Tomb Mold
Primordial Malignity

1. Intro - They Grow Inside

There was a pulsating
There was a writhing
They grow inside
The operation was a success
Creation of a new infestation
The test subject:
Their spine lined with eyes
For true knowledge stems from sight
Taken from rotting donors
Giving the dead new life
What we stand to gain:
A higher level
To learn beyond what is known
A new race to communicate with
Can our fragile minds process
what has yet to be seen
This existence has reached a standstill
For the next step in evolution
we must look to the beyond

2. Coincidence of Opposites

Ascending yet higher
Beyond abstraction
Inseparable essence
Glorious trinity of knowing
Sphere of divinity remains
Yet closed to the mystics
Those who are horror-stricken
lose themselves
As they are groped by your decrepit ilk
The figure and their mangled glory combine
Compounded are your remains
Nefarious and nameless is your ultimate and
Ecstasy is the consumption of self
Nothing defiles and snares like the heart of man
The cloud of unknowing fosters inside

3. Bereavement of Flesh

Satiated by red
Living in demise
Essence seeps
Judgement of the corporeal
Deceived by your final form
Sickeningly consumed

Bereavement of flesh
Comfort in the death ritual
Speak of ascension
Otherworldly demise
Deny the catacombs
Rotten transition
Forms left lifeless
Cast back into the tomb mold
Fulfillment in decay
Belief in condemnation
Vile intellect rewarded
Decomposing essence

Abomination lives on
Displayed to all
Gaze into nullity
to the depths

4. Primordial Malignity

I can feel the unseen horror and its forces closing in
Lurking at the threshold
Desperate to find a way to barricade the cosmic gate
I conjure a horrendous apparition
Looking for guidance, I speak:
The flesh is weak
My form is frail
Webbed with the signs of time
Since this frightful prophecy was first revealed to me
I request passage
Or a means of defence
This horrific oracle explains
The tools to bring defeat
Lay beneath my feet
My chamber built on
The roots of hidden ancients
As I tear into the earth
It bleeds clear
Vile and unclean
Primordial malignity
Agitated, it starts seeping into my body
I feel my limbs expand
Bones breaking and reforming
My flesh becomes oak
I am rooted into the ground
I stand as tall as the surrounding forest
I am impenetrable
But I am immobile

5. Merciless Watcher

The blood moon hangs low and hidden
A slow devouring
Grey skies to black
Shambles of desolate towns
Barren villages
Winged abnormalities patrol and pass over
Collecting any scraps of life to be had
With passage to another dimension came
A grand scale death sentence
The portal, twisting and swirling
Led to a realm
Furious winds
Boundless blackness glittered with gold
Silhouettes of soaring monoliths
The dying sucked through
To pass through the gills
A hunger never satiated
Earthly flesh is far from sacred

6. Clockwise Metamorphosis

With the power to project your thoughts to the gods
There is no need to speak
The voice is never heard
The subject moves as if in a state of permanent seizure
All sense and signals monitored
By corrupted neuropathologists
On multiple screens there do they broadcast
What the ocular spine can photograph
What progress could be made from distorted images?
These scientific deviants overlooked the most crucial piece:

The can not process what they can not see
The test subject found their purpose:
For humanity to progress
The degraded
The debased and the wrecked
Must be executed
With the power to project your thoughts and so much more
Death can be sentenced without laying a hand

7. Twisted Trail

The chosen one will extinguish the sun
in the darkness will their deeds be done
The deified of this planet have been captured
The chosen grows bloated from their flesh
The earth has been reduced to a cemetery of ash
A new master, a new god
Free of disciples
Rejecting servents
No tolerance for the powerless
Follow the twisted trail of destruction
It will lead to their greatest achievement
A tower, a monument
Built by and for everything that stood before them
A foundation of bones
Cemented by blood
A tool of intimidation
A colossus designed to bring fear to distant planets
What good is a monument if no one can see it

8. Vernal Grace - Outro

Spoke softly to frightened men
Insufferable figure cloaks the frame
The look-homeward angel offers rewards
Memorialized and defeated
Rare is the grave that reflects levity
Atop the tomb of a mason
Whirlwind of dust and hate
Processed as a final epitaph
Life renewed amidst death
Memorial is the mark of the diseased trade
Torpid minds live in such rigor
Leaving men openly weeping
Hate cherished the breast it stings
The shame claims the wreck of such a soul
A vain delight
To bury a saint
Leave the body behind to feed the crows
Death-shrouds leaves an apparition walking near

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