palm
Within the endless cycle I grow close to death
Never again spoken to power
My being has opened, producing a contorted figure in the light
Now a deprived illusion of I

Absorb the warmth of our presence
Mend the tear of your dream
Enthralled by death and its double
We are cured of Hope
Feeble and insufficient
There is none left to disparage

Our skin is an affliction and every scar a wound
Speech now masturbatory tragedy
Which path must we take to reach tomorrow?
What must we give up to get there?

3. Prestige of Rebirth

Our Sun that spills forth
Our iron-clad sense of self sacrifice
Misfortune born to then disappear
The march of time, onward to demise
Toward great entropy
Restructured by translation
Sever ourselves from fate
Bask in the irrevocable warmth of the great light

Our toneless trance
Our selves disembodied by light
Immersed in the indistinguishable

Beneath the tower of rebirthing
Fundamental above our world of filth
Made deranged by biological currencies, satiated by their anomaly

Infinitely strained, to then bask white light
We make dull glory of the space we leave behind
Our gaze goes on feeding, fixed upon a body no longer of God

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