Trail Of Tears

1. Waves Of Existence

Hear me, all the anger appears to sleep.For each wound that bleeds within myChest, another soul might have foundSome long lost rest.How did it come to this, where didWe fail? For the world to see i lift myGlass and treat myself to a smallSip of melancholyI see you're standing by the ropeFull of anger, hate and pain.I feel like screaming out to me,I want to reach you.I see you're feeling down againCan I make you understandYou can reach out for my hand.It's gone now all that we regret.So it's time to take another stepTowards what should have been ourCommon goal.Let us raise our glass to what weAchieved, let us drink to the pastAnd to all we believed

2. Scream Out Loud

Listen up here is the story aboutMe, seducing your mind.Let me have you, let me please you,Let me bring to the deepest of desires,Until you scream out loud.Bring it on, I'm your own temptress,Use me and take me high.The the room starts to spin aroundYou, when you see that I am no delight,And you will scream out loud.The hour of truth is upon us, theSound of the clock ticking fast,There is no more mercy for man.Will I salvage my passion this time,Or will I suffer for the remains,For all that was left behind,This time it's for real.I can hear you screaming out in pain.I can hear you crying out my name.You will scream out so loud,You will scream out in pain.

3. Crimson Leads On The Trail Of Tears

We burned the bridges down and letAll perish from the ashes of oldWe'll resurface to rise againNothing will break down the faithThat we have all this turmoil willOnly regain our strengthNothing will ever appear in our wayWe were destined to prove all theThing that we sayCome with me into the tranceJoin us in the final danceCause it will not last, soLet us raise our glassNow together here we standOnce again we burned the bridges downWe have risen and proven ourselvesOne more timeNothing will strangle the passionWithin the flame that we lit, willStill burn as it didFor we are but slaves to what destinyNamed a sickness in every thinkable way

4. Oscillation

Do you know how it feels to be standingAlone, with the weight of the worldPressing down on you hard.On chance to choke the pain gained,By the things that you say, byThe games that you play.From this moment I stand amazed, theQuestion still remains. How you chooseTo behave, what you make of your lifetime.Let those feelings leave, I know that life'sBeen tough. Be aware of what you've got.Stay, stay with me, take me homeDon't let me go. Stay, stay here withMe, where our souls will be free.Lay down your principles and pray to your God of emptiness, like a last stroke ofConsciousness, an attempt to be braveAnd to reach expectations.Your time has come, cherish all your lovedOnes in this bleak hour. Cause I knowThey'll be leaving you one by one.When the darkest clouds gone byMay light shine upon you.

5. Path Of Destruction

I've got something to tell youOh, please believe me, I haveNothing to offer you, Do youSee what I mean you're onThe path of destructionIt is over nowI have no fears, no moreFears, no more loveI can't feel anything anymoreI won't go with you, on thatEdge you walk and I can'tSave you from fallingSoon you will see the groundGetting closerSoon you will find yourselfSo much deeperSoon you will see yourPath of destructionI wish I could give you theWorld, that you deserveIt is over now

6. Vultures Guard My Shadow

One more time and then it's overCause I found myself in peace andNow I am moving onStill I love the years that I gave myPassion and soul to you, butNow I need to speak the truthWithout the sense or feeling to be enlightenedHave you forgotten all we had?With fear I bid my last farewellDamn you, you left me so sadI need to speak my mindI need to know the truth about youNow my words are completedI say nothing more I am doneAnd I am gone, I could haveKept it going on foreverSlit the pulse of common sense andLet it bleed all over us, for thereIs nothing more to sayThe weight of the world appearsSo real, yet the reasons so hollowI kiss the serpent's tongue, andFeel the task of what's to come

7. The Dawning

If I will live to see the new dawningMay the fear let go of me soonI will reach out for a brand new morningAnd release a final breath of youthRide the fear, ride the hatredDeshined to bring you lifetimesOf bitter fears, as the motivesSlowly deterioratesThere is more to this than you can seeVultures sharpen their beaks andSpread their wings, head outFor another tomorrowNever know how days are passingTake a chance, you won't regret itOnly a short time we live thenWe're gone, of you doubt and fearHave chances, take a breath, embraceThe challenge, only a moment andThe world is moving onIf I live to praise the dawningI'll reach out to greet the morningNever again to waste my moments in life

8. Room 306

Loneliness has entered me andOnce again I cannot sleep, soMany things are confusing meAnd the seed of pain, it's infectingMe, the seed of pain has grownDefenseless I bleedRealize all is lost, realize allIs dead, realize all is lostAll is dead, realize all isGone, realize all that wasSacrificed for us both, has been drownedMournful tides have come for meWhen the hunger sets, I'm tooWeak to eat, there is just so muchThat I don't understand, how didI end up here where life seems soUnfair, with such an open heartThere's nothing to defendFor far too long I've been searchingin endless ways, to shelter, to coverUp while storms are moving byFor far too long I've trying how canI, keep on going now, when theWorld is passing me by

9. Our Grave Philosophy

You'll see me wander through the hauntedHallways, you'll see me running on theTrail of ghost, for I have been adaptingTo a grave philosophy, somethingPrecious to deny us bothYou'll see me spitting in the face ofYesterday, you'll see me slit the pulseOf common sense, redemption is but aWhore that we love to tarnish, revel inIt's flesh with wounds open wideLet me walk away this timeCause I don't have a clueHow to make you satisfiedHow to bring you back to lifeI'm not here to pleasure youSo stand straight nowOr you'll fall as I walkSo behave nowIt's how you say it, howYou feel it, there is nothingI can do, if you won't live it

10. Lost In Life

Time to stand tall, it's all soClear, the story ends right hereWhere shall I go, I feel aloneAnd the silence breaks my heartNothing seems to make me smileWith this burden I'll go downI feel no hope, I see no signsIs there a reason...Why, why am I hereI'm so stuck in lifeWill you hold my handSo my eyes might drySo far away...I'm just lost in lifeMay the will to fightOnce more come aliveTime to be strong, to walk aloneAnd to make my final standit's all been done, the fires goneAnd the sadness quests my heartNow it seems to make me cryNothing left but still I tryI feel the passion let me downIs there a reason...Tell me what to doTell me where to goTell me who to turn toI really need to know

11. Eradicate

Fight me now once againIn every single blood wayDon't you underrate the wisdomI have exaggerate yourWords in shameGive me all, your everythingBet your soul I'll see yourCall, prepare to fallSummon all the strength andAim it straight to the coreTerminate the hateful onesAnd settle the scoreFight me now once again, withAll your pride and magnificencefeel the strength that I possessActivated by your arroganceDraw the lineConsider me your worst enemyThis breaking point is mineTo defeat, prepare to fallPrepare to fall!

Ronny Thorsen ‒ Vocals (harsh)
Bjørn Erik Næss ‒ Guitars
Cathrine Paulsen ‒ Vocals (soprano)
Bjørn Dugstad Rønnow ‒ Drums
Endre Moe ‒ Bass

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