Tomb Mold
Planetary Clairvoyance

1. Beg for Life

Free your mind to die
Or beg for life
Intersection of lights that blind
Cosmic radiance
Unlimited space forever
There’s a drifting chasm in the world of spirits
Fill it with silver
This is the river where all things meet their end
Swim and feel your skin burn
Hear the vibration of your bones as they break
Dig deep and destroy yourself
It’s only physical
Prepare to die
Life begins again
Our existence is endless

2. Planetary Clairvoyance (They Grow Inside Pt 2)

The hands of many manipulate one
The mind, lost
A brain soaked in poison
Buried in layers of rot
Bone and vein
Lay roots
Slowly growing oceans
Of blood and bile
Deformed consciousness rising
Injection of dark energy
Accelerated expansion
Osmium-like density
Slowly folding in on itself
The planet devours their children

3. Phosphorene Ultimate

“Over the earth there fell, once more, the brooding night”

4. Infinite Resurrection

Ancient invasion
Taken prisoner
I have lived countless lifetimes
Reborn amnesiac
Reanimated in a womb of crystal and glass
Of bile and slime
Their sign is imprinted on my soul
Blocking passage to the spirit world
A slave turned mercenary

Constant physical reformation
Alien hybrid
Designed to decimate
Powerful mutation
Muscle replacement
Unspeakable physiology
My terror spans systems and dimensions
Absorbing planets and its inhabitants
A trail of blood and bone
Their remaining essence captured by the masters
Recreated to worship false gods
The universe will burn
Decaying with each regeneration
Infinite resurrection
My human form is long dead

5. Accelerative Phenomenae

Inexhaustible astral blue
Impenetrable ghastly mass
Midnight luminosity stands before you
Await the curtained doom
Imagination wanders backwards
As the fervent globe expands
Perceived innumerable rays cascade
Now conjoin to the impalpable dead mass
Incandescent stars shimmer in furious red
Nebulous murk – flamed-edged mass
Glare so widely – now sightless
Fathoms of calamity – the sorrowful ultimate
Towering doubt presses on my sleepless eyes
The earth humming far below my feet
The elegiac death knell rings clear
Vaporous glow - radiant enduring defeat
Contemplating upon a sphere of white pale light
Ever consuming across the astral plane
Spiraling onwards to the graveyard of stars
With curious inconsequence we are left as scattered matter
Consume the effigy beneath deep azure
Not a sobbing death but a final lament
Crushed under the might of the cosmogenic barrage
Now a phosphorescent speck

6. Cerulean Salvation

"All time is all beginning"
Celestial dust forms my silhouette
Tepid pulse whirs
Strength disintegrates
Abandoned by death
Seizing purgatory illumination
Grotesqueries of self
Disembodied distillation
Cerulean salvation
Drapes over us
Hear the inner panic
Stammer out senseless last words
Bloodletting rapture
Rhythmic convulsion
Durational ecstasy
Ceaseless revulsion

7. Heat Death

Obedient to its attraction
Sink below the looming massing of the dead sun
A timid hand in the fragile orbital glow
Boundless is the procession of shades
Whispers of an unrepeatable empyrean lament (sweet exalt)
Final unruly verse speaks now, and I grieve
Exuberant life now squandered and reviled
Surrender our diminished selves to the all-consuming exuberance

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