Tomb Mold
Manor Of Infinite Forms

1. Manor of Infinite Forms

The mind and its dreams
Can be dissolved
Can you feel it
The shifting
The swelling
Far beneath something is breathing
Approach the mist
Speak the words of power
Bear witness to your inheritance

Bare witness to the manor of infinite forms:
An existence spanning beyond time
Incomprehensible intersections
Claim your birthright
Navigate the labyrinth
Take part in forgotten forms of worship

2. Blood Mirror

"Transcendence requires a sacrifice"
On your quest for deviant divination
You have found these underground ruins
There lies a series of machines
Connected to a mirror
Shattered and fractured
You gaze and your reflection shows
A distorted foretelling
Your surroundings hold the key
The mirror is a portal
The portal is formed from blood
The machines act as a ministration
"begin transfusion"
The mirror fills and shatters
Before you lies an endless tunnel
Swirling crimson and black

In your dying moments
You reach toward
The carnage
Your body is ravaged
Your skin is dissolved
Complete obliteration of the self
Your consciousness is implanted
What is this specimen that you inhabit?

3. Abysswalker

The real horror is what's between living and dying
Open your eyes
The unlocked memories of past lives
Can now be seen
You flutter
Once outside
Now inside
Traversing the hidden planet
Traversing the abyss
Behold the shambling abominations
The plaintive wailings
The spread of corruption is endless
Look inside them
Observe and absorb their memories
The creation
And the poisoning that follow
Etched into your mind
A guide through the expanse
Devour their remains
Steal their remaining strength
And leave no trace

4. Final Struggle of Selves

Horrors of our predicament
Effluent stench of cerebral decay
Muttering malignant rumors
Cast down
Align your now withered limbs
Dissection imminent
Abominable lore now fulfilled
Begin final struggle of selves
Inner intruder encroaches
Insectoid timeline unearthed
A thousand stories circulate,
Partings now interwoven
Sacrifice your form
To follow the precarious path
Forego your inner guidance
Acknowledge the task at hand
Beneath your peculiar shell
Lies a form made strong through time
Globe of greenfire
Unbeknownst slumber disturbed
Tremendous pain now endured

5. Gored Embrace (Confronting Biodegradation)

Worn and frail appearance
Stimulates yet another convulsion
Ecstasy in exaltation
Light radiating outwards
Mysterious glimpse
Gored embrace
Pallid features
Bodies rendered as tactile landscape
Leave your frame gored
By a hideous inner form
Die and embrace your utility
Dismantled are the remnants of your anatomy
Such weakness
In confronting biodegradation
Mingling beings within the shell of a body
Serve faithfully
Collective biological decimation
Reconquer lucidity through disgust
Pallid faces enclose mine
Slender outline
Visceral elemental conquers
Once illusive, distant
Now uneasiness possesses me
Yield an inhuman beauty
Emblazoned by red
Experience cathartic collective pain
A torso torn apart by autogenous birth
Now a bulging wound of blood and bone

6. Chamber of Sacred Ootheca

Protect that which all dying life springs from
Find the ancient essence
Bathe in it
Be reborn
Cryptic transmissions
Are coming into focus
Harness the cosmos from within
This hidden planet
Reanimate the remaining petrified
Realign the signals
Usher in the age of universal torment
Hear the calls

Crack the sky
Find the surface and devour

7. Two Worlds Become One

The flesh of the surface world is burning
Two worlds become one
Your vision offers a dissection
Of what was
And what is
From above you see the swarming black mass
By your hands
The forgotten and the unknowing are decimated
You are lifted
Your eyes now see time
It moves like infinite sand in an hourglass
See through the darkness
From one form to another
Tear through the endless
Cast away this horrendous form
Claim your birthright
Assume the throne of preeminence
Spanning dimensions
True freedom is only known by those who let go

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